This Sunday at Church: Pray For Someone Going Off to College Next School Year — The Domain for Truth

For this Sunday here’s what you can do: Check up on how someone new at college is doing spiritually. A few months ago I wrote “This Sunday at Church: Pray for someone’s decision of which college to attend next school year” and “This Sunday at Church: Encourage those who are graduating from schools.”  Now that it is […]

This Sunday at Church: Pray for someone going off to college next school year — The Domain for Truth


  1. Hi Bruce. Today I re-read your post “Mysticism/ Gnosticism”. Comments were closed and there was no “repost” button, so I copied and pasted it to my post that is scheduled for Nov.13. It is an excellent explanation of dangerous teaching in the Church today. I think your post makes it crystal clear. Thank you for an outstanding synopsis of mysticism in the Church. Blessings, Brother!


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