He Loves Us! – Revisited


This post goes back to January of 2017 but it is one of the reasons why I decided to start a Christian Apologetic blog, because I sometimes need to remind myself (I have a tendency to forget at times) of what God has oftentimes done for me and through me in the past. The instances touched on below actually happened and as you will see shortly, I had absolutely no clue of what God had in store for me.
Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that our God, who created this earth, our solar system, our galaxy and the whole universe, loves us. The fact that He hears our prayers, answers our prayers, guides us, meets our deepest needs, still boggles my mind.

1 John 4:9-10 NIV reads:

This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him.  This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.”


Sometimes when I am outside and I view the landscape, the harbour, the rolling hills, smell the fresh air, see the beautiful sky, I feel so small. I watch the birds fly by and marvel what they can do. We think we are so smart yet we can’t create from scratch a little bird that God provides food for. He created all of this including you and me. He knows everything about me, even more than I do, and He still loves me. He loved me when I was not seeking Him. He answered when I called out to Him.

And when I think of what Jesus did, the words of reconciliation that He spoke, the truth that He explained and the sacrifice that He made for us, it again boggles my mind. I’ve spoken before about the overwhelming evidence for God, and find it hard to understand why some still go through life without seeking Him, but I did the same thing, I took it all for granted, never really looked at what was all around me, never gave a second thought.

It hurts when those that we love, be it family, friends or acquaintances, are still as I was. That’s where prayer comes in and of course our witness by what we say and do and the mercy of God. When I am given an opportunity to speak to others about our loving God, I try to share those beautiful moments that God has given me, that have touched my heart to it’s very core. Some will say that it is just a coincidence and I can understand that logic, but there are so many of those coincidences. I’ll share a couple with you.

When we had our first child I used to go upstairs with my daughter and say her prayers with her at night. It was also a time of just being in the presence of God, being silent before Him. One night after saying my daughters prayer with her, as I lingered there, God spoke to me and told me that I MUST tell my wife about a debt that I had. This thought just came abruptly into my mind and it was VERY insistent, right out of the blue, so to speak. A few months before we got married I got into a poker game and lost a relatively large sum of money. Just so you know, that was my LAST poker game (ever). I had borrowed the money to pay off the debt but my wife did not know about it. I had been paying it off month by month. Sneaky little guy that I was, I had told the loan company NOT to contact me at home. And for a good number of months they complied with my request. When God spoke to me He was very insistent. This was not a choice, I MUST tell my wife about it now! So when I came downstairs I told her about it. She was very gracious. Guess what happened the very next day? You got it, the loan company called my wife and said to her, “you are aware that your husband has a loan with us”. She responded that yes she was aware, and that the outstanding amount would be paid off by the end of the month, and it was. God knew that trust and honesty was important to my wife even though I allowed for a fudge factor. Yes, I admit I had a lot to learn. Just so you know, I’m still learning. How personal is that? But wait, there’s more!

During the same time period I was taking some courses at the local university. One of the courses was on Comparative Religion. I had a really hard time with this course because the Professor was not a Christian and there were ten books that we had to read and review. A number of the authors of the ten books had committed suicide so the subject matter was hardly up lifting. I felt compelled to complete the course but it was difficult. I told my wife that if it was not for the strong conviction from God that I had to finish the course, I would have quit. I think I spent half of my time in the university library, finding documentation to refute information that the Professor gave out as gospel in the classroom. One day when I walked into class, the Professor told me that the class was mine. I knew nothing about this, no hint whatsoever. So I sat on a stool and spoke to the class about how I became a Christian. At the end of the class, about 10 fellow students came up to me and I answered their questions. It was really something. But we’re not finished yet ……

That evening when I had returned home, I got a phone call from the Professor. He wanted to come to my house and speak with me. I was a bit intimidated because the Professor had a list of degrees behind his name a mile long and I was just a basic student. I prayed and asked God what I should do. My thinking was to argue point for point but God told me to just speak from my heart.  So I did. That evening in my living room the Professor knelt and asked Christ into his life as Lord and Saviour. We actually stayed in contact for a number of years as the Professor was a draft dodger from the United States and he did end up returning to the U.S. And yes, I did finish the course. My natural inclination was to quit the course but God let me know that I should finish it. Never had a clue what He had in store for me or the class or the Professor.

There are many many more coincidences but I will spare you (for today). I’m just an ordinary guy, thick headed, slow to learn. But He loves me and He loves you. How can we not love Him in return!

Don’t doubt our Lord’s guidance, don’t ever doubt His love for you!

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!


  1. This brought tears to my eyes for a number of reasons. 1. I feel how great, loving, and gracious our God is. 2. God uses us no matter how small we may be. 3. I feel blessed at how you obey God’s conviction eveb when you can’t seem to understand why. 4. God truly is in control of every thing. He knows best. 5. It ahs encouraged me to stay walking in His will and to keep obeying the Lord!

    Blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! Worthy is the Lamb of all praise and adoration.

    Thank you for sharing. God bless you always. May more lives come to know Jesus through you.


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