The Idols are Falling In the Land of the Free — Set Apart

This chaos, this sense of instability, this clashing of opinions on every topic – it is all the result of the idols of our day crashing down around us. The idol of false security is now exposing where we truly put our hope and confidence. The idol of “what is right for you is right […]

The Idols are Falling In the Land of the Free — Set Apart


  1. “America’s prosperity, freedoms, and opportunities (as much of a blessing as they can be) have allowed us to live in this place where Jesus is a part of our lives, but not our everything.”

    That was an amazing observation on that blog. And I say this as someone who absolutely loves the USA.

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    • Well I figured that Sarah earned the right to voice her opinion about her country and I just happen to agree with her, so I lucked in. There are many “big pictures” in play right now and I don’t presume to understand them all, but the “big picture” that I do partially see, does go beyond the “them” of the liberals versus the conservatives or communists versus democracies. We are indeed talking about spiritual powers in high places and that is indeed where you see the unchanging principles of honesty, forgiveness, justice, love and mercy being pushed to the sideline, regardless of which lower stage “big picture” that you happen to buy into. It is difficult, extremely difficult, and I still don’t have a clear big picture but God’s Word, including all that Jesus says, tells me, time and time again, that these principles are unchanging and this will unfold as God wills it to unfold and there will be a refining that happens to all that walk on this narrow path. I don’t argue anymore. I try to follow the leading of God’s Holy Spirit, by letting it go when God tells me to let it go and to gently point when He tells me to gently point. The roar of anger and self righteousness by some is almost overwhelming at times and I often hardly know where to start anyway. I do think that those who sincerely seek to walk with Jesus and not their own agenda that often goes in His name, will sense what I and others also sense. Jesus is THE way, Jesus is THE truth and Jesus is THE life. It is His way, His truth and His life that matters and that which we must align ourselves with. Sorry for going on, just speaking from my heart. Blessings to you and Nathan as always. Love in Christ – Bruce

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      • Bruce, for what my opinion is worth, your heart is beautiful! I have said lately that our Triune God is on the move. I want to get behind and follow Him and not stand in the way. I will stand in the gap praying for others, but I do not want to limit God nor put Him in a box. The Bible is coming to life in ways I never imagined I would see. From claims of (false) peace, to nations rising and falling, to the love of many growing cold. Keep speaking and writing what the Spirit leads you to write. I am thankful for you!!! Love and blessings to you and Peggy!

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  2. Bruce, thanks for passing along this good post to us. I appreciate your efforts to gently persuade brothers and sisters that some of the most popular and widely-held beliefs are actually idols that are put ahead of Jesus Christ.

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    • Sarah Walton and her family have an amazing testimony and I personally think one would be a tad on the foolhardy side to just disregard what she has to say without due consideration. It never hurts to give credit where credit is due. Blessings Tom.

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