What does Jesus think about our politics? — Jesus Quotes and God Thoughts

This is a special message for our current toxic political and religious environment. Jesus has something to say about all of what is going on. We have political and religious elites making all kind of wild claims. We are divided. It is a wakeup call for the disciples of Jesus. Now is the time we […]

What does Jesus think about our politics? — Jesus Quotes and God Thoughts


  1. partisanship is nothing new and fraud is not new either. Rudy Juiani brought down a crime family in New York years ago. He has risked his life for Light and Truth. It goes on every day.
    Whats going on started back when Cain Killed Abel.

    Specifically with the election, people turned a blind eye for 12 years to the current problem. Florida totally tore out the last election system and put new in so that they wouldn’t have a bush vs. Gore problem again. Texas said no way to the Dominion machines.. But other governors bought in hook line and sinker.

    The Testimony by hundreds of people mostly christian under penalty of perjury charges etc. testified for hours today and last week and there are more hearings to come. The same happened in the Senate with the election interference by big tech.

    In a way, its the best thing to happen to America. Everyone knew back when Kennedy was in power and killed that the Mob was best buddies with him sending him women and Hollywood was in to this dream couple, but there was huge crime and corruption as wide as it was deep. And its been going on ever since.. The Power of the presidency and the Senate, the house are huge.. Its more than the big ship lolly pop.

    Someone has to lead and its better a christian than hardened criminals.

    And why is it important? because literally God gave us rights not the gov’t. voting is one of those. And if someone steals your vote, they silence your freedom and you might as well just be in a communist dictatorship.

    Some look at this and say, just go along to get along. And that is sin. We should resist evil. expose and bring everything into the light.

    Ephesians 5:11-13
    King James Version

    11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

    12 For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret.

    13 But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light.

    Its a wonderful day.
    6: 13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

    14 Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness;

    vs 20
    20 For which I am an ambassador in bonds: that therein I may speak boldly, as I ought to speak.

    Standing up for Jesus. Standing up for Open and honest elections can end you up in Jail. Just today I heard testimony of a guy risking getting in trouble for taking a picture of a crime in a polling station but he did it anyway cause he wanted the truth to come out. Its such a beautiful thing to bring light to darkness. There is lists hundreds of testimonies and it means God is ruling in the hearts of people willing to stand up at the risk of their lives in some cases and that is encouraging.


    • Hi Scott, you and I are on different wave lengths and that is OK because you make your own decisions on what you focus on and who your reliance is on. This statement that you made caught my attention: “Someone has to lead and it’s better a christian than hardened criminals.” You are looking at worldly government Scott and you are basically saying this is better than. We’re not supposed to be aligning our trust in those who are better than hardened criminals, we’re supposed to be trusting in Jesus and “better than” just don’t cut it. Anyway, you have the right to your opinion and I have posted it. Have a blessed day Scott.


      • I am not sure what problem you have with democracy and governance, but the system they or we have is better than any other type of system. If you roll back how it was you would have king Henry killing his wives and creating churches (ergo the Anglican Church.) Or you wold have The Catholic Church killing Priests to keep their reign on what they considered the church.
        God preferred when he was in charge with Moses etc. But Israel wanted kings like other nations and it went from there. And it was God not man who used that to bring in King David and its through that promise that Jesus one day will reign in a new kingdom. In a spiritual way Jesus now is reigning the Lord of His creation rather than the Jews. That power was taken away. But still then and now there is secular Governance.
        We are blessed to have a democracy so that the people are in charge by delegating authority as we see fit. It can be messy but its the best system which is getting eroded to become more of a communist style dictatorship in many countries where they start telling you if you can have people over to your home.

        Default life does not include this style of Gov’t. Its evil. Jesus lived under that and did not condone it. They met in secret. He did not squeal and say, Oh, don’t meet.. shut your church down. No, they met secretly. They do it in china and now they do it in Canada and the USA. covid which does not kill 99.9% of people and only 94.5% of the elderly over 70 kills in balance almost no one.
        What people do not realize is that people die. Lots of Elderly people die. they can literally play with the dog and break their foot. or hip and they die. If that person gets covid they die. If they fall down the stairs they die. And they get cancer and die.. they have heart attacks and die.
        But people do not realize all that is happening is that before the heart attack gets them or the fall the covid does and nurses generally say, Oh, they are old and its OK.
        So for this, a nation has freaked out and locked everything down and has used our tax payer money to tell us all that the sky is falling and you must become dependent on the Gov’t and become a communist state. Its happening in front of our eyes. And those wanting power start stealing elections to get control Its happening right in front of us.

        And it is us. There is no other people no one in some magic place that will run elections, run a police station. No. Its We the People who police, who become Judges, who run for office. its not someone elses job. its ours. Its our job to be president to be poll workers to be snow removal people. Gov’t is Our Job not someone elses. This Idea of separation of church and state is nonsense. Its not biblical and its a mind game. its an atheist saying. You dumb christian sit down, I will run the gov’t you stay in your basement with your dumb Christians while I do the big boy stuff.

        Sorry that is Evil. If there was no Atheists, we would still have to have governance. Still need someone to do the accounting to get the roads built and the supreme court filled. Governance is a necessity we cannot delegate to the Atheists to do. Its Christians roll as much as it is anyone elses. Your vote, Your participation, Your duty is to fight for your self, your family and your country. For your liberty and ability to be governed by You. And By Gods governance of your heart. Your governance in your roll as possibly a governor of a state is God working his kingdom in society.

        Life exists outside the church walls. Someone has to decide what Grade A meat is. And decide what standards will be used to build a nuclear power plant and who will be in charge of the military. And its always better if its us than Atheists. Church Leaders should promote the engagement with Governance and want our people to be the police, the lawyers the Politicians and the Judges. Its the best way for us to have the right things done.

        Finally there is a small purpose in the term separation of the church and state. Just like the Governance we see in the so called secular state. Church leadership if full of bullies who try and impose on others. Its why Jesus yanked the power away from the Jewish leadership and gave it to the people plural. Its why there are elders and no Thee Elder. its why Romans 12 is such. Its why the spirit of God leads and people become submissive to him not to the pastor or the prophet. We agree to submit when We draw straws to appoint Godly leadership which can be changed with another election of the straws if you will. Separation of church and state is better seen as a warning that one group should not try and use their power to land lord over another power. That democracy not dictators run things. This should be that way in the church and in the Governance of the nation. Many pastors hate that. they they like everyone else have to be submissive. And in some cases Churches have to kick their controlling ministries out to get some other man equally and most likely better to oversee operations.

        This is the real world. We need to participate. Even if it means over turning elections, getting rid of a unruly pastor or calling on a pastor to delegate or a Government to change a policy. Governance by the people for the people. People hire the Gov’t the Gov’t does not Lord over the people and that applies both in secular and Christian Governance.


      • Thank you for the summary Scott. I don’t recall saying that there was some other form of worldly government that was better than Democracy. I personally do try to keep relatively informed and I do use multiple sources but it is a delicate balance and the balance is not to be even, it does have to be leaning in God as the ultimate and deciding factor. I think it is important to know where and what the major rabbit holes are but one doesn’t need to go down them to any great depth. Individually and collectively the Church is supposed to be different (salt) and the only way that can be achieved is when our focus and sole source of hope and reliance is Jesus. When we walk in the world our feet get dirty and if we pick politics as our profession, which is a choice that we do have, the same thing happens, but probably even more so. That is why Jesus washed the disciples feet and told them to wash one another’s feet. It’s like choosing to become a medical Doctor. There is nothing wrong in that but when our focus and reliance shifts from Jesus to our own capabilities is where the divergence takes place. We are to be different from and what has happened is that we have become part of, collectively and individually. The Old and New Testaments are focused on one thing, God, Jesus the Son, the Good News and Church government, NEVER world government. Sorting it all out is not easy, it is extremely difficult because staying focused on Jesus, in this world that we live in, requires two sets of eyes and the ability to differentiate one from the other. But our ultimate hope is ALWAYS Jesus. It’s when that changes that we run into problems. When Jesus spoke about the end times, not once did He say that we would be able to delay the decay, what He did say was that WE were to be different, individually and collectively, as the Church, in Him. There is obviously nothing wrong in protecting the lives of innocent children, whether unborn or born when we vote or support a candidate in the worldly government we live in, but the world we live in and the worldly government we are under, is NOT the Kingdom of God. When our faith and trust shifts to our own national strengths and capabilities, we reject God as our King and we replace Him with our own king, just like Israel did in the OT. I don’t have all the answers to all of the questions this perspective brings to the surface but once we grasp the difference between worldly kingdoms and the Kingdom of God, everything changes. And I think that when Jesus said, “… but fear not, I have overcome the world”, pretty well says it all. It’s not hard to understand why we have gone this way, what is hard is admitting our own sin and individually and collectively putting ourselves back under the Kingship of Jesus. The world is divided, the Church is divided, because we are looking at the wrong truth. There is only one truth and it isn’t Trump or Biden. Sorry for running on here. God knows our hearts and He understands this whole mess so much better than we do. Blessings.


      • only thoughts I have on that is.
        1) the kingdom of God is not meat and drink… Its not about parsing rules of dates and times and procedure. AND, that the kingdom of God is within. AND the kingdom of God does not come like saying.. Look here is the kingdom of God.

        The second thing is:
        the Three Men in the fire. Ester, Moses, Jonah, Daniel, Joseph, Paul the Apostle, Peter, and every Apostle except 1 was both in Religion and in Politics. In fact in Pauls case, God gave him a special position having roman citizenship. Peter not only challenged Roman authority but also religious authority. Daniel David, Johnathan You name the guy. Religion and being Religious and Godly always involved with either leading Government or fighting Government or getting murdered by Government. Polycarp?

        According to the Martyrdom of Polycarp, he died a martyr, bound and burned at the stake, then stabbed when the fire failed to consume his body. … Both Irenaeus and Tertullian record that Polycarp had been a disciple of John the Apostle, one of Jesus’ disciples.

        If everyone was a preacher, no corn or potatoes or tomatoes would be farmed and we would all starve.
        If no one was a fisherman a cattle herder etc.. the same..
        If no one run the phone company the Government, the snow plow or the garbage truck we would all be up to our ears..

        I have been on the front lines of Christianity forwarding the gospel, (the kingdom of God) helping in the church and literally preaching in my jobs while painting or machining parts or while washing sky scrapers or while leading bible study.

        Rarely is anything done in a bible study. Most of the kingdoms work is done in real life. Some times its done in Iraq with a RPG and some times its done behind a desk at the white house or in a polling station. The kingdom of God is within all those who have Christ as the head of their lives.
        The Best people to run this country are God fearing Bible thumping unapologetic people who know who made the worlds, who know light is better than darkness and who know to love others as they love themselves.

        And it means you can listen to hearings like I have been doing , it means you can fight for the president like I have been doing, but it also means, I am no less or hindered. I can and do fill my heart with Gods words and I seek his will. Its why without reading the bible I can quote you a 100 scriptures without opening the book. Its why I know things others don’t because I have listened and absorbed 1000’s of ours of the bible.

        And my pick is trump between the two. and Biden while pretending to be a Catholic quotes from the Palms. when he should have said salms. which is written Psalms only proves like every politician they talk a big game but many times don’t have a clue. Like Trump who still thinks an eye for an eye is a thing.

        The difference in religion is, Trump thinks he may have been recently converted and keeps picking christian people for important jobs and does christian things like helping Israel. Biden on the other hand is forwarding a Abortion agenda if you have been paying attention that is suggesting to help with climate change they will push more abortion to cut down on the human population. Its crazy town on the Left channel these days. Rather than Go on about my reasons for my support my point is. all through the bible people 100% were involved in Politics and other things in almost 100% of the cases, in things that were not religious. Even tent making and carpentry.

        If there was anyone who misused his time on this planet it was Jesus. who spent 30 of 33 of his years doing something other than ministry. Now that is a front page story!


      • I am not sure where you are getting some of your assumptions Scott but evidently you and I are not working off of the same song sheet. You’ve expressed your thoughts and we have considerable differences of opinion. I think it’s probably prudent to leave it at that. Blessings to you and yours Scott and thank you for commenting.


      • Hi Bruce. I don’t think we are playing from a different song sheet. I think we are very much on the same page and serving the same God etc.
        I just think you are naive about a few things. Tyranny for one and the seriousness of it in modern day terms and what that means.
        IN the last couple weeks I have had both my computers attacked. Because I used to build computers I have a bit of a benefit to most so I survived. So after my $1400 rocket fast laptop was attacked by big tech, a few days later my Old laptop which I then resurrect to make due was attacked. Because it did not have the nasty Microsoft vs. 10 on it it was easier to fix.. Suckerburg has a lot of power with his tyranny.. But not everyone is taking it sitting down.
        Then today, after lunch, I went to the Utube and I am blocked. Now Google is targeting me. Suggesting I have been abusive breaking guidelines etc. Of course this is total nonsense. I communicate on the presidents page and Rudys page and some times on a few other pages but not much. But I must have said something about Suckerburg and the need for Trump to step up and go after him because he pretends to be all smiles in front of the camera but behind the scenes he is blocking people and giving 400 million dollars to elections to sway elections to his favorite candidate.. And Blam…
        He has thin skin and criminal activity showing up. You are rapped up in your life while tyrants are taking over our countries. It might not be king Henry or Poe or the Catholic church chasing Martian Luther, but it is Mark Suckerburg who is doing the controlling. He has more power than many governments do. He has power to change presidents by blocking one person while letting BLM sorts burn down cities and organize on his platform with his funding and help. This sort of criminal organization is working right in front of your face. They can even shut down your church and thanksgiving etc.. Its why the founders of the USA has some miraculous vision with the second Amendment saying Tyranny is possible. Maybe even likely. Its why we put locks on our doors, why the president has security, why you need a pin for your bank card and why people vote with a secret ballot because if they put your face and name on the ballot someone might harass you or take down your Utube if they disagree with you.
        For you. get a USB, back up your personal files. Get another larger USB back up all your programs.. Get another USB and make a recovery USB start up USB so that when they come for you, and they will you can at least recover and continue to share the gospel. Thankfully we unlike Martian Luther don’t have to run to a french king for shelter. But put Deadbolts on your door anyways.

        I can tell you stories of abuse because of my Christianity. Some sort of fun but some very harmful, mostly in my youth but not all of them. So protect yourself, your home and take precautions. They are threatening physical harm to people now and getting lawyers to harass. The Obama administration used the IRS to target christian organizations and right wing groups. Now they are doxing people and using legal action making black lists and using big tech to wipe people out. Govenors are blocking churches while letting liquor stores stay wide open. Its getting out of hand.
        People maybe are not seeing things or watching. But here is an example of the little stuff people miss. I was donating to a charity through my phone every month, and they take it off my phone bill. But any money I put on my phone bill they charge GST on it so when I pay 29 per month thats it. the money I have on my account is already charged GST… but they were taking money for the charity.. So they were charging GST on my charitable giving.. So I sent a letter to Jim Flaherty at the time… All of a sudden the CEO of the company is calling me and giving me discounts etc. Why, because the company was scamming, and you know they knew,, but They could have lost big time with the Government and been in court etc. There are thousands of things happening to people all the time that are crimes against them. Anyways. Christianity is much harder to practice when you are not in a free country. And the slippery slope is slippery.
        And on a side note, If you think Harris wont put a banana peel on the white house steps if Biden does get in, then you are naive.

        Everyone has their talent. I have mine and I see things many dont. Its a God given gift. And you have your talent otherwise I wouldn’t be visiting your site from time to time. (dont get all mushy now.. ) So we are on the same page and ride the same horse, preach from the same book and like a lot of the same songs. We just may have some different abilities. Protect yourself! And Blessings. You cant preach on line if they destroy your computer.. etc.


      • Scott, I hardly know where to start. You have no idea of the technical training I have taken or my professional background while in the military and later when I worked as a civilian technical network administrator contractor for the military. Nor will I go into the technical qualifications I earned and taught when supporting Google full suite deployments for large businesses. Please note that it is you indicating that I am naive and not me making that accusation at you. Our delivery methods differ greatly and that obviously is a personal choice but please don’t make assumptions about me when you know very little about my background. And just so you know, my computer and all of its contents are thoroughly backed up and protected, both in the cloud and physically here at home, both online and offline. And no, I have never been hacked but literally anything is possible today if you are connected online and you become a target. Thank you for taking my request into consideration, sincerely appreciated.

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      • So then I gather you remember when a 286 was a big computer. LoL. I used to build those and 386sx and 486’s way back when the internet started. I used to do that about 30 years ago or so..
        I never got into networks etc.. like you would have.. I went to bible school etc.. during that time and then moved to Toronto to continue taking classes. So I didn’t pursue anything further with that.

        have you tried CCleaner? this new world has changed so much and I have been using it to clean out cookies from my computer. Just one session and blam there is 5000 tracking cookies. This Microsoft 10 itself is like a virus. Forget Russia spying, our own media companies have their hears to the wall of our rooms and eyes on everything we say and do. And they have convinced people to put active listening devices right in their homes.

        I would say most people are naive about what is going on. If you are not great, but I have had the police involved because they tried things with my daughter. And she was at the time just 14 and threatening her and its a long story trying to get her to do things etc.. Its private but the point is. this aint fun anymore. They tried to do those things but now lately they have made 4 different strikes against me. And a lot of people are getting help from my website. from all around the world. while I don’t know who they are, people come to certain articles more than others.

        My ministry over the years has been to hard nosed Atheists. If you have done farming you would know that if you drop a plow on the hard ground the path the tractor drives on the plow jumps and it can really damage the plow. still with some work and different tools you can turn the path back into farm land.

        Thats what I get myself into. And of course helping to plant a church playing piano in church some times Sunday mornings and other times for kids ministries,, I have put a target on my back. Nobody gets shot staying home. Its when you are taking it to street that there is danger.
        Trump is actually doing that. Even with his flaws, he is changing laws that go against Christians and supporting liberty for Christians. And now the Left wing press call him the KKK. And a employee of CNN was taping their morning talk with their employer and the discuss how they will present the news.. and so this guy taped the conversations and its terrible they are targeting trump and spinning the news cause they hate him and those who support him and his christian agenda. They are literally making black lists of people who supported him and targeting them and have a mission to try and harm them to stop them from getting work etc.. Its not fun any more. Covid was just a good excuse to remove freedoms and a great time for some to take action against the church.
        If you watch news max for example its live streamed. You will get the news the others are not telling you. They play more than short clips of someone speaking and they have a right lean instead of a Left lean. And if you watch Right side RSBN. You can even join in and pray with them. And they cover all the right leaning events live without editing. its a great resource. I was watching rebel news but they became abusive toward homeless people so I unsubscribed. They lacked the level of christian character I expect. (some humanity in how they treat people.)

        Anyways. There is a list of things not being covered and its shocking. And its likely why it might appear we are on different pages because we are getting different world views from our news. I no longer watch CBC or CTV. They are bought out by spin doctors and controlled by liberals so you cant get a strait thing out of them anymore.


      • Your first mistake Scott, is staying with a Windows machine, I run a Mac. I used to button up the Windows environment for the users I supported so I am aware of the control that can be maintained and most people are not aware of what info goes back to MicroSoft. Use a VPN, stay away from Google for searching etc. There are things you can do to minimize your tracks but the long and the short of it is that if you have your computer on and you are plugged into the Internet, you can be accessed. The ONLY safe computer is one that is not plugged into an electrical outlet and is NOT connected to the Internet. If you believe otherwise, then you are naive.

        With regard to Christian content and which path I choose to pursue, I am aware of spin that comes from the various media sources, I never use just one, I use a variety and I cross reference the spin with at least three. Usually CNN, FoxNews and as of the last year NewsMax but there are other fact checking sources. I am acutely aware of how far down the rabbit hole one can go, dependent upon which spin one wants to subject oneself to. And I am not just talking about recently, most of my research goes back at a minimum, at least five years, some goes a lot longer. No, I do not make my findings public on the various spins because when you do that and become involved with the extremes that are out there in abundance, it starts to control you and I don’t want that.

        I have done a lot of research on the globalist control spin, both from a Christian and non-Christian perspective. I am continually running individual fact sheets on a host of topics and I try real hard NOT to allow myself to be distracted from spending more of my time in God’s Word, than doing investigation, because going down rabbit holes has a tendency to do that, detract one from God’s Word.

        I’ve been following Agenda 21 and the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, the Great Reset and the vast majority of the associated implications such as QAnon, including the spin on the CoronaVirus as of late, for quite a while. Is there some truth in it? I am sure there is but I can tell you, there is an abundance of garbage mixed in with it. Nationalism, fear, control, power, all play huge parts in the spins that are out there. And if you think that deliberate misinformation and disinformation are not rampant, then you are naive. And that includes from both internal and external sources including other foreign powers.

        Snowden opened the pandora’s box many years ago and I was exposed to (was taught) some of our network security capabilities prior to him coming out with his revelations before that. None of this is new, none. The Internet was started for the American military. Think.

        You think I am uninformed and naive. I think you are drinking the cool aide. I am 75 years old Scott, I don’t have the time or the inclination to try to convince you with the information that I have found or explain to you why you should see things as I see them. That’s the whole point, this just never stops and just when you think that the rabbit hole can’t possibly get any deeper, it does.

        So, for me, I keep relatively informed, I try to be aware but I do NOT allow it to consume me and that is exactly what all of this does. It changes your message, it takes over your focus, it changes who you are.

        Jesus said He is the way, the truth and the life. He is the path, He is the truth and He is the life. And we cannot do anything, nothing, without Him, He is my focus, He is who consumes me, He is my ultimate source. That decision is my choice and also ultimately yours.

        Satan doesn’t care at all which card you pick from his hand to distract you from this ultimate truth, just as long as you pick one that will detract you from this truth, because when this ultimate truth becomes clear, that Jesus has already overcome the world, and our strength and wisdom and redemption and the ordering of our steps is in Him, then Satan loses his power of influence over you.

        So you keep doing what you’re doing and I will keep doing what I am doing and let’s try to give one another some slack. We disagree on focus, methodology and delivery. I can live with that. I certainly don’t know it all but then, neither do you.

        Blessings brother.

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      • I have one costumer who is all into that Agenda 21 and Bilderburgs and rich people behind closed doors stuff controlling the world and I think like you I shake my head.

        What I try and do is work at what is actually happening not what might happen if 10 other things happen. I found that with Religion too. There is a bunch that are saying every year Jesus is returning and a asteroid is going to hit the earth.

        So not to detract from my customer or those on a whole crazy town approach. I just want to be dealing with what is happening now. That said every once in a while I find out that for example Chretien years ago when the We Brothers were children happened to be contacted by them and some how met them for the first time in a Airport.. Now like any information, it can be used as a conspiracy. But rather than say Jean corrupted those boys and got them the contacts and by that they are loyal to him, I rather just put it under my hat with a grain of salt.
        Like the Bilderburg thing I figure at best they may be able to control a bit simply by influence but that might only amount to a changed Policy in Gov’t and so really all I need to do is elect good people with good Ideas and their power is muted, if they have any at all. But they have little to do with how I work, they have no Idea that I am painting my sons house and no Idea about a lot of things.. I accept that there are bad actors and actors and we are all actors.

        So like yourself I have little desire to get rapped up in a whole sea of gossip. I just figure, As long as they don’t block my tools to do ministry (which they just did with one of my tools.) then I am good … I am hoping for the return of Jesus but rather work to bring people in than hold my breath and run around crazy.

        Anyways.. We are not that far apart on a lot of issues.

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