What Does Jesus Think About Our Politics? — Jesus Quotes and God Thoughts

This is a special message for our current toxic political and religious environment. Jesus has something to say about all of what is going on. We have political and religious elites making all kind of wild claims. We are divided. It is a wakeup call for the disciples of Jesus. Now is the time we […]

What does Jesus think about our politics? — Jesus Quotes and God Thoughts


  1. Bruce, I thought the above article was written by you. I wasn’t paying close attention, obviously. So I responded to you, it appears, on the site of the author of this article. So, I don’t know if you saw this or not, so I will repeat it:

    Excellent post, Bruce. You covered the subject well. Yes, we are not to put our trust in man but in God alone. Yes, we are not to mix the world, politics, and institutionalized religion with the true church and with our pure faith in Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is our ONLY Savior, not any human being. And yes, we are to warn the body of Christ against such things, and we are to lead them to walks of faith in Jesus Christ.

    These are very trying times in which we live and far too many people are being led astray by liars and deceivers. Far too many people are looking to politicians to save them when only God can save them. Far too many people are giving way to fear, and they are letting fear of man control how they live and what they do. But we are to walk in the fear of the Lord and do what he has called us to do. And we are to trust him with our lives and with our future.

    God is still on the throne. He is still completely sovereign and in control over all that he has made. Nothing that is happening in our world is out of his realm of control. He will accomplish his purposes through it all. I pray that blinded eyes will be opened and that many (I know not the majority) will turn or will return to the Lord before our Lord returns. I believe this won’t happen, though, without some divine discipline on the wayward church, which I believe we are seeing happening right now.

    Blessings to you, Bruce. In Christian love, Sue Love

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    • Hi Sue, Yes Michael Wilson wrote it and it was excellent. He actually wrote it in late November of 2020 and I reposted it at that time but what with current events, I thought it deserved another repost. I would have a tendency to agree with literally everything you just said in this comment. Sometimes I feel like I am continually swimming upstream because there are so many who see the Christian “right” as the shining light on the hill and I just don’t see it that way. Obviously the Liberal left is worse but it simply isn’t all black and white. It’s difficult. I read a post of yours a while ago that indicated that Rick wasn’t making too much progress, really sincerely sorry to hear about that. That has to be tough. I still lift you and Rick up in my prayers. Thank you for taking the time to touch base Sue. Love in Christ – Bruce

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