Did You Ever . . .

Did you ever get to a point where no matter what you look at or what you hear, you come to the realization that the sheer number of unresolved questions and problems that we are facing today, are of such a magnitude, that it is simply beyond the intellectual capability, of the average person, to realistically come to terms with it all? Does it not seem that everyone has there own opinions, on an ever expanding list of cause and effect problems, where in most situations, it is what others are doing, that is causing the current divisions, resulting in our apparent collective inability to get onto the same song sheet with one another?

It used to be that the sinister forces against democracy where located in foreign countries, where it was basically an “us and them” ideological mentality, that was the deciding factor between us, but things have changed. Those external opposing forces are still there, but now we also fight among ourselves, from within, as never before. And as a Christian, as it pertains to the divisions within Christianity, I don’t think I have ever seen the depth and breath of the disagreements amongst us, such as we see today. False prophets and gospels abound. And being in the world but not of the world, is a mandate that can easily be misconstrued, especially on how that specifically applies from a practical perspective, in our day to day dealings with others and of course, how we individually and collectively interpret the Word of God.

I know these dividing forces have always been there, both from political and spiritual perspectives, but now they have taken root within the very fabric of our democratic nations, causing us to fight for our version of justice, while disregarding the justice that should also apply to others. And in our fight for our version of justice and God’s righteousness, we have forgotten God’s stated necessity of demonstrating mercy, fairness and forgiveness, especially as it pertains to others, who may not value the same values or faith that we adhere to, or possess the same rights that we currently possess.

Our version of truth, largely depends on the source that we make use of, to guide us in our decision making processes, and there is a huge variance between what one may view as truth and another. My truth may not be your truth and your truth may not be mine, and as we have recently seen, when two or more different versions of truths collide, the resulting effect is a divided people. For Christians there can only be one truth and that truth is Jesus. But how we see, adhere to and implement that truth is where we run into problems. If we are to truly work with God in implementing God the Father’s will on earth, like Jesus did, then we must look at how Jesus followed God’s will, and note where and how it differs from our own. 

There are some who seek power and position to implement and control and obviously there are positives and negatives associated with following that approach. There is also the necessity of considering and defending nationalistic interests, so that the rights that have been gained can be maintained and shared among all who dwell within our borders. And pride for our country of origin, where lives have been sacrificed in the past to give us the rights we currently share, is not in itself a bad thing, as long as it does not, for Christians, take pre-eminence over the furtherance of God’s Kingdom. But once again, we can easily slip into a form of idolatry, where our nation or a leader takes pre-eminence over God. There are many slippery slops that Christians can and do easily fall into.

I am increasingly learning that my personal walk is with Jesus and that which I comprehend and am directed by Him, through the guidance of His Holy Spirit and the Word of God, may not be the same as someone else, for we are not all at the same level of understanding, in all areas, nor are we all in the same spot on the narrow path and there are very few of us who have not taken an off ramp at one time or another, only to come back to the main narrow path again. Each of us is different in unique ways and yet we are all the same. If God has been patient with me, which He has, then I must also be patient with others and trust in His ability to finish that which He has started in others, just like He is doing with me. Practising that patience is not easy, especially when it involves others that we deeply care for and love. But if we trust in Jesus for ourselves, then we must extend that trust in Jesus towards others who call upon His name. But then comes the hard part. Does that include immorality that God’s Word clearly condemns or doctrines which teach another Gospel? No it does not, nor can it. But even here, what we say and how we say it, must be done in a manner that honours Jesus. 

There is a difference between those who see what is transpiring in the world and have no hope, and those of us who believe in Jesus and what He has accomplished. Jesus told us that because He lives, so shall we also live. Jesus foretold us what would happen as His return approached. He told us there would be tribulation but that our peace was to be found in Him. In John 16:33 NASB Jesus says; “These things I have spoken to you so that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world.

I obviously don’t have answers to all of the problems we are facing but I know Who does. Jesus tells us to take courage in Him because He has overcome the world. We used to have a saying in the military that I think is applicable now. “The situation is serious but not critical!” Serious in that it needs to be fixed, not critical because Jesus has already fixed it. What we are seeing is the end unfolding as Jesus said it would. Jesus has it covered. All we need to do is stay close to and trust our Shepherd and love one another, in Christ.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!


    • Big picture, bigger picture! Having the perspective that Jesus gives us is key. And how are you and your hubby enjoying the cold? Our snow is melting here in Nova Scotia! I’m not bragging, just saying . . . 🙂

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      • Hi, brother Bruce! When I read and liked this comment several hours ago, I was about to formulate a reply when my phone rang. It was my stepdaughter, asking for advice about a tough situation. So… we were on the phone for over 2 1/2 hours. My stepdaughter is wonderful and I thank the Lord for her every day. Right now, though, I can’t come up with any words to answer your question other than to say: It is well with my soul and God’s Got This!

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  1. The thing that I am constantly learning is that knowing God’s Word is critically important if we are to walk in truth. If we depend on Bible teachers more than the Bible itself, we are very vulnerable to false teaching. Thanks for a thought-provoking post. Blessings Bruce!


    • Hi Cindy, that is especially true when you run across questions or someone says something that you may not have thought about before. And sometimes it is the fact that nothing or very little is said about a particular subject, that actually shows which way to go or not to go. And of course, context is very important plus knowing what God says about a particular subject throughout all of the Bible (both the OT and the NT) and not just one part of it. God’s Word is actually amazing when you stop to think about it and thoroughly able to equip us. Blessings!

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