Musings From the Gospel of John – Number 50

The Scriptures covered in this post are from John 18:25-27.

You recall that Jesus had been bound and originally taken to Annas, who had situated himself in the courtyard of the Roman designated high priest. As previously mentioned, the Jewish designated high priest, had been deposed by the Romans and replaced by Caiaphas. Annas was the father-in-law of Caiaphas, who was the high priest installed by the Romans, and according to Jewish law, the high priest was a lifetime position, so the Jews still considered Annas to be the high priest, and accordingly, brought Jesus bound to him initially. So in John 18:24, after unlawfully accusing Jesus (no witness for the defence), we see Annas now sending Jesus, who was still bound, to Caiaphas, the Roman stalled high priest, in the high priest quarters located within this courtyard.

Peter’s first denial takes place just inside of the door of the courtyard of the high priest, where Annas was present. After Annas had sent Jesus to Caiaphas, Peter was still in this courtyard, warming himself, when he was questioned once again by some others also warming themselves and in John 18:25, Peter denies knowing Jesus for the second time.

Then in John 18:26 we see a servant of the high priest, who was a relative of the one whom Peter had cut his ear off, question Peter again. This questioning by the servant of the high priest would have been a bit more accusatory because this servant may have seen his relative get his ear cut off by Peter. But Peter denies knowing Jesus yet the third time as noted in John 18:27.

These three denials of Peter are in accordance with what Jesus told Peter would happen, as recorded in Matthew 26:34 and witnessed to in the other Gospels Matthew 26:71-74, Mark 14:69-72 and Luke 22:58-62.
Take the time to read the other Gospel accounts because they provide additional details that are not including in the Gospel of John.

It’s interesting to note that previous to these three denials of Peter, Peter had also fallen asleep three times (surrendering to the desires of the body) when Jesus had commanded the disciples to stay up in prayer, when Jesus was praying in the garden, as recorded in Mark 14:34-42. These three denials in the courtyard of the high priest would be Peter surrendering to fears of the mind. It’s also interesting to note that when Jesus questions Peter’s love for Him three times in John 15:15-17, this love speaks of the heart. Body – Mind – Heart. has an interesting post on the willingness of the spirit but the weakness of the flesh here.

Plus another interesting post on “Peter do you love me?” here.
Take the time to read the two posts.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!


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