Jesus Washed Their Feet

It’s pretty difficult to avoid the conflicting Biblically related information that the Internet seems to be awash in right now. It seems, no matter which way you turn, someone is advocating one thing, that seems to be in disagreement with what others are saying. Of course, there have always been differing opinions expressed, but whereas this used to be a relatively steady stream, now it has become a constantly increasing torrent.

And the result of this constantly increasing dissemination of conflicting information is division, both within the general populace and also within the Church at large, on many different levels that touch on a wide variety of subjects. One of the main characteristics that the Bible tells us about the end times, is that it will be a time of increasing “lawlessness”, (Matthew 24:12)(Matthew 7:21-23) which is generally defined as “not restrained or controlled by law”. So it doesn’t necessarily mean that there are not laws in force to deal with various mandated requirements, but it can infer that the laws are not being adhered to. Lawlessness, remember that word.

The next question that should come to mind is whose laws are being spoken of? Are we talking about man’s laws or God’s laws? When you do a search of all the times that the word “lawlessness” is used in the Bible, it quickly becomes evident that “lawlessness” normally pertains to God’s laws or directives, showcased by the “man of sin” who is to appear (2 Thessalonians 2:1-17).

I found it interesting that when Jesus spoke to His disciples about what would take place in the end times, He ended that dialogue with the words, “… but take courage, I have overcome the world” (John 16:32-33). Notice that Jesus did not say that they would overcome the world, notice that Jesus did not say that He would overcome the world through them, what He did say was that He HAD overcome the world. That would be in spite of the tribulation, that would be in spite of those of His followers that would be killed, that would be in spite of everything. Jesus has already overcome the world.

What are the two biggest mandates or commandments that Jesus gave to the Church? The answer is the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20) and love one another (John 15:12). That would be God’s will being fulfilled by the example and validation of His Spirit within us, loving one another. Makes perfect sense doesn’t it?

Remember what was said of those within the early Christian Church, “behold, how they love one another”? (John 13:3) Is there a contrast between then and now?

Many of the actions and words some Christians display or cast at others today are in direct opposition to what God in the OT and Jesus in the NT specifically asked us to do:

* Some argue and support conspiracies (Isaiah 8:12-13)
* Some demonize political opponents (Matthew 5:44-45)(Luke 6:27-29)
* Some prioritize their own interests and welfare over the interests and welfare of others (Philippines 2:3-4)
* Some advocate nationalism over the Kingdom of God (John 18:36)
* Some bear false witness (spreading misinformation and disinformation) against their neighbours without first taking the time to adequately research and validate any accusations they may have against others (Exodus 20:16)
* Some replace Christ as our Sovereign King and replace Him by trusting in worldly leaders (Colossians 1:18)
* Some say that the Church has failed or is failing. Jesus said that without Him, we could do nothing (John 15:5). If the Church is failing, what do you think are the primary reasons?

When we lose sight of the fact that Jesus said that He has already overcome the world, which includes, of necessity, all of the coming tribulation and falling away that He foretold us would happen and we lose sight of the fact that His Kingdom is not of this world and we start relying on our own endeavours, as the Church, within the world, to further His cause, here on earth, while ignoring His primary directives, we do error.

Jesus never told us as the Church to fight against the world, He told us to spread the Good News throughout the world. Jesus never told us as the Church to demean and slander our neighbour, He told us to love our neighbour as ourselves. And finally, as the Church, He told us to love one another and forgive one another as we have been loved and forgiven. How is it that we have forgotten that?

When I consider that Jesus, the Son of God, actually washed the disciples feet (John 13:5-17) and told them to wash one another’s feet, which is synonymous with forgiving one another for the daily sins that we each commit, and I look at the exchanges that are articulated by some confessing Christians, who supposedly represent Christianity (which unfortunately, infrequently also includes myself), it lets me know how far we have strayed.

The Church has sinned and we continue to sin. Lord have mercy upon us, forgive us, and order our steps anew.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!


    • I think Linda Lee, and this is just my opinion, that far too many fail to appreciate who Jesus is and the wisdom and love that He gives us and value more of their own estimations. Jesus told us to learn of Him. Until one really takes that to heart, we proceed on the false assumption that our perspective on understanding is equal to His and in truth, this is not so. Still lifting your daughter and all your family up in my prayers. Blessings as always. – Bruce

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  1. I know that men’s hearts are “deceitful above all things and desperately wicked.” There have been accusations and evidence of corruption, but I wouldn’t presume to know who’s telling the truth. I just pray that the truth will come out and that the guilty parties will come to justice, for their sake. If they do come to justice in this life, they might repent and come to Christ. – I think of Chuck Colson, who was caught in the Watergate scandal, convicted, jailed, brought to faith in Christ, and used by God to create Prison Fellowship, among other world-changing causes. If the corrupt don’t get caught, there’s little likelihood they will repent. In that case they will face justice in eternity, and I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.

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    • I hear what you are saying Ann. I think the hardest thing to deal with in these times that we are currently in, is the sheer number of untruths that are being disseminated as truth, in a relatively wide scope of topics, that all feed into one conspiracy theory or another. In other words, there is literally a flood of misinformation, the likes of which has seldom, if even, been seen when we are talking about volume. Because I am semi-retired I do have available balanced time to fact check particular subjects from multiple sources and by using multiple sources, which includes left and right leaning Christian perspectives plus some neutral sources, one is usually able to ascertain a general consensus of what resembles the truth. The thing is, most people don’t have the amount of time that I have. I do NOT post my findings, because all that does is open up myself to the wasting of more valuable time with arguing that inevitably follows. I deliberately limit the amount of time I expend going down the various rabbit holes and ensure that at least two thirds of my available time is utilized in studying God’s Word. I am convinced, that when all is said and done, that Jesus is the truth that we are to focus on Him and His admonition to us, to learn of Him, is the means by which we maintain our set course through this trial we are all going through. It is the sheer volume and complexity of the untruths, that I do see that boggles my mind and sometimes becomes unsettling. And while I avoid mixing any of that into my posts, it is the over riding finality of this information as compared with what God shows me in His Word that I try to focus on. I’m no scholar, I am just an ordinary man and there are a lot of ordinary men and women who are trying to navigate all this, just like I am. I always value your input and insight because you do have balanced discernment and you do trust in God and it shows in everything that you say. You’re absolutely right about not presuming to know the truth when it comes to sorting out this mess that we are are in. I acknowledge the same thing. I often ask God to show me what He knows I need and can comprehend and I trust Him to work that all out for me. And the more that I study what Jesus says and what He did and did not do, it shows me that my trust in Him is well founded and there are many things that I will never fully understand until I see Him face to face. That old hymn about trust and obey keeps coming back to my mind time and time again. Sorry for the ramble, just wanted to share with you how these old grey cells slowly forge ahead. As always, God’s blessings to you and yours Ann, I truly look forward to meeting you one glorious day. – Bruce

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      • I do, too, Bruce.😊
        My daily prayer for my mind is for wisdom, discernment, and “whatever knowledge I need today” – not ALL He knows, my head would explode! Any superfluous knowledge would just be mental clutter, and I don’t have time for that. 😉


      • Exactly. That’s why I ask God to give me what He knows that I need to know and of course, what I can comprehend, or He enables me to comprehend or to keep it simple, Lord, please give me what I need of you. Blessings to you and yours Ann.


    • Well Jim, I think that if one takes seriously what Jesus said to us and the truth that it focuses on, it’s not just important, it is critical with regard to how we look at the political climate because we are still looking at the waves. It’s like going to a movie and getting so wrapped up in the movie that you forget it is a movie. Or it’s like being in a boat where Jesus is sleeping and the waves start to swamp the boat and everyone panics. Far too many are focusing on the externals. But I digress. Blessings Jim❤️

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