That Which We Once Held as Truth

This is just going to be a post where I share with you, what is grieving my heart, both externally and internally. And I use the word “grieving”, because I can’t think of any other word that is more suitable. People use the word “grieving” quite often, when they have lost a loved one, someone who can’t be replaced, someone who was a part of them, and their absence has left a void. That void is what I feel. Not everywhere, and not with everyone, but in enough places and with enough people, that it bothers me, or grieves me, to my very core. It’s a sadness that perimeters deep within, much like I think the Apostle Paul and some of the disciples felt when Paul knew that he would not see them here on earth again, as recorded in Acts 20:36-38.

I hate that which divides us. I know, I know, there have always been divisions, but in the past, they seemed for me, to be primarily external and remote but now these divisions have moved to lodge so close within. And the part that is so troubling is that I feel totally inept on how to bring together, once again, that which is causing us to divide.

Now there are multiple truths competing against one another and separation seems to be the only fruit that grows. The common or collective good clashes with the individual and each perception thinks that the other is blind to both. Crossed purposes produces crossed results and unity of thought evades us all. Discussion for many seems to be futile because our truths have different and conflicting sources and priorities. And each perception thinks that the other’s perception is at fault. And I am mindful how Jesus wept over Jerusalem, because they failed to see the visitation that they had been given (Luke 19:41-44). And I wonder if Jesus weeps for us, His chosen bride, now.
Lord, forgive us.

And then there is me, floundering with the limited light and capability that I see and personally possess, neither of which appears to be sufficient for the task at hand. So all I can do is pray and trust in Jesus and go through this as it unfolds, and ask for God’s grace to walk through this valley, doing as little damage as I can, to facilitate God’s will. And we can all be assured, God’s will, will be done.

Luke 21:9 NASB
”And when you hear of wars and revolts, do not be alarmed; for these things must take place first, but the end will not follow immediately.” Emphasis is mine.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!


  1. I agree, Bruce. The divisions among us are terrible and painful.

    This is why I hope that if I ever finish writing my memoir, you will be one of my early beta readers. I am going to be writing about some bizarre things that I have gone through, before I finally found salvation and deliverance in Christ Jesus. I appreciate the way that you discern spiritual truth from error, and I want you to tell me if, in your opinion, anything in my memoir should be reworded or taken out all together.

    Of course, I want my book to be true regarding what I have personally experienced. But my intention in writing, and — Lord willing — someday publishing my memoir, is to bring hope and light and truth to those who are lost in darkness, the way I was lost for so long. I need people like you and our dear blogger friend Annie, if she is willing, to read over my book and tell me if you think that anything in there will be more of a hindrance than a help to God’s kingdom.

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    • I’m really looking forward to beta reading your book Linda Lee! Annie is an excellent choice and you might want to consider asking David Ettinger also (just a suggestion) as David has editorial experience and pretty sound judgement. On another note, how did you and your hubby make out on the funeral service he officiated at?

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      • Thank you! Please pray that the Lord will help me finish writing my memoir, in His time and His way.

        The funeral that my husband officiated at, back on August 23, was truly the most moving, beautiful, spiritual funeral service I have ever attended. I believe I told you that he had never officiated at a funeral before and he was very stressed, because the deceased was a friend, a fellow Marine veteran, and he died by suicide. But by the grace and power of the Holy Spirit, my husband led the service without notes and without any prepared sermon. The service was so beautiful, it moved everyone to tears and also moved many of us to praise the Lord.

        Afterward, my husband told me that he had no idea what he said during the ceremony. I told him truthfully that everything he said was perfect. My husband is my best friend in the whole world and I thank God for him! He will be beta reading my memoir too, of course.

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      • I definitely will be praying for the Lord to help you finish the book Linda Lee and with regard to the funeral, I just knew that it would be blessed because of the way that the Lord had put all the pieces together. And I would bet that if you asked your husband to describe how it went in one word, he would say “effortlessly” because God’s Holy Spirit just steps in and does it through him and it flows. It’s an amazing experience to experience and one cannot help but to be in awe of what God can do. Matthew 10:19 always comes to mind when I think of what God can do in situations like this, that He has orchestrated. And then you also have the confirmation of God’s awareness and grace, which is an additional gift. Wish I could have been there. Thank you for letting me know. God’s grace is amazing. And of course your husband will be beta reading your memoir, nice boy but not too bright, AT THIS END. Blessings!

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  2. I know about relational mourning. It’s hard. It’s puzzling. This is something my wife and I discuss as well. find myself smiling a lot and saying nothing. .I find myself having long talks with the Lord. I even listen more. I need more campfires maybe??

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  3. I am convinced (as I have been from the day I started my blog) that the key to every problem in life is getting and living by GOD’s perspective (the only one that matters), NOT the world’s. There are people way smarter than I am on all sides of every argument, and I am not prepared to take a side and write off everyone else. “We see as in a glass, darkly,” and until we see clearly, we need to practice love and tolerance for our brothers and sisters, practicing the only sure piece of “divine perspective” we have.

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