Thy Will Be Done

Matthew 6:10 NASB :”Your kingdom come. Your will be done, On earth as it is in heaven.”

How many times have we said these words without contemplating, in fact, what they mean?
We know that God is good and His desire for us is for our own well being, which includes all aspects of us, our physical well being, our mental well being and also our spiritual well being. 

The older that I get, the more I have come to realize, that the paths I sometimes chose, the things I sometimes think and the decisions I sometimes act upon are based, at best, on only partial understanding and in fact, the use of the word “partial” is being generous towards myself.

I wonder how often, God sits there, thinking to Himself, poor child, he or she just doesn’t understand yet, much like we often do when a young child of our own, makes decisions that can or will cause them harm.

I marvel at the patience of God, considering from my perspective, how long it takes us to come to the understanding, that our own understanding is not only partial, but in many cases, totally ill conceived. I read a post this morning on how we should learn to love ourselves, how self love is not selfish and I do understand the rationale behind the statement being made, but I do not agree with it. Self love is selfish, it is focused on one’s self and it is in direct conflict with what God’s word says. 

When we read God’s Word and try to learn from all the different men and women who God interacted with, throughout the record that has been given to us, in God’s Word, one thing continually comes to mind, time and time again. And what is that one thing? God’s thoughts are not our thoughts and God’s ways are not our ways. And there is such a contrast between one and the other that it simply cannot be understood by us, until we are brought into His presence and our eyes begin to see and our ears begin to hear. Because in fact, we all are blind and we all are deaf, when it comes to comprehending the mind and heart of God.

And that is where the whole aspect of trust and reliance in God comes into play. Seeing ourselves as we really are and beginning to grasp who God is and what His character and attributes are really like. Adam and Eve once trusted in God with all that they were, but then that trust shifted from trusting in God to trusting in their own ability to understand and make independent decisions. It can seem like such a minor shift but it is not. It literally changes everything, because if God is real, which He is, then our dependency on Him has been broken and we are literally standing on our own. And that is not good, all one has to do is take a good hard look at history and where we are today, to see where man’s ability to comprehend and understand, is displayed, in the world all around us. 

In actuality, when one starts to read through God’s Word, the reality of the consequences of trusting in our own decision making abilities, where we decide what is right and wrong, what is good and not good, what is lasting and not lasting, is laid out before us, time and time again. Consider Job, who is spite of all that oppressed him, which is a bit of an understatement, refused to let go of the reality that his faith and trust in God was well founded. And you do know that I could go on and on. 

And as the pinnacle of truth, we see Jesus, who not only speaks the will of God but also does the will of God, here, in the flesh, so much so that He could say, “He that has seen me has seen the Father”. 

I find it hard to grasp why it took me so long to see what I now see. I find it almost incomprehensible how I now, am just beginning to understand what I for so long, did not understand. This life that we are given, that we take for granted, and all that is in order around us, speaks of one thing. God created us and all that we see and everything that we see and experience is designed to bring us to the awareness that God exists and desires that we willingly come to know and rely in Him. But we say no, we’ve got this, we do comprehend and we do know the course to follow, because we are intelligent and we learn and we are basically good at heart. Tell me how many untruths are in that last statement!

Strange how as one comes to the twilight of one’s life, one just begins to comprehend how little we know. Strange how as we look back at our life, we begin to comprehend the folly of our own understanding. And most importantly, isn’t it strange how when we look at our own hearts, having seen what they can in fact do and how self focus , and all that it entails, is destructive, one begins to see the wisdom in the words that Jesus spoke. 

And then, for some who claim to now see and hear, in our enlightenment, some dare to think of themselves as superior to others. We are indeed all lost sheep and we have indeed, all gone astray and the only difference between those who now see and hear, even partially, is sheer grace. And the origin of that grace is God, where it always has been and always will be.

Just something to think about.

I hope everyone has a blessed Sunday.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!


  1. Just for the sake of discussion… 😏
    Real love for another person is the desire to see that person be all that the Creator wants them to be. (His will be done.) So then, true love for MYSELF is desiring to be all that He created ME to be. The best way to achieve that is to give myself fully to Him, having the wisdom to trust that He knows best and wants the best for me, because He loves me.
    So, “Thy will be done” is wanting the best for myself in order to serve God the best I can, which benefits everyone around me as well – everybody wins!
    So, IF one is wise, “Thy will be done” and self-love are one and the same.


    • Just for the sake of discussion . . . 😊, I agree but with one change in one of your statements. I would say “true love for MYSELF is desiring to be all that He created ME to be, in HIM.” Let me know what you think. Blessings.


  2. If I ever make to 100 years old Bruce, I may, by that time, Understand completely knowing so much that I don’t know anything. All I ask for is a deeper understanding in the Truths of and surrounding how much God Loves us, and how that should play out in my life


    • I hear what you are saying Gary and I think when all is said and done that you’re probably about as close to the truth as one can possibly get, while living in these bodies. Blessings!


    • I frequently tell God that I know almost literally nothing, not that He doesn’t already know that, but the difference between His abilities and mine are so vastly different, that the trust factor shouldn’t really even be discussed, it should be just a given, between myself and God. You either trust in Him or you don’t. When God says, “Come, let us reason together.”, how does that actually happen, where my cognitive comprehension approaches His? It obviously doesn’t, not even remotely close and yet He invites me to try. That boggles my mind. God’s love boggles my mind. That’s the mind that He created in me that I know literally nothing about. My consciousness, the awareness of my being, my spirit, that God created in His image. Now we know in part, is a bit of an understatement, don’t you think? There are so many things that I do not understand, God’s patience being one of them, that I just tell myself that that is the way that it is, and understand that I can’t understand, nor will I probably ever, until I see Him face to face and then I will know. Then I will know as I am now known. Wrap your mind around that one! So, God’s patience is mind blowing, yes it is, totally. And that is because of His love, which I don’t remotely comprehend either. I’ve been in the presence of that love, love that completely overwhelmed me, love that I never wanted to move away from, ever. Love that He allowed me to taste, but for a minute. I’ve often wondered why He chose to do that and that in part, I believe I do understand. So that I had a glimpse of Him, His holiness, my unholiness and His completely overwhelming love. And that love is personified in Jesus, who again, boggles my mind. Sorry for the rant, just sharing with you some of the things that go around in this wee mind of mine. Blessings Jim.

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