200 Alleged Bible Contradictions Answered — The Domain for Truth

Pastor Jim (SlimJim) hit a milestone recently and this post of his below highlights this considerable achievement. I’m thinking that just about everyone I know follows SlimJim but if by chance you’ve missed connecting with him, here is your chance! Follow him, you won’t be sorry!
Since October 2015 I have blogged responses to alleged Bible contradictions listed on the Skeptic Annotated Bible.  Apparently this week I hit a milestone: I have refuted over two hundred alleged Bible Contradiction! Below is the listing of these posts: How long was the ark afloat? How many of Arah’s offspring returned from Babylon? How many of […]

200 Alleged Bible Contradictions Answered — The Domain for Truth


    • Yes, I think as Christians we really do Damon, because there are always some who strive to invalidate it and diminish its authority as God’s Holy Word to us. And what do you validate and invalidate Damon, in your writings?


      • I did not ask you Damon about your views on the Bible, nor have I challenged you on your beliefs on your blog for a long time now. As you recall, we agreed to disagree. What I did do was respond to a comment you submitted to a post on my blog, where in response I asked you what YOU validate and invalidate in YOUR writings. So correct me if I am wrong but YOUR writing on your blog would have a tendency to validate your belief that no one knows the truth. Would that be a safe assumption? Would that be you endeavouring to convince others through your narrative on your blog, that what you believe and understand is valid and those who differ with you are invalid? Then you tell me on my blog that I do not need to keep validating the Bible, yet you feel justified to validate what you personally believe on your blog. Curious how that works, face value being face value? Do you get my point?


      • Bruce, just forget it. The point I was trying to make is the faith you have in something that is not certain is not something that has to keep being repeated. But, to you and many others, I see that the faith has to constantly try to be proven to one’s self. Yeah, agree to disagree. Note taken, again.


      • The point being Damon, that which you see as uncertain faith is not uncertain to all of us who believe. There is an assurance that comes from faith and just because you have not experienced this assurance, does not necessitate that it is not a valid realization for others. And that which you criticize me of (validating what I believe in), you continually do yourself by reiterating the beliefs that you adhere to. I just find it strange how you can validate what you believe, yet criticize others who do the same in an area that you disagree with. To agree to disagree is one thing, but throwing these one liners of criticism on posts on my blog, when I do NOT do that to you, demonstrates, from my perspective, that you feel you have the right to criticize the beliefs of others that you disagree with, while at the same time, continuing to validate your own. Kind of smacks of a double standard. And side stepping this practise that you persist in, by saying “just forget it” does not negate its reality. Note taken. . . again . . . apparently not. Have a great day Damon.


  1. I indicated that I felt it was necessary to defend the truths of Christianity, which would include the validity of the Holy Scriptures, but I don’t do it on your blog, nor have I submitted any comments which criticize your beliefs on your blog, because we had previously agreed to disagree. I have honoured that agreement but you apparently still wish to retain the right to send your bullets of disagreement my way. I am trying to be patient with you Damon but you don’t make it easy. Enjoy your day.


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