Jesus Prays to His and Our Father

I just posted a commentary on Chapter 17 of the Gospel of John yesterday in my “Gospel of John Musing” series and a recent post from Frances Rogers from her “God’s Grace ~ God’s Glory” website made me mindful of how much I had missed. Fran is doing a study on “An Excavation of John 17” that I would strongly encourage you to share in. Fran is a dear sister in the Lord who speaks from her heart, having served our Lord, as a servant, for many many years. Godly wisdom is a rare commodity these days and Fran shares the wisdom she has been gifted with freely and with much love. One cannot help but see how the Lord has moulded her heart over the years. If you haven’t already followed her website, I would strongly encourage you to do so. 

And for a much “fuller” excavation into John 17 than I provided in my series, I could not personally point you to a better source. Yesterday, as I prayed and put my commentary together, it struck me of the significance of the truths that Jesus stated in His prayer to His and our Father, just before His arrest. The “hour” that Jesus had spoken of, all through His ministry, had finally come. This prayer that Jesus offered is pivotal and sadly, most times, I just don’t think we really appreciate or comprehend all the riches that are laid out in Jesus’ prayer. I provided a “bird’s eye overview”, Fran goes much deeper. And I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the difference between her work of love, and mine. Please take the time to share in her ongoing work of love.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!



  1. Thank you, Bruce. We all, as His children, share in the abundance of His grace for our study, our growth, and obedience to His Word, each of us being transformed and conformed to His image and one day brought together as one with Him in His glory. You are a blessing to me and others.

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    • 145. Wow! Like many of us, I have read the Gospel of John many times. Before I wrote the post for John 17, I read through it again a couple of times. I literally knew that I could have stayed there for months with regard to authoring posts. There is so much more there than meets the eye, especially about the humanity and divine aspects of Jesus and what He articulated. His thoughts expressed in words are really amazing. Literally not of this world. And then, the Apostle John got to write them down. Imagine hearing Jesus say that prayer and then years later, writing it down. That in itself is another miracle, but in accordance with how Jesus foretold that God’s Holy Spirit would bring to their remembrance all that Jesus had spoken. Comprehend that puppy! There is just no way that Jesus could be anyone else than He said He was. There are a lot of things that I do not understand or fully comprehend but who Jesus is, is not one of them. I’d better quit or this will be another post. God’s grace, peace and blessings on you and yours Jim! Love in Christ – Bruce

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