The Flood Gates From Hell

Over a good number of years I have looked at numerous sources of “Christian” organizations, that have been and are today, usually developed and controlled by one dominant individual. Some of these organizations are very good and have a long history of building up the Church, the body of Christ. And then there are others that have developed a substantial following that have chosen to go down a different path, a path that they usually infer, that most others have missed and they have rediscovered. And the degree by which these paths deviate from the norm, depends upon how much these individuals twist and distort the Word of God. Again, depending on the particular area that the individual has chosen to focus their teachings on. Some focus on deliverance ministries, others focus on healings and others focus on the “signs and wonders” movement, which most of us now recognize as the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) movement.

Often times they have multiple channels in their ministry that flow into the same cistern. The short story is that it is seldom pretty and the end result from these “different” paths is that literally millions of people are deceived into believing a different Gospel than the one that has been delivered to all of us in the New Testament.

There are a number of common factors.

If you study the history of the person’s teachings, they can almost always be traced back to someone in the past, who started out on this different path, be it healings or deliverance or signs and wonders. The history in itself is not that difficult to trace. And usually, from that originating individual, comes the accompanying doctrine, that allegedly supports their ministry of choice. The vast majority of these “newly discovered” doctrines have already been challenged in the past, if one chooses to take the time to search for them. Another common factor is that those who receive this “updated” doctrine, that would be the followers who subscribe to this particular rediscovered ministry, usually do not have a really good working knowledge of God’s Word, which allows the individual who is spear heading this ministry, to take liberties and distort God’s Word, without being recognized as having done so. Another common factor is that the individual who heads these newly rediscovered ministries usually accumulates a substantial amount of unaccountable wealth. Homes which could easily be classified as “mansions” is common.

The root of the problem, in most cases, which facilitates this acceptance of “newly discovered” doctrine, that deviates from the norm (orthodox understanding), being accepted as being valid, is a lack of knowledge of God’s Word. I acknowledge that this can get tricky because what one person accepts as “orthodox” can indeed differ from another. So probably a better word is “general consensus”. If you study Church history, there usually is a general consensus that rises to the surface. And even here it can get tricky because sometimes the general consensus is actually challenged, such as during the Protestant Reformation. These are all things that one can become aware of by putting in the required time to comprehend what has transpired throughout church history.

My apology for this lengthy lead in but it is necessary to set the frame work for what follows next.

I have already authored over fifty posts on the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). You can view some of these posts by clicking here. I know, the amount of time and effort required to get a handle on what this movement represents, teaches and influences is considerable. The short story is that there is no way in which to appreciate what this movement is doing, or teaches, or misrepresents, other than by devoting some time to it.  I will prove a relatively short, good, four part overview here for your convenience, that serves only as a bare minimum. If you are not familiar with the NAR, please take the time to read the four part overview. (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4).  The organization behind this movement is staggering and I do not use the word staggering lightly.  And please note that in Part 4, a partial quote states “Is the Assemblies of God part of the NAR? Technically, the answer is no. The AG position papers separate themselves from the teaching found in the NAR. However, AG churches are congregational, and have a lot of autonomy from their district leadership. As such, it is up to the pastors and leaders in those individual churches as to what extent they allow NAR influence in their congregations. Unfortunately, there are many which offer no filter for NAR influence. I am thankful for the wisdom and leadership from the General Council of the Assemblies of God, urging their ministers to be aware of such issues that affect their churches.”

If you think that the numerous “Apostles” and teachers of this movement don’t quote Scripture, you would be wrong. Many of them do but not in context to whom the Scripture was given or how it applies to the Church today. But to them, the Bible, God’s Word, is replaced with “new revelations” they receive and these “new revelations” take precedence. They speak using different references including decrees, prophesies, visions and dreams. And there are many, many, who not only buy it, but jump into it with both feet, indicating that they have been led by God’s Holy Spirit to do so. They have been led no doubt, but not by God’s Holy Spirit. We are instructed to test the spirits (1 John 4:1-4 NASB) and stand on the Word of God (2 Timothy 3:16 NASB).

“Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God; and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God; this is the spirit of the antichrist, which you have heard is coming, and now it is already in the world. You are from God, little children, and have overcome them; because greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.”

All Scripture is inspired by God and beneficial for teaching, for rebuke, for correction, for training in righteousness; so that the man or woman of God may be fully capable, equipped for every good work.”

I will leave you with one additional link to look at, to get a taste of what you are dealing with. It’s not overly long but it is highly revealing. You can view it here. It is authored by Mike Oppenheimer at Let Us Reason Ministries.

Actually make that two links because you really need to come to understand the depth of deception that NAR teaches and what they can do to a searching heart and mind. Click here.  This link is about Lindsay Davis-Knotts (Lindsay is married now) who was a former student of BSSM (Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry). You will need to scroll on the FaceBook link to see her original post that she later apologizes for. And here is a 39 page PDF that Lindsay composed and submitted to Bethel church leaders, which deals with the deception she was taught. This is what they teach and Lindsay provides a Biblical response. They expelled her from BSSM. 

Have the flood gates of hell been opened? I am not exaggerating when I say, indeed I think they have.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings! 



  1. This is an important post Bruce, for which I am extremely thankful. I will need to bookmark this and read your suggested references over time. I am aware of false teachers but the name of New Apostolic Revelation is relatively new to me. Thank you for your faithfulness in sharing this brother.

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  2. Part of the enemies tactic is all the broad offerings of spirituality to those who finally say “I need God” but have no idea where to start. I hear so many testimonies of those who have tried many churches and or spiritual pathways that should lead them to God. Lots of emptiness. Yes, the flood gates of hell have opened.
    Thankfully we know that those who seek God with their whole heart will find Him. As followers of Jesus, we must always be on “yellow alert” as a level of awareness to those seeking answers and be “Response ready” to engage with the Truth of the gospel.
    So keep hanging red flags on those who preach a fake gospel Bruce!

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    • What is scary is that when those who search for God with their whole heart, lean towards the reasoning of their own heart, in that search, versus the sure direction of God’s Holy Word, as their guide, even there they can be misled. Peter obviously had the indwelling Holy Spirit yet he allowed himself to be persuaded to stop eating with the Gentiles because of fear. Many today, because of fear of missing out on what they presume God is doing, follow the experience instead of staying grounded in God’s Word, which in itself will and does put you where God wants you to be in Christ. I have a close family member who is leaning in this direction right now and it tears me apart.

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  3. Great post, Bruce. As you mentioned, and what I see as the biggest problem, is not so much the charismatic leaders of these false ministries, but the ignorance of those who call themselves Christians. If more believers would commit themselves to daily reading of the Bible — all 66 books — they would see what kind of sham they have “signed up” for.

    So yes, there are many wolves fleecing the flock, but I have little sympathy, in general, for those sheep who allow themselves to be fleeced by not reading their Bibles and striving to be good stewards of God’s Word.

    Keep fighting the good fight, Bruce!

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  4. You said a lot here: “The vast majority of these “newly discovered” doctrines have already been challenged in the past.”

    I’m not sure if you’re aware, but I actually came to Christ from the new age. I was in paganism for a decade or so, and it is a “faith” that requires you to simply trust dubious sources, usually historically incorrect and rooted in 1970’s law of attraction/word of faith teachings. You have to just go along with whatever, really.

    And when I researched Christianity, it was such a breath of fresh air to see how well-researched, well-documented everything was! This is a highly scrutinized, meticulously researched faith. The amount of accurate and verifiable information out there sits very well with me 🙂 I love it.

    So! I get really sad when people try to find “new trends” or “hidden knowledge” within Christianity. It’s like… no, people with much more knowledge and resources have looked into ALL of this. There is no little dusty corner with magic that will give you a perfect life. The Gospel is right there. Don’t add to it, and don’t take away. You know?

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    • Hi Yari, I absolutely do and you would appreciate it even more because you came from that mind set. The Gospel is powerful in and of itself because it connects us to Jesus. When the gifts and manifestations of the Holy Spirit become the focal point (not that they are not important) then our walk becomes experience focused instead of person focused on Jesus and when that happens, all kinds of abuses quickly appear and there is a reason for that. When Jesus said without me you can do nothing, He wasn’t kidding. Have a blessed day Yari!

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  5. Bruce it angers me to see such BLASPHEMY! We are warned against “Doctrine of Demons” and you rightfully exposed it for what it is! Sound Doctrine is vital to keep from falling for the latest “flavor” of Satanic Deception. In God’s Word we have Truth and along with Spirit we can withstand the “fiery darts” from that ole deceiver. Nothing wrong with building on the work of Godly men but the student must be diligent as you also pointed out. Thanks for all you do for the cause of Christ!


    • Yes it angers me too Dave because I can’t see how they cannot see what they are doing. A strong delusion that boggles the mind. Thank you for your words of encouragement. Gods grace, peace and blessings to you and yours!

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