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Think about this very carefully before jumping to your conclusion. Are we human beings products of: A. Billions of years of strictly material processes operating in predictable patterns that determine everything about us, including what we think, how we act and the desires in our hearts and minds? B. Or are we human beings products […]

Here’s Your Choice: Deterministic Scientific Materialism Or Free Will — HillFaith


  1. I find intellectuals try to build up arguments which many times are fruitful only in their own minds. They are speculation.
    And if you get run over by a car, asking if it was determined or a random event or if you have free will sort of fades into the distance as you gasp for air and hope the guy stops to call 911.

    We are a sum of all our parts including experiences. There are two reasons I think there is free will of a sort.
    1) 3.1415.. Pi. because there are many many many numbers that continue into infinity there is no set point for a coin to fall once way or another so we and everything while stable generally are unstable with a randomness.
    2) because things are detached from each other to a great degree the butterfly effect is overstated. a butterfly may be able to move air which then causes a chain of events to happen to cause a Hurricane, but there are so many different events and unrelated events going on all independent that determined outcomes are difficult to predict. there is more of a lets wait and see where the ball bounces. Its not as clean cut as a game of pool. So this complexity of events and detachment of events makes an appearance at the very least that you cant predict things.

    But to suggest we are determined or have no free will is way past this. It gets into what is free thought. It also gets into the amount of intervention God adds to the mix and how much we might read our bible. When you add in the randomness of how much sugar you put in your coffee which will determine if you fall asleep when you read your bible the outcomes bring a randomness to everything. That one grain of sugar changed my choice on grasping what I must do on the narrow way.

    So if we think or grasp that the equation of life is interrupted and sent a different direction repeatedly, then why don’t we intervene with our own logarithm or program, start a Sunday school, a website, preach on the corner and be the butterfly effect creating a revival at some point in some back woods of a jungle. Why not then Pray and ask for God to intervene one more sugar packet full when needed so that we grasp a truth and change our lives. Why not help the person who has only enough money to get a few things in the grocery story and buy their groceries. IF events determine the future, then lets use the power available and change the world.


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