Back to Jerusalem and DingDash

I ran across a website called “Back to Jerusalem“. On their  “About” page they state the following: “Many mistake the idea of Back to Jerusalem as a movement of the Chinese church to evangelize Jerusalem. However, Back to Jerusalem is the goal of the Chinese church to evangelize the unreached peoples from eastern provinces of China, westwards towards Jerusalem. The vision was birthed among the Chinese in the 1920s, and since that time, the churches of China have strove and even suffered persecution to fulfill what they believe is their integral role in fulfilling the Great Commission. Our organization partners with the church of China to not only evangelize the religiously oppressed areas of Asia, but to also train and send Chinese missionaries into the unreached regions of the globe, including Muslim, Buddhist, and Hindu nations.” 

They also illustrate what they call the 10/40 window which is a geographical area of the world. A picture of this area is directly below:


On the same page they also state: “More than 90% of the unreached people groups in the world today are located within the “10/40 window” more than 5,100 tribes and ethno-linguistic groups with little or no gospel witness. Of the world’s 50 least-Christian and least-evangelized countries, all 50 are located within this region! In the highlighted area above, there are more than 90% of the world’s remaining unreached people groups, and all 50 of the world’s least evangelized countries. These countries are the focus of the Back to Jerusalem movement. As you read these pages, please remember that the Back to Jerusalem movement is not a crazy pipe-dream of a few fanatical Christians that may or may not happen. It is something that is already happening! Right now there are already hundreds of Chinese missionaries working outside China in the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia, the Indian Subcontinent, and Southeast Asia. Thousands more are in training, learning languages such as Arabic and English that will be put to use on the mission field.”

Because of the extreme censorship that they are under, the BTJ organization actually developed their own Social Media platform called DingDash. DingDash is based on the Mastodon open-source system and has been modified to serve believers around the world. DingDash supports free speech for believers and never shares information of users or sells it. DingDash is completely profit free, which means absolutely no adds of any kind, no selling information or data on users, and no answering to shareholders – EVER. DingDash does not profile users and will NEVER hand over user information to government entities, so you can feel safe using DingDash in closed countries.

The main difference between this social media platform and Big Tech platforms such as FaceBook and Twitter is it does not profile users and keep personal data to sell user information to government entities, nor does it censor free speech similar to what other social media platforms are doing. This is especially a big problem for Christians in China. Dr. Christina Lin, is a US-based foreign policy analyst, who specializes in China-Mediterranean relations. She has extensive US government experience working on national security issues and was a CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear) research consultant for Jane’s Information Group. Christina Lin makes note of the counter censorship DingDash platform in an article she authored on The Times of Israel, which can be viewed here, which I highly recommend that you take the time to read. 

I also did a “Who Is” search on the domain and it is hosted by GoDaddy, an American domain hosting firm and registered to Back to Jerusalem. The Registrant State/Province: Mississippi Registrant Country: US.

So, just so you know, there is an alternative to Parler, which recently ran into difficulties being hosted after Amazon decided to no longer host them.

I created an account and the app is relatively straight forward to learn. In addition there is a video on YouTube that provides a good tutorial which can be viewed here. And if anyone is looking for me, my handle on DingDash is



  1. Thanks for the info, Bruce! It just so happened I was notified this morning that my Facebook post (a photo with a verse of Scripture, quoting Jesus) has been rejected for violating their community standards. – a right of passage? Badge of honor? 😏 I’m pretty sure I’ll be looking for more outlets soon.


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