What You Believe Matters! — Real Christian Women

What you believe will dramatically affect your life forever and those around you, too. As human beings, we like to go along with the crowd and just get along with everyone. We tend to believe what the people around us believe and that can be good, or bad. Take, for example, a student who is […]

What You Believe Matters! — Real Christian Women


      • There are literally millions and millions of fake accounts on the Internet and some of them are used to pass code words etc and other illegal information. There is no way to control them that I am aware of for a normal user because domains can be changed at the drop of a hat and masked quite easily. The super computers scan everything Scott and look for key words etc 24/7 and bear in mind that this is on the visible Internet that is indexed, we are not even talking about the dark web, where there are over 4.5 billion websites and over 90% of data is located. Candidly I would not get excited about it.

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      • You can obviously do whatever you want Scott but I do know enough to state that there is no question that the Internet is toxic and quite frankly it matters very little which side of the coin you think you are looking at. Misinformation and disinformation is coming in from all sides, externally from other foreign countries and internally from a host of sources which are both internal and external. I wish you luck.


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