The Beginning of Birth Pains

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If you are like me, and I suspect that most of you are, what is unfolding before our eyes is not only difficult to comprehend but to my way of thinking, it seems to defy logic on so many levels. And yet, the reality of these changes that are taking place within our world today are almost impossible to ignore. 

Finding unadulterated truth these days is extremely difficult because all of us, Christians included, have our own sources of truth and the variances in our sources is staggering. And of course, most of us, including Christians from all walks of life, think that we have the inside track on the truthful information and everyone else is drinking the cool-aid. And for Christians in particular, one would think that because we follow Jesus and that Jesus said that “I am the way, the truth and the life”, we who believe and trust in Jesus would be of one mind, but such is not the case. 

The deficiencies within the human condition are many, including among others, arrogance, greed and false pride. And I think that it would be safe to say, that we are all part of the problem. And even here, in order to deflect our own accountability, we individually and collectively point the finger at others and infer that they are more responsible for the problem than we are. Strange how what side of the fence we are on tends to determine the majority percentage of accountability. Removing the log from our own eye before we go about removing the twig from the eyes of others is still glaringly valid. Greed and injustice continues to spread at alarming rates and false pride apparently knows no bounds. 

All of us are individually but a grain of sand on a huge beach of humanity. Our individual significance or insignificance, as the case may be, escapes our awareness on the most part, but collectively, as humanity, our time is running out. Individually as believers and collectively, as the Church, the Bride of Christ, is where our worth as Christians is centered. I am of the firm belief that the birth pains that Jesus told us about are beginning to fall upon us. We are rapidly killing our environment and the falling away or apostasy as revealed to us by God’s Holy Spirit and the Apostle Paul, is on our doorstep. Jesus told us that these things must take place and are merely the beginning of the birth pains. Do you recall us being told in the Scriptures that there would be a great revival during the beginning of, or in the birth pains. No, neither do I. Do you see Jesus telling us that we could turn this around? No, me neither. Jesus said that they MUST take place and NOT to be alarmed. I do recall that Jesus told us there will be many false signs and wonders but God’s Holy Word through Jesus tells me that they are false and we are not to be mislead.

The Church, the body of Christ, is being attacked both from without and within like never before. If you can think of it, it is being done. In fact, some of what is being done in the name of God is hard to believe. The Armour of God is our defence, the Word of God our sword. If ever there was a time to seek discernment, it is now. And we do need to be mindful that this battle that is now unfolding upon us is not humanly driven, it indeed goes way beyond that and is rooted in spiritual forces in high places

I ran across a comment made by Greg Koukl at (Stand To Reason) the other day that I want to draw your attention to. He was speaking about the reality of conflicting perspectives or points of view taking place within our culture. This is what Greg said: “We do not demand others abandon their views. We only ask that we be allowed to keep our views. In the long run, we may not be able to change culture, but we can always keep culture from changing us.” I’m thinking that is sound advice and it would behoove us to question ourselves on how we are different from what is happening within our culture. 

I can’t help but think that this is directly associated with all of the worldly areas of contention that we get involved in these days and I have spoken before how we damage our credibility with our witness for Jesus with our “mixed” messages. I call these areas of contention “off ramps”, because they remove our focus and the focus of others, from the greatest need that there is. And what is that “need” we have been asked by Jesus to focus on? That would be the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! 

Something to think about.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!


  1. Well said Bruce, so often we hear folk talking about avoiding the birth pains and preparing for a revival. Clearly the storm is building and is on the way…our Lord said it would. Our ship (the church) is in rough seas in this world, we certainly need to hold firm to the rudder and keep on course with our Lord and Saviour.

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    • I agree and I’m wondering how much of the dialogue that is so often displayed on public media by Christians would be gone if fear was taken out of the equation. I’m thinking a fair amount. Have a blessed Sunday Alan.

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  2. The off-ramp I hear people taking the most: “Yesterday, I saw on Facebook….”
    Frankly, folks would do better is they had their FACE in the BOOK (Bible). The key to staying on God’s “interstate” is to block the exits that don’t ultimately lead to Him. Blessings!

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  3. Good word Bruce. On occasion, I’ve said that the light shines brighter the darker it gets. The truth is, it shines the same. It only appears to shine brighter because of the increasing darkness that surrounds it. But if the light dims in the darkness, that is culture changing us. Let’s not dim our lights.

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  4. “We do not demand others abandon their views. We only ask that we be allowed to keep our views. In the long run, we may not be able to change culture, but we can always keep culture from changing us.” Great food for thought, Bruce. Thanks.

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