Unsettled Times

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t been having an easy go of walking with God as of late. There have been days when it has been difficult. And it has nothing to do with my basic faith, it has to do with what I call, “the bombardment”, that appears to be just about everywhere that I look. And I have taken steps to reduce my exposure to this bombardment, but it still seems to materialize. Quality time in prayer and God’s Word have always been my source of balance, but for whatever reason, the balance now seems to be much more difficult to maintain.

Even WordPress is increasingly becoming problematic with regard to “the bombardment”. I don’t know how many times as of late I have been tempted to respond to a post on WordPress and then decided not to, simply because I just didn’t want to get into a long winded discussion on the subject that was being discussed by someone else, where they were drawing their readers attention to yet another validation of a particular controversial current event, pertaining to misinformation or disinformation, that we supposedly have been fed.

I am increasingly becoming convinced that many just believe what they want to believe, and actually doing thorough research on both those who accept this information and those who reject it, in concert with knowing why the common consensus held by the vast majority of the authoritative professionals in that given field, in association with their particular worldview, either rejects or accepts this information or misinformation, as the case may be, is an increasingly rare skill set. In short, fringe perspectives are generally categorized as such for a valid reason. And if you haven’t taken the time to find out why a particular perspective you are promoting is considered a fringe perspective, then I would have a tendency to think that you basically have not done your homework.

I think one of the reasons why I see this increased proliferation of advocating these fringe perspectives by a significant number of Christians so disheartening, is the damage that is being done to the credibility of many Christians. You just don’t see worldly speculation being discussed in the New Testament, yet for some reason, a significant percentage of the current Christian Church, seems to think that we should. It kind of makes it difficult to demonstrate to the world how different we are, when we aren’t.

I wonder if the Apostle Paul had this in mind when he instructed Timothy as follows:

“But shun profane and idle babbling, for they will increase to more ungodliness.” (2 Tim 2:16)

“Avoid foolish and ignorant disputes, knowing that they generate strife.” (2 Tim 2:23)

Or how about the Prophet Isaiah:

“Do not call conspiracy everything this people calls a conspiracy; do not fear what they fear, and do not dread it. The Lord Almighty is the one you are to regard as holy, He is the one you are to fear, He is the one you are to dread.” (Isaiah 8:12-13).

And then there are the earnest requests for prayer, where many Christians are going through difficulties that make my problems look like child’s play. And, once again, from what I can ascertain, these “requests” are just about everywhere. These times are not easy and I don’t see anything on the horizon from a Christian perspective that infers that they are going to get any better. In fact, the way many things are going, it is not off the wall to think that they may indeed, continue to get worse.

I’ve spent a fair amount of time in prayer, asking God what to do about the anxiety I infrequently feel and my inner awareness of sometimes being unsettled and the answer through His Word and the witness of God’s Holy Spirit within is continually the same. Stay focused on Jesus, remember what Jesus has already done for you in the past and look towards that which is to come in and through Christ. This world is not your home.

I’m thinking that correlates with the New Testament.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!


  1. I understand. Jesus did promise that things would get bad. But … we have good news. Jesus has overcome the world. I think it is fair to be both frustrated AND hopeful. Either or thinking is sometimes the challenge.

    Thank for sharing this morning. Blessings.

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  2. Bruce, I share your frustrations here regarding Christians getting wrapped around the axle over conspiracy theories and “such like” (an old Baptist phrase). A few zealots provocateurs sitting at home with their laptops are the tail wagging the evangelical dog. Whoops! Yeah, there’s also some provocateurs preaching from the pulpits.

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    • Hi Tom, thanks for taking the time to comment. I’m of the mindset that I can understand having differing opinions about what is transpiring around us but it shouldn’t become part of our online or face to face Christian persona. As you say, when we start to get “wrapped around the axle” over these controversial current events, the Gospel suffers, as does our credibility and subsequently, our Christian witness. It does not strengthen the Church, I think it weakens it and we know who wins in that situation. Blessings!

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  3. To be honest, it sounds like you need a break from the internet, especially U.S. current events and social media.

    And I’m not saying this just to say it. I used to be pretty frazzled a few years back. The “bombardment” was affecting my life, even how I saw people in real life, so I knew I needed a change. Ignore the internet for a bit. I’m confident that you will feel better and start thinking more optimistically.

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  4. Yes, I completely understand and agree with what you are saying in this post, Bruce.

    I deleted my Facebook account years ago, because I found the political and religious arguments very unsettling. I can only imagine how much worse it is today. I have also unfollowed a few WordPress bloggers in recent months, bloggers who used to write lovely posts about their daily lives and their Christian faith, but now they only want to argue and expound on politics and conspiracy theories. I miss them and still love them, but reading their posts is bad for my spiritual, mental, and physical health.

    When I keep my focus on the goodness of God, then the joy of the Lord is my strength. His word is a light to my path. His word is life and healing to the marrow of my bones. In His presence is fullness of joy. God is still on His eternal throne. The Lord Jesus Christ told Pontius Pilate that His kingdom is not of this world. Political systems and religious systems come and go, but the Lord never changes. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Praise the Holy name of Jesus!

    When my focus is on my Savior, everything around me is more beautiful. The trees, the singing birds, our two sweet rescue dogs, the mountain, a flower, a single blade of grass. God’s creation is marvelous. Life is marvelous. I am so grateful to be alive!

    Today is the 7th anniversary of my husband’s terrible motorcycle crash at 75 miles per hour. He should have died, but he lived! His helmet was destroyed, but his brain is undamaged! He broke many bones, but they have all healed! He spent 13 days in intensive care in the Amarillo Veterans Hospital. His doctor initially believed that he was probably going to lose his badly injured and infected right leg, but he did not lose a single toe! Thank you Jesus!

    Today, my husband is being treated for cancer. But I am still trusting God. Through life and death, in sickness and in health: This is the day that the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it!

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    • Well Linda Lee, if that isn’t a pep talk I don’t know what is! So proud of you. Your candle shines brightly and I am sincerely thankful for your witness. Today when I was writing this article, I wasn’t only thinking of myself because I know that many others are affected by what is happening. Hopefully someone else will think about what I have written and reposition their focus. Thank you as always for your thoughtful comments. Blessings!

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      • And thank you for inspiring me to write this comment, part of which I will turn into a blog post in a bit. Today is also my eldest granddaughter’s 29th birthday. March 1 was my great-grandson’s 8th birthday. The years are flying by, but I still feel like I’m 25… unless I run too long on a hot day with the dogs, lol. I used to dread getting old. I thought I 30 was old! But, you know what? The more wrinkles I see in the mirror, the closer I am getting to heaven!


      • Congrats to your eldest granddaughter and your great grandson! What with me being 75, you can just imagine how close I feel. The other day I had a mirror on the floor and I looked directly down into it. Big mistake. I almost scared myself. Reminded myself not to do that in front of our grandchildren (don’t want to scare the little puppies)! Blessings Linda Lee, you made my day.

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  5. Short of putting tin foil under my hat, I am starting to believe a very significant and telling verse about mankind… “and Jesus entrusted himself to no one because he knew what is in the heart of man” John 2:24


    • Gary, you lift my spirit! Truer words were never spoken. I’m thinking that is why, the older we get, the more we come to realize that everything we receive from God is sheer absolute grace. When we get to heaven and if we can go fishing, I’m in your boat! Blessings brother.


      • Gary, I had to share this with you, saw it on FaceBook: BAD NEWS

        Well, I’m in the emergency room now. Ugh!! 😢 Today was not a good day at all. I decided to go horseback riding, to ease the boredom… something I haven’t done in awhile. It turned out to be a big mistake!
        I got on the horse and started out fine. Nice and slow, but then we went a little faster. Before I knew it, we were going as fast as the horse could go. I couldn’t take the pace and fell off. I caught my foot in the stirrup with the horse dragging me. It wouldn’t stop. Hit my head, banged up my back and elbow, pretty good and tore my shirt.
        Thank goodness the kind manager at Dollar General came out and unplugged the machine. But, he had the nerve to take the rest of my change so I wouldn’t ride the Elephant or Motorcycle. I was also banned from the Merry-go-round. The nerve!
        ——- There, you made me laugh, hope I paid you back!

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  6. I understand how much energy it takes to refrain from getting sucked into arguments. I see something that appears (to me) to be totally ignorant, and I want SO much to set them straight. But then I realize in most cases I probably won’t be able to set them straight, and I take a deep breath, bite my lip, and delete.


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