Person of Interest – J Warner Wallace

As some of you are aware, J. Warner Wallace has a new book out called “Person of Interest“. I just finished reading it and it is quite the book and I subsequently highly recommend it for any Christian who wants to further the truth, that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.  I am, what Jim calls, a “One Dollar Apologist“, which is Jim’s way of indicating that it’s incredibly important that each of us use what God has given us, to make a case for Christianity in a world that is increasingly secular. As J. Warner Wallace has stated previously, “All of us are called to be apologists (1 Peter 3:15); no one get’s off the hook when it comes to this responsibility and challenge.”

As Jim states in this new book, “I investigated the claims of the Gospels using every tool I possessed as a detective. I tested the Gospels as eyewitness accounts, investigated the history of early Christianity, evaluated the nuanced differences among the New Testaments texts, and applied forensic statement analysis to the writings of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. I’ve written about this analysis in “Cold-Case Christianity“, but there is another important aspect of my investigation I’ve never written about, until now: I also investigated Jesus as if he were a person of interest in a no-body homicide case.” The emphasis is mine. Jim’s new book is about this particular investigation and to be candid with you, I found the detailed process and results amazing.

And of course, as only J. Warner Wallace can do, “Person of Interest” looks at all of the different aspects that need to be investigated as it pertains to Jesus, in a no-body homicide case. And even though there is no “body” nor a “crime scene” to provide physical evidence, a very strong case can still be made for the historicity and deity of Jesus, without any evidence from the New Testament. Yes, that no evidence from the New Testament, caught my attention too!

I’m going to provide a couple of video links (one short and a longer one) where J. Warner Wallace explains this particular investigation he conducted much better than I can:
Short –
Longer –

Plus, here is the dedicated website for “Person of Interest” which includes excellent available teaching and quick reference resources and also a link for the accompanying Study Guide.

The short story is that Jim’s new book, “Person of Interest”, is an outstanding resource, which presents often over looked, highly significant, evidential insights, that can be effectively used to further the reality of who Jesus is. For additional outstanding Christian Apologetic resources, please visit Jim’s website:

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Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!


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