Nine Steps to Presenting the Case for Christianity – J. Warner Wallace

Another excellent post from the desk of J Warner Wallace of fame.

After many years investigating and presenting criminal cases here in Southern California, I’ve learned a few important strategies. These simple principles are also valuable to those of us who want to defend what we believe as Christians. Last week I outlined eight steps to investigating the case for Christianity. I use these principles to reach the most reasonable conclusion about the involvement of a particular suspect, but once an investigation results in the arrest of this suspect, we’ve got to present our case in a court of law. The emphasis shifts from the work of the detective to the work of the attorneys who will represent the prosecution and defense. When the following steps are taken in a criminal trial, success is far more likely:

To read the rest of this excellent article please click on the direct link below:


  1. I loved his book! I don’t read many Christian books (because so often they are actually new age… looking at Joel Osteen…) but his book was pretty solid. Helped me a lot when I started following Christ. Thanks for sharing!


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