There Are Times When . . .

There are times when I marvel at the patience of God and wonder why He loves us like He does. Considering our frequent self centred motives and our prevalent susceptibility to false pride, where we foolishly assume we know and understand and others do not, why does God put up with us? Does the answer not lie in the difference between our perception of love, knowledge and wisdom and our God who is truly Holy, who is always just, always fair, all knowing, without deviation or favour? And I would be among those who see in part.

There are times when the sheer numbers, who seek to be heard, overwhelms me. Each one continually expounding on their own patch quilted version of truth, while casting accusing fingers at others who do not see what they see. If the blind are leading the blind, when are we ever truly going to see? If Jesus is in fact The Truth, which I believe that He is, and Jesus said that we who have seen Him have seen the Father, why do we look elsewhere for truth? And why does our polluted version of truth distort rather than bring glory and honour to God? Is it not that we allow it to become polluted with worldly concerns and short sighted priorities, so that our priorities replace God’s priorities? And I would be among those who see in part.

There are times when the limitations and weaknesses of our own collective and individual minds and hearts, cause me to ponder why we do what we do, and the results that it often produces. If the Kingdom of God is not our priority, what is and why? If our lives demonstrate that we are in the world and of this world, what have we failed to comprehend? If whether we live or whether we die, we live or die unto the Lord, why is the shortsightedness on our part not recognized? And I would be among those who see in part.

There are times when I see our endeavours to walk with one leg on each side of the fence, one side representing the Kingdom of God and the other side being this world, as a mind versus practicality perspective, that few of us do well. We too easily become entangled with worldly concerns, contributing towards the distortion or pollution of The Truth that Jesus gave us to spread. We confuse human worldly government with divine objectives that will only be achieved when Jesus returns and rules His Kingdom. Jesus told us that without Him we could do nothing, and that the ruler of this world is Satan, until Jesus returns, but we think we know better. Hearts need to change to have motives and objectives change, but we ignore the heart change requirement and go after the changes anyway. Maybe that was the reason Jesus gave us the Great Commission to “go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” versus changing the nations, including our own, without Him. And I would be among those who see in part.

There are times when I see what Jesus foretold us would happen and I see swarms of activity endeavouring to change that which Jesus said must take place, and I wonder why it is that we still haven’t grasped His message. Could it be that we are more interested and vested in our own message, rather than His? Where our rights and responsibilities as citizens of the Kingdom of God take second place to our rights within our chosen nation? If we are to be a shining light on a hill, where is our light and why is it not shining and whose hill have we chosen to stand on, ours or His? And I would be among those who see in part.

Something to think about.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!



  1. “I see what Jesus foretold us would happen and I see swarms of activity endeavoring to change that which Jesus said must take place…”
    Wow, so true.
    So, if we see the End Times coming, with all its evil, do we not try to change any of it? Or do we try to slow down the self-destructive process as much as we can, or just warn people that the end is coming and they’d better get right with God NOW …?
    Or do we try to both carry out the great Commission and delay the End, giving us more time to reach more people?

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    • Hi Annie, I would think that we would obviously vote and use the legal means available to voice agreement or decent etc with government policies that we disapprove or approve of, on an individual personal basis, but I would have a tendency to think we should focus on the Great Commission mandate versus mixing our message about whether we approve or disapprove of vaccines or the specific particulars by which dark forces are taking us into a one world government. And yes, I do agree that God’s Word tells us that it is coming. I don’t see anything in the Scripture that tells us to actively fight against the social changes taking place other than our legal means available. When we mix the message we diminish our credibility to a good portion of our society who may already disagree with us on social issues and alleged consequences, which seems to me as being counter productive towards the Gospel. If someone asks your private opinion, then give it, but it is not the message we focus on or I would think propagate. Mixing the message causes more division, not less, or that is the way that I see it. Just my opinion though, let me know your thoughts. Blessings.

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    • Don’t know that we can do anything against what must come to pass. Don’t think any effort I could pose will slow down His timetable. I do think that evil should be exposed and we do have to fight the good fight tell the end. Why not do what we can to make the world a better place, within His will. Wile we see things lining up and looking like the end we don’t know when the end will come. Good food for thought Annie – You don’t want to be fatalistic nor should we be. God can do all things and we are His hands, feet and tongue. So I would say we must do whatever He calls us to do. Maybe He is waiting for us to do something that, in His Sovereignty, He called us to do that will delay the End.

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