Would You ‘Command Fire to Come Down’? – David Ettinger

This blog asks Christians some serious questions.

Would You ‘Command Fire to Come Down’?


  1. Thanks, Bruce, for reminding us of the mission — it is not a political one, it never was even when Jesus was ministering among the people of Israel. Rather, it is a salvation issue … believe on the Lord Jesus Christ or not … only two answers and eternity is in the balance. We have too much to do to waste time in politicl nonsense!


    • Hi Linda, I understand your statement and in essence, for Christians who take seriously, Jesus’s Great Commission, I believe you are right. The difficulty, as always, with anything of value, is not to allow it to replace that which is of higher value. Politics, like pride in our country, obvious does serve a useful and needed purpose. It is when those secondary purposes replace our primary commission as Christians, and our reliance shifts from picking up our cross daily, to achieving compliance for our moralistic goals via worldly means, that we run into real problems. What happens when we do that is that the ultimate truth that Jesus gave us is exchanged for the relative truth of the individual. Just that reality alone should show us how far off course we have gone and the resulting quagmire it presents. Thank you Linda for taking the time to comment, sincerely appreciated. God’s blessings to you and yours.


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