Person of Interest Study Series – Teri Dugan

I’ve authored a post on J. Warner Wallace’s new book “A Person of Interest” previously and if you haven’t had the opportunity to read it yet, I highly recommend it. It is an exceptional book. I’ve also featured the work and ministry of Teri Dugan before on my blog, who, once again, I highly recommend. You can find a number of her “studies” on my “Christian Resources” page on this blog, or by clicking on this search link for her featured posts on my blog here.

Teri is a strong advocate for teaching “Christian Apologetics” and she has authored a number of series, which address a wide spectrum of Christian Apologetic subjects. Here is a direct link to her website. “Truth, Faith and Reason“.

Teri Dugan is a graduate of Biola University’s M.A. in Apologetics Program. She also holds an M.A. in Education from California State University, Long Beach and currently teaches Biology, Anatomy and Physiology at Lynwood High School in California. Teri has also coached the Girls’ Varsity Tennis and Softball teams at Lynwood and now sponsors the Christian On Campus Ministry Club. She teaches evening Christian Apologetics classes at her home Church, Sea Coast Grace in Cypress, California and is available for speaking or teaching engagements at other venues.

Teri’s latest endeavour is to produce a Study Series on “A Person of Interest“. It includes an Introduction, Overview and a series of ten “sessions” which cover the entire book authored by J. Warner Wallace. I’m going to provide the direct links to Teri’s “Introduction” and her “Overview” plus her ten sessions here, for your convenience. If you haven’t had the opportunity to purchase Jim’s newest book, or you find you are among the many who benefit from going through a well structured study like this, then this series is for you! 

Session One
Session Two
Session Three
Session Four
Session Five
Session Six (Two Parts)
Session Seven
Session Eight
Session Nine
Session Ten

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!


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