Historically, I don’t always respond well, when tribulation or difficult situations come my way. And I was reminded recently, by God, how sometimes, even at my age, I can sometimes act like a spoiled little child, when that which I expect or want, doesn’t come to be. And my reaction can be almost like me saying, “OK, you won’t give me this, then I will do this!”, as if in defiance, because God has not given me what I want, when I want it.

Yes I know, not too bright on my part, but my dealing with what reality shows me sometimes, can showcase the idiot that still resides in me. And it happens more often that I would like to admit.

You’d think that when you get to be as old as I am (just a little younger than dirt), that some fundamental realities would now be ironed out, so to speak, especially when it comes to interactions with those that I love and care for. But unfortunately, such is not always the case. And if it wasn’t for God intervening with His grace, which He does and did, I could have easily moved forward on that which He has asked me, to leave in His hands.

Have you ever decided to move forward with a specific action and as you go about putting it into place, (because this injustice just has to be corrected) God’s Holy Spirit within you, tells you NOT to proceed, but you continue on anyway? How dumb is that!

Then of course, all the logical reasons to justify this action being taken, bounce to the surface of your mind. “It isn’t fair!” , or “I’m being taken advantage of!” , are a couple of my all time favourites. And then those Scripture verses also pop into your mind about not asking for the money back that you have lent, or acknowledging that my previous track record in this particular area hasn’t always been that sterling either.

Why is it that somethings are relatively easy to forgive or forget and others just keep digging away inside of you? Of course, I already know the answer, but I’m not that fond of digging that deep BECAUSE there is a part of me that doesn’t want to forget or forgive on THIS particular event. And then of course, I hit that wall that tells me that I cannot have it both ways. I cannot be forgiven if I also do not forgive and I cannot have my sins overlooked if I do not also overlook the sins of others.

And just so there is no misunderstanding, I am NOT talking about forgiving or overlooking doctrinal heresies, I am talking about common day to day interactions we have with one another.

And why do I have to frequently remind myself that in the big scheme of things, most of these “little” things are not really that important, and can actually get in the way of me working with God, by trusting in Him to accomplish, that which I cannot, of myself, accomplish and which truly matter?

I can tell you why. Me. I am the problem. My perception is sometimes wrong. My comprehension is sometimes wrong and my heart is sometimes wrong.

And try as I might, there is only one solution to my problem and His name is Jesus. And without Him, I am truly sunk.

There is only one who is good and that is God the Father.
There is only one who is righteous and that is God the Son.
There is only one who gives eternal life and that is God the Holy Spirit.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!


  1. You too? Just when I think I’m finally getting my spiritual act together, something happens that shows me otherwise. Thank the Lord for His mercy and grace!

    Yesterday, I decided to move some very large and heavy pieces of a tree that was recently cut down in our back yard. I can’t call these wood pieces logs, because they are much larger and heavier then the typical log that one would burn in a fireplace.

    I’m getting some great exercise, I thought, and also tidying up the yard. I was silently praying to the Lord while I was working, because I often like to commune with Him when I am doing physical tasks.

    Suddenly, I dropped a very heavy part of the tree on my left foot. OUCH! I was hit with searing, screaming PAIN! My first impulse was to feel resentful that God had allowed that to happen, when I was praying to Him at that moment, praying for His will, and…. uh… hmmm. Okay, stupid ugly sinful flesh, just Shut Up, already. It’s my own fault anyway for not making sure that I had a good grip before I hoisted this heavy piece of wood in the air. Plus the sun is going down now, and I’m having trouble seeing what I am doing. I should have stopped as soon as it started to get dark. This isn’t God’s fault in any way, this is my fault, my carelessness. And besides, if I can’t even deal with a possibly broken foot without it rocking my faith, what does that say about my spiritual condition?

    Jesus said that in this world we will have tribulations, and this injury is nothing compared to what that word encompasses. Lord, please forgive me. I am so sorry. Thank You for showing me this ugly flaw in my character and please help me to grow and to be pleasing in Your sight, no matter what happens in this crazy world!


    • I can surely sympathize with you Linda Lee, because when it happens, it kinda comes out of the blue and before you know it, boom … your old self has taken the reins. Fortunately God’s grace through my wife, stopped me from saying something that I could not take back but it isn’t a good feeling when you see how close one can quickly come to crossing a line that can’t be taken back. You’re not the only one who was saying you were sorry. Thank you for sharing, I’m thinking we’re probably not alone. God’s grace, peace and blessings to you and yours as always. Love in Christ – Bruce

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  2. A short post (for you)😊, but packed with good information. I, too, have pushed right past God’s gentle restraints and gone ahead with something He’d rather not had me do. The Lord seldom uses a sledge hammer–at least for me. It’s more like a tap on the shoulder: “Hey David. This is not such a smart idea.” Blessings!


    • No sledge hammer for me either David, you just know, real clear, and then ignore it because of the me in me. I know why my righteousness is through Jesus. Blessings brother.


    • Hi Annie, I’m thinking you’re right. When one considers what the Apostle Paul was subjected to in the list he gives, we really don’t know what tribulation is. Not even close. And that applies today with many of our Christian brethren in poor and harshly ruled countries. Kind of gives “culture shock” a whole new meaning and lets me know where my head and heart sometimes is. Blessings.


  3. I certainly can relate to you in this Bruce, I have lost count of times I eventually I smack my head in disbelief at how churlish I have been. It reminds me of a certain famous fisherman who went fishing in a huff after the Lord left. Praise God though brother, our Lord and His Father are loving and patient to us!


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