It struck me this morning, as I was reading through some posts put out by fellow Christians that I follow, of the richness and beauty in the variances among us. There are so many little differences, yet we are all the same. Sometimes I see in others what I would like to possess more of myself, the balanced wisdom that comes with trusting and being guided by God, the gentle spirit that I wish I possessed more of. 

I’m not going to name any names but I do note a contrast between Godly women and Godly men and it is not always in content, put more so in delivery. When I think of men I think of us fumbling around in the dark, whereas some women seem to know where everything is. Men push things aside whereas women more gently reposition. Sometimes I marvel at the differences between us. Obviously not all, but displayed by some, enough that one notices.

I feel indebted to a number of brothers and sisters more frequently than I would like to acknowledge, not that being indebted is a bad thing but I do see gifts in others that I wish I had more of. Some see things that I often over look and I am indebted to them for helping me see. And some speak words that help me hear.  Some keep the boat balanced while the waves are crashing about. Some speak words of caution while others speak words of wisdom, including caution, but wrapped in peace. I could use more of that. 

I am reminded of how Jesus told us to learn from Him, that He was meek and lowly in heart and that we would find rest in Him (Matthew 11:29). Strange how I can see different flavours of that in others, blending together in a beautiful mosaic of Jesus. The inquisitive minds and the gentle reconfiguring hearts. 

All of us are different yet we all are the same, because of Jesus. You may not know it but there are many times when you lift me up. You may not know it but there are also times when your patience and kindness soothes my presumptive mind and makes me reconsider the course I am taking. And you may not know it but your sharing from the heart often readjusts my own. 

There is a beauty in the hearts and minds of the bride of Christ because of His fellowship, because of who He is and I am indebted to Him and indebted to you. Don’t overlook that, we can and do taste that now. And one only can only imagine what lies in store . . .

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!


  1. Thank you, Bruce. We need each other. I recommend a beautiful presentation of 1 John 1:3 ~ John Owen’s Communion with God as “truly our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ.” Also with the Spirit, Phil. 2:1. We need to know more of the fulness and power of the Trinity in our hearts and lives. Blessings. 🙂


  2. I have read this post three times today, each time being humbled and overwhelmed by the beauty of it. I tip my hat to you Bruce for being so honest and direct, lifting the brethren up in the process. I too would agree that there are some amazing Godly writers on WordPress, who bless me so often in His perfect timing. May God continue to guide and bless you brother 🙏

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    • Well Alan, you’d be one of those who has lifted me at times, so it would appear we are in good company. May our gracious Lord continue to guide and bless you and yours Alan, my brother in Christ. – Bruce

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  3. Beautifully expressed Bruce! As a relatively new blogger I am only just beginning to discover the wide and varied community of Christian brothers and sisters who are on WordPress! – Jo
    p.s thanks for the encouragement it gave me to see you followed my blog. 🙂

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    • There are indeed some beautiful Christians, from all walks of life, that share with their blogs, Jo, and there are many things that we can learn, about them and from them and of course, about ourselves. And it can be both humbling and gratifying, allowing us to see what we otherwise, might not see. I find that it personally helps me keep things in perspective and in these turbulent times, that is much needed. I’m glad our paths have crossed Jo. Jump in any time with your thoughts or comments, we are all learning together. Blessings!

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  4. I’m a little late to the comment section, but I agree with Alan Kearns. This is such an affirming post, Bruce! I often find the interaction here on WP is a real boost to my spiritual growth. It’s like we’re all looking at the face of Christ through a kaleidoscope. Each of us has a slightly different perspective.


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