I Don’t Remember When

The Scripture I would ask you to read is too big to actually quote and put in this post so I will just give you the link. It is from John 8:12-30 NASB. We talking about 19 actual Scripture verses.

I can’t remember the day that it actually struck me that Jesus was God. And when I say “struck me”, I mean “struck” as in, what Jesus says cannot be ignored. It was after I had decided to become a Christian. I’m not going to embarrass myself by saying how long. Strange how you can mentally agree to something and yet ignore the realities of that mental agreement. It’s similar to knowing how to swim, but realizing the limitations of your endurance when swimming, and making appropriate discernments based on that reality. Swimming out from the shore for 300 yards, no problem (600 yards there and back), swimming across the Atlantic ocean, not so much. The 600 yards decision brings enjoyment, the latter brings sure death. If one has two functioning grey cells, one doesn’t make that mistake, but there was a time, far too long a time, when I did. I focused on what I could do, and not what I could not do. 

I was reading through John Chapter 8 this morning and the words that Jesus spoke seem so different now, from when I used to read them before. Some of the key realities that Jesus states in these scant few Scripture verses are:

– Jesus is the light of God (the revealing of God’s thoughts and ways) brought to this world.
– The acceptance of the light (the truth) that Jesus brings, brings eternal life.
– To ignore and not accept what Jesus said means we walk in darkness.
– The understanding that Jesus has and conveys to us is from God the Father.
– It was and is the will of God the Father that Jesus was sent to us.
– We are of and from this earth, Jesus is from and of above and not of this world.
– Unless we of this earth believe that Jesus is “I Am” (God, in the flesh), we remain of this earth and die.
– Every word that Jesus says to us, of this world, is from God the Father, in heaven.
– When Jesus is crucified and dies and rises from the dead, then all should comprehend that Jesus is God and He did nothing on His own, and all that Jesus has said, comes from God the Father.
– Jesus is always in union with His Father and always does that which pleases the Father.

I know there is more but these are the thoughts that come to my mind as I read through these 19 verses. If anyone else made these statements, one could easily think they are probably delusional and by looking at other statements that they made, it would probably confirm that. But not so with Jesus. Literally everything that Jesus said and everything that Jesus did are totally consistent with this message from God the Father, including all of what was previously revealed of God within the Old Testament Scriptures.

And then, in addition to the conveyed spoken word of Jesus, we have the fulfilment of the Law, the fulfilment of a number of Old Testament prophecies, the physical realization of the previous foreshadowing Tabernacle and all of it’s functionality, the Temple, the Priesthood, the blood atonement sacrifices, the festivals, the ability to heal all manner of diseases and aliments, the ability to restore sight and bring people back from the dead, the ability to control the environment, the giving of His life on the cross (the Lamb of God without blemish) for our sins, the promised realization of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, and the promise of God’s Holy Spirit to all believers, realized at Pentecost, plus the remembering of Jesus’ spoken words through God’s Holy Spirit, as formulated in our New Testament.

One could easily say, what more could God possibly do, when God the Father sent us His Son?

John 3:16-21 NASB reads:
“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish, but have eternal life. For God did not send the Son into the world to judge the world, but so that the world might be saved through Him. The one who believes in Him is not judged; the one who does not believe has been judged already, because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God. And this is the judgment, that the Light has come into the world, and people loved the darkness rather than the Light; for their deeds were evil. For everyone who does evil hates the Light, and does not come to the Light, so that his deeds will not be exposed. But the one who practices the truth comes to the Light, so that his deeds will be revealed as having been performed in God.”

This is the picture that forms in my mind and heart now when I read those 19 verses. Tell me that isn’t a gift!

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!


  1. Now more than ever may we cling to Jesus’s “I AM” statements. Jesus’s statement that He is the Light of the World is the one that I am actively trying to live authentically in public in these ever darkening times. It is only when we know that Jesus is the Light can we point others to the Light. It is when we know Jesus’s Light that when it comes to dealing with God and others we can do NOTHING apart from Jesus. He is the True Vine and we are His branches. It is incredible when we learn the details of Jesus’s fulfillment of the Old Testament/Covenant. I have been doing an in-depth study on the Priesthood. What a burden and responsibility the Priests had and with Jesus’s death, burial, resurrection and ascension the Old Testament Priesthood has been fulfilled in that Jesus is our Great High Priest and believers are now priests. The kingdom of priests which began in Ex 19:5-6 is extended to believing Jews and Gentiles in 1 Peter 2:5,9. So thankful for the Father sent the Son, a gift indeed! Love and blessings to you and Peggy!

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    • It is indeed amazing Mandy, the sheer amount of detail that God went to, to reveal of His Son as our Great High Priest after the order of Melchizedek. Love and blessings to you and Nathan as well!

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  2. In a sense our mind takes in God’s revelations in small increments. I often wonder how far along I will get in my understanding of what Jesus revealed of himself to us. Libraries of books have been written about light just for photographers alone let alone understanding the Light of the world being the light source of lights existence.
    “I love light”…my wife says I should have a T shirt with that on.

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  3. I’m constantly blown away still at how many passages imply the Divinity of Christ whether explicitly or implicitly. Good post!


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