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This post is a tad different from my normal posts. Actually, this is the first time that I have ever done this on my blog. I’m going to be briefly introducing you to a Christian woman in Pakistan and her family, and the ministry that her and her family are deeply involved in. Her name is Azra Hadayat and she lives in Lahore, Pakistan. I initially encountered Azra on my FaceBook account and we have been talking with one another via texting in FaceBook Messenger over the last few weeks. Azra and her husband have three young boys of their own, Azra’s husband works at night in a factory and Azra herself does sewing in her home and all of their ministry is supported by this combined income, plus the infrequent support of donors like you and like me. Azra studied at Trinity Biblical University in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.

I know we all have our own Christian outreaches that we support and if you are like me, I am frequently asked to support Christian endeavours in other countries. I also am aware that these Christian endeavours we support are personal choices and there are great needs in many countries less fortunate than ours, all over this world. So I will keep this post as brief as possible and just ask you to prayerfully consider assisting Azra and her families ministry, IF YOU ARE LED TO DO SO. 

This is the link to Azra’s FaceBook account: which includes many photos of their various activities.

Azra’s family is involved in two critical areas of outreach in Pakistan, education for the poor and needy and Christian Evangelical outreach. Their education outreach is registered with the government but they receive no government funding whatsoever and their Christian outreach is of their own conviction. 

Their education outreach provides teaching from Nursery School to Class Ten and they prepare students to write the applicable government exams, which give the students the documented education upon successful passing of the applicable exams. They currently assist about 210 students. A large percentage of their students have no means to purchase required items for their studies so Azra and her family, plus infrequent donors, supply what they can including basic notebooks and text books. This is a significant undertaking just in itself.

Their Christian outreach includes three separate Sunday Schools for children, totalling about 250 children. They also run weekly Christian Woman and Youth Seminars for approximately 150 participants. Woman attendees receive instruction on using sewing machines and instruction on God’s Holy Word in the Bible. Their church is held in a church members home (insufficient funds to rent a proper building at this time) and they have approximately 100 members attending. Both Azra’s husband and Azra herself preach to church members. Personal funds plus infrequent donations are used to supply everything from Bibles to shared meals. Many church members are very poor.

If you feel led to assist the ministries that Azra and her family have undertaken, there are two ways to do this that I can recommend. I personally have utilized Western Union to provide Azra with funding and it works great. Personal particulars for Azra are as follows:

Azra Hadayat  
Mobile Phone 03224225636 
Lahore, Pakistan.

Bear in mind that the financial currency used in Pakistan is the Rupee
10 American dollars is equal to 1595.88 Pakistan Rupees (PKR) and 
10 Canadian dollars is equal to 1279.76 Pakistan Rupees (PKR).

The projected rental cost for a very basic building to be used as a Church would be approximately 15,000 PKR per month. Inexpensive by our standards but a considerable cost in Pakistan, especially when dealing with very limited resources. The use of a basic building would provide the attendees protection from the environment.

The second option is via a GoFundMe account I have set up here on behalf of Azra:  (Assist Azra in Pakistan). All monies raised via this means will be transferred directly to Azra by myself via Western Union. Please ensure that you provide your email address when donating so that Azra can personally acknowledge receipt of your donation. Unfortunately GoFundMe only works for people in 19 countries and Pakistan is NOT one of them, or I would have helped Azra set up her own GoFundMe account.

UPDATE: Donations to GoFundMe are accepted from just about anywhere in the world and right now, a $50.00 per month contribution would go along way in keeping the rent paid on the school building that Azra pays for.  I have already made a donation to Azra and her ministry and I will cover any Service/Exchange costs with GoFundMe and Western Union so that Azra gets 100% of what is donated. Please prayerfully consider. Thank you!

I sincerely thank you for taking the time to consider assisting Azra’s ministry. 

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!





  1. I never knew anyone from Pakistan, until four years ago when I met my eldest granddaughter’s fiance, who is now her husband. He is a wonderful, beautiful young man, and his family is beautiful, too! There is a special place in my heart now for Pakistani people. I’m so glad you are helping this lady with her ministry.

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