What Exactly Is Our Message?

Matthew 28:19-20 NIV “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

For Christians, there should be no argument over this directive that Jesus gave us. As disciples of Jesus, we are to make disciples of all nations. If someone asked you what was the primary responsibility that Jesus gave us, this would undoubtedly have to be it. There is no other responsibility that takes precedence over this one, that I am aware of, when it comes to the task given to the Church. When Peter preached to the Jews in Jerusalem, Peter showed them that Jesus was the Lord and Messiah promised by God and as recorded in Acts 2:36-41, that day there were added about 3000 souls. And as the Apostle Paul testified, “they preach Christ crucified” (1 Corinthians 1:23). When those who are saved are addressing the unsaved, there is only one topic, there is only one message. And of course, once that threshold has been crossed, where the unsaved become disciples of Jesus, we are then further instructed to teach the new disciples to do everything that Jesus commanded them to do. That is the Great Commission.

Now I’d like you to consider a couple of points, if you can bear with me.

Every political, religion, economic and educational institution or system thinks that they stand for objective truth, where objective truth would happen to be true for everyone, whether they agree with it or not, because it is, an objective truth. An example of an objective truth would be that Paris is currently the capital of France. You may not believe that Paris is currently the capital of France but it doesn’t matter what you believe, because Paris is currently the capital of France and thus an objective truth or reality for everyone. Denying that Paris is the current capital of France does not change the fact or reality that it is an objective truth.

But from a humanistic perspective, what one person may view as objective truth, can often be viewed by others as a subjective truth or reality, derived from a singular position, which others may or may not necessarily believe to be true. An example of a subjective truth is where I say that I have brown eyes. Because I do have brown eyes, that statement is true for me but if you have blue eyes it would not be true for you. So, from a humanistic perspective, what some of us view as objective truth, can and is often viewed as subjective truth by others. I’m thinking we really need to understand this because when we really get down to it, there is only one divine objective truth and that truth is Jesus.

The problem being, in our democratic society, we are very much divided with regard to what is objective truth. One of the questions being asked right now is when your rights or freedoms affect my rights or freedoms, which or whose rights or freedoms take priority, because both of our rights and freedoms cannot be equally exercised at the same time. When you have one perspective that makes up 10 % of society and another perspective that makes up 90% of society, the situation is solved because the majority rules. But what we are seeing now is a much bigger and growing split and that is not going to work, because as the split gets bigger, neither perspective can be ultimately achieved. It’s not a win/lose situation, it’s a lose/lose situation and we really need to take a good hard look at what exactly is at stake here.

One perspective has their “objective facts” and the other perspective have their “objective facts” and neither side accepts the other’s facts as valid or objective. Legitimate or trustworthy sources by one perceived objective perspective are not recognized by the other as objective, valid or trustworthy and “he says, she says”, is commonly sourced from opposing political and news media sources, until we arrive at where we are today. I liken it to a hamster on a circular wheel, it just never stops and we get literally no where. And here is a question: how many of us are hamsters on that wheel?

Totalitarian countries like China, North Korea and Russia don’t have this problem because they dictate what the accepted objective truth is. Disagreement about what the objective truth is, is not tolerated. One can only imagine how gleeful they are right now. And I would think that one would be foolish to not realize that dividing a democratic nation is an objective that they vigorously pursue, because of the obvious advantages it presents. And is there considerable evidence that these totalitarian countries are collectively and individually pursuing this, yes there is, depending upon of course, your perspective of what constitutes a reliable or unreliable objective source.

It matters not which side of the divided equation one is on, the underlying deeper problem is that we are divided in what our collective objective truth is, both as a nation and also as Christ’s Church. And that of course is tied into, which worldview one adheres to. A ship cannot set a course for two opposite directions at the same time. Or like Jesus said, “a house divided cannot stand” (Mark 3:25). If ever there was a time to focus on our priority responsibilities as Christians, it is now and I am not talking about worldly endeavours. I’m pretty sure that is part of the reason why we are, where we are, right now.

Jesus spoke to His disciples about all these things that we are now seeing happening before He went to the cross and He told them not to fear, that He had overcome the world (John 16:33). Obviously that is an objective truth that not everyone agrees with, but I happen to think Jesus knows exactly what He is talking about. Jesus also told us that these things “MUST” happen (Luke 21:9). Do you think this could be a wake up call? For far too long, too many of us, as Christians, put our worldly responsibilities over our Kingdom disciple responsibilities, because that is where our hearts were. And by aiming for the worldly, we are losing both.

So the question I would like to put on the table is this: if you, as a Christian, are actively involved in correcting or changing the minds of those who adhere to a differing worldly objective perspective that differs from your own, be it political or any of the various Covid19 controversies that are currently awash everywhere you look, if your objective “truth” for these worldly concerns is not accepted as valid “truth”, by a good portion of the populace, how are you going to change their minds? It’s like a snowball fight that never ends. And also of great importance, how does what you are doing now, in your worldly endeavours, affect your credibility with regard to your primary responsibility for Christ’s Church?

I am not advocating abandoning your political electoral responsibilities, I am not advocating not keeping yourself informed and making responsible decisions, and even sharing how those decisions were made, when and if asked, but that is secondary responsibility and if the secondary affects the primary responsibility given to all of us, especially with regard to maintaining credibility, then know that it comes at a cost.

The truth of the matter is that Jesus said His kingdom is not of this world, it encompasses far beyond what we see happening here. It goes way beyond this physical life that we hold onto. Jesus spoke of us in prayer, to our Father, as being in the world but not of the world, like He is (John 17:16). We really need to take this to heart.

Something to think about.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!


  1. The past 16 hours in my home have been very stressful. First, we have an ongoing situation with one of our three rescue dogs. I won’t bore you with the details, but it’s been tough to deal with. Secondly, I saw a toxic Arizona Bark Scorpion walking across the kitchen floor a few hours ago. I caught it, before it could sting any of our curious dogs, or my husband, or me. And then, about an hour after that, I found and killed a poisonous Black Widow Spider that had built a web on the bathroom window. Clearly, it is time, once again, to hire an exterminator.

    As troubling, time consuming, exhausting, and monetarily expensive as all of our ‘worldly’ concerns are, they pale in comparison to the message my husband received from the wife of a U.S. Marine Corps veteran friend, stating that her husband had committed suicide last night. She said in her message that she knows my husband is a chaplain, and she asked if he would officiate at the funeral.

    My husband was devastated, and too upset to talk on the telephone. So I offered to call the poor woman, even though I did not know her and I had no idea of what I would say.

    I prayed before calling, asking God to use me to help her in any way He could, and to give me the right words to speak. As I dialed her number, I still had no idea of what I would say. But when she answered the phone, my heart overflowed with love for her, and the words came almost as naturally as breathing. Truly, that was God! I cried with her at one point during our conversation. That, too, felt like it was from God. (I just now remembered: the Bible tells us to weep with those who weep. Thank You, Lord.)

    My husband and I will be going to the memorial service this coming Monday, and my husband will officiate. I know it won’t be easy for either of us. I would much rather stay home with our dogs — our new rescued puppy is in heat, which is causing multiple problems and issues with our other two dogs, plus I am hypervigilantly on the lookout for more deadly scorpions and spiders. My husband says we will have the money for an exterminator in September, which is great, but in the meantime, yikes! So yes, I want to stay home on Monday because of all these worldly concerns, and not go to this funeral that will be so very sad… but… my husband and I both believe that the Lord has called us to do this. Our daughter is off work on Monday and she has volunteered to stay with the dogs that day, so they should be okay.

    Although my husband is a licensed chaplain, he has never officiated at a funeral before, he has only done weddings. But he wants to do this, and I know the Lord wants me to help him. My husband told me he does not know what he is going to say during the service, especially considering that this was a suicide. The deceased was only 48 years old. His widow is 43. They were married less than four years. Oh, it is so very sad. We think he may have been a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, although we aren’t sure.

    How will we do this? Only by prayerfully relying on God.

    If you have any suggestions, Bruce, I would appreciate that very much. Thank you for reading my ramble. My husband never met the deceased in person, they connected through Facebook, because they were both Marine Corps veterans. But my husband did talk with this man on the telephone about half a dozen times or more in the past couple of months, trying to help him with his PTSD and depression. I also spoke with him on the phone one time. Now, of course, we feel like we did not do enough, or we failed to say the right things, to prevent him from suicide. Of course, his widow is feeling that, very much so. We want to help and comfort her, and most of all to lead her, and anyone else at the funeral who doesn’t know the Lord, to salvation in Christ.

    If you would rather not approve this very long comment, but instead reply via email, that is fine with me. I trust your judgement, and I feel like my judgment may be a little off right now. I haven’t been getting enough sleep because of the dog situation.

    Thank you so much, brother Bruce. God bless you and your family.


    • Hi Linda Lee, rest assured, this is no “earthly” concern, it is ministering to the needs of another and that is what the Gospel of Jesus is all about. It is amazing how God supplies all that we need, almost effortlessly, when we step out in faith and show compassion, after seeking His guidance and assistance. I think both of you did all that you can do and the fact that she has asked your husband to officiate at his funeral says volumes. Not to mention that you husband agreed to do it. Please don’t second guess yourself, actually either of you. No one knows what went on in this man’s mind except God and the fact that your husband took the time to speak with him on a number of occasions also says volumes. I don’t think it is a coincidence that God paired this gentleman with your husband and now you with his wife. Do I have advice, not really, because I am just sitting here on the sidelines, but we know Who can supply all of your needs. The mere fact that God answered your prayer in your talk with the man’s wife should tell you that He will take care of all of the rest. Just continue to seek His guidance in everything and I am sure God’s blessings will be poured out on all of you. My heart goes out to both of you and of course the wife of the man we are talking about. You are all in my prayers. God’s grace, peace and blessings on all of you. Love in Christ – Bruce

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  2. You’ve given us plenty to ponder, Bruce. It’s hard to convince someone of anything when two (or more versions of the truth) are involved. It’s extremely simplistic, but maybe we need to change people’s hearts and not their minds.? Of course, only the Holy Spirit can do this. My daily prayer is that I will conduct myself in a manner that is worthy of the gospel of Christ.
    May God Bless your continued writing.


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