The Case For a Creator – Lee Strobel

These ten relatively short (all are under 10 minutes) video links that I will provide you with below, are based upon the New York Times best-seller by former Chicago Tribune reporter Lee Strobel. This video documentary examines the origin of life and the universe through the discoveries of 21st century biology, physics, cosmology, and astronomy. Strobel interviews scientists and scholars from a wide range of disciplines. Brought to you by the Producer,

The Case For a Creator (Chapter 1 of 10)

The Case for a Creator (Chapter 2 of 10)

The Case for a Creator (Chapter 3 of 10)

The Case For a Creator (Chapter 4 of 10)

The Case For a Creator (Chapter 5 of 10)

The Case For a Creator (Chapter 6 of 10)

The Case For a Creator (Chapter 7 of 10)

The Case For a Creator (Chapter 8 of 10)

The Case for a Creator (Chapter 9 of 10)

The Case For a Creator (Chapter 10 of 10)


  1. I was raised in a church where my dad was the pastor. After going through some extremely hard trials and traumas — most of which were perpetrated by people who claimed to be Christian — I decided that my childhood faith in God was as senseless as believing in Santa Claus and the Easter bunny. So I became what I called an agnostic atheist. Meaning that I was pretty sure there was no God, but I could not be 100% positive.

    While my life unraveled more and more, due to the PTSD I did not know I had, I searched for love, and for answers to the meaning of life, in all the wrong places. I finally hit rock bottom shortly before I turned fifty.

    On one of my more painful rock bottom days, I was driving aimlessly through the countryside of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, all by myself, trying to lose myself in the rock music on my car radio and the passing scenery. I was driving randomly down unfamiliar roads, turning here and there with no particular destination in mind.

    I passed by a very large church set out in the middle of farmland. I had never seen that church before. Although it was a Saturday afternoon, not a day or a time when most churches hold services, there was a stream of cars going into the large parking lot, There were so cars, they had a police officer in the street directing traffic.

    I hadn’t been to a church in years. But suddenly, a strong urge came over me to pull into that parking lot, go inside the church, and find out what was going on. So, that’s what I did.

    The guest speaker that had so many people going to church on a Saturday afternoon was: Lee Strobel.

    I went in. I sat up in a balcony, far away from the stage. Moments after I arrived, the service began. As I listened to Lee Strobel, I began to think that maybe I could be an intelligent person with a 156 Mensa IQ and still believe in some kind of a God. Maybe.

    I purchased a couple of Lee Strobel’s books. I read them. And slowly, over the coming months, as more and more of my doubts and questions were answered, I finally came to believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and my Savior.

    Today, I can’t thank the Lord enough for Lee Strobel, and the other wonderful women and men the Lord used to show me the Truth and lead me back to Him!

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    • Well isn’t that something else! I also am a fan of Lee Strobel because I find he introduces you to what I call a spectrum of possibilities in some things that I wasn’t necessarily aware of before. Then, if you dig deeper, on things like abiogenesis, or informally the origin of life (OoL), as an example, you come to realize the totally overwhelming complexity and complete utter improbability of life originating by itself from non-living matter, and that is just one example. The very words that Jesus spoke and the things that He did is another. And the list just keeps on expanding until it becomes absurd to think otherwise. Faith in the unseen is difficult and one does have to earnestly seek but as God promises, we can and do find Him. And I also have seen God orchestrate my deepest needs to a recognition of personal spiritual reality that defies materialistic logic, like getting you to stop and go into that church, multiple times. Those are the telephone poles that I speak about, some are bigger than others and the space between them is where our faith grows. It is indeed a journey of realization that God is and that He cares and that realization is the greatest realization of all, because it literally changes everything. And the more that I dig into Jesus, the more this realization becomes confirmed, time and time again. There are many who do not want God to be real, they don’t want the accountability, they don’t want to see or even entertain a perspective that differs from theirs. Thank you for sharing this with me, it confirms yet once again, how deeply God does care and how personal He deals with us, to bring us back to Himself. And that reality is what I find so totally mind boggling in itself. Jesus is exactly who He said He was. That is a reality and people like Lee Strobel, who God also broke through to, help many come to that realization. Blessings Linda Lee!

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  2. This! Oh this, my Fam’s absolute favorite movie is Case for Christ. Saw it twice. Now this. Intrigued. Thank you for Sharing. “…abiogenesis.”
    In all our wanderings and quest, there’s the rock solid foundation of His Absolute Word on it, and this Post of yours hems things up, away from half baked ideas on God.
    Am soaking this up.

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