The Transition is Real

John 3:16-17 NASB
“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish, but have eternal life. For God did not send the Son into the world to judge the world, but so that the world might be saved through Him.”

Sometimes I hate words, because at times, they can seem to be wholly inadequate to express the essence of the reality that lives within this mind, spirit and body of mine. Where I am today is not where I was years ago. I knew “of” Jesus but I did not know Him like I know Him today. And don’t get me wrong, I’ve only just begun, I know that I have only scratched the surface, but I am there and being there is as different as night is from day. Jesus truly is the Light that has come into the world.

This “transition” that has taken place, where He truly is my refuge, where He truly is my source, where He truly is my peace, is a gift beyond all gifts. And there is no way in which I could possibly put this “transition” into words. I love Jesus. He is all that He says that He is. 
Without Him I can literally do nothing. He is my shepherd, He and He alone paid the price that my ways and my thoughts had separated me, from our heavenly Father, who is Holy. And our heavenly Father, determined that His Son would do for us, what we in ourselves could never, ever do. Be Holy, like our Father is Holy, without sin.

Hebrews 1:3-4 NASB
And He is the radiance of His glory and the exact representation of His nature, and upholds all things by the word of His power. When He had made purification of sins, He sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high, having become so much better than the angels, to the extent that He has inherited a more excellent name than they.” This is Jesus that the writer of Hebrews is talking about. Jesus – the Lamb of God without blemish.

For far too many years, I didn’t get it, I held onto, I relied on, I responded to, my own desires and logical thinking of getting to where I thought I wanted to go, or getting what I thought I wanted to get, keeping Jesus in my mind and even in my heart, at a distance, so that I still was in control. And there really is only one word to express that time period, grace, God’s grace and His enduring patience. 

I learned, during that period, that even though I loved my wife and our children, the me in me, could destroy that love that was good, because I, in and of myself was not good. I learned, during that period, that knowing wasn’t the same as doing and giving lip service to God fooled only me and definitely not Him. And it wasn’t always total denial, there were numerous instances when trusting God for His direction and strength manifested results that clearly showed His purposes at work in me, but the course had not been set, my hands had not been set to the plow. I would take back the leadership, I would allow the me in me to rise again, and I did this, time and time again. 

Of course, as we read God’s Word, we are confronted with the reality that Jesus is Lord. There is no half way with Jesus. Lip service fools no one but us. Jesus is Lord. And I fought that for many years, moving forward one step and taking two steps back, numerous times.

I don’t remember specifically when I began to understand the necessity and reality of trusting Jesus over my own understanding. I’m thinking it was a process, but I liken it to learning how to ride a bike. Sooner or later both of your feet have to leave the ground. You can’t enjoy the freedom of riding a bike, with one or both of your feet on the ground. It’s either the bike you rely on to support you, or you with your feet, but it can’t be both, not at the same time, because as we all know, it doesn’t work that way. I know the analogy is not perfect, but I’m thinking you get my drift.

I set my hands to the plow about ten years ago and it was only then that God’s Word changed from being abstract wisdom to practical reality and I’m really just a kid in learning of the ways of the Lord. I mess up every day, in either thought, word or deed, but now, most times (not always), I am aware of it, and most days, there is a decrease in frequency. That is new and now my shortfalls bother me, whereas I barely gave that a thought before. I apologize much more than I used to and I seek God’s guidance to repair any wrong that I may have done, and I do it. Our God is a gracious God.

And I never appreciated how often I can mess up or how little I know. It’s a lot of little things that I never noticed before. A tone I convey, a word without thought or selfishness. But on the other side of the coin there are also new awarenesses, the worth and beauty of love, the need to forgive, to trust and commit, and to leave it there. And gratefulness is there, much more gratefulness than before. Jesus was totally right about removing the log from our own eye before trying to remove a twig from another. I had a lot of logs in my eyes and He and I are still getting rid of them. Picking a hill to die on (righteous judgement), has taken on a whole new meaning.

I can’t prove any of this to someone else. It’s like learning to swim, each of us individually has to eventually get into the water. You can analyze it all you want or critique why the water won’t support you but to experience the reality, once again, your feet have to leave the bottom, even when you are in the water. Strange how these lessons are all around us if we only look.

I don’t really know why I wrote this post, other than our Lord told me to do it, early this morning, through His voice that I have come to know. That quiet voice that I have learned to pay attention to. Sometimes the words He gives me seem to form themselves, like this one has, so I’m thinking that someone, somewhere, really needs to read this and take it to heart. 

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!


    • Thanks Andy. I was listening to the song “I Can Only Imagine” yesterday and I was overcome with what Jesus means to me and I know I am not alone. So hard to put that into words. Blessings brother!

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    • The Transition is the big bold billboard sign in our life to the rest of the world that God changes lives. It’s our testimoney. I’m not sure why we dont hear testimonies more often.
      Yours Bruce is real. If God changing us is not a part of our ongoing reality, we are as spiritually alive as a stuffed rabbit. Too harsh??


      • Hi Gary, Too harsh? No, I don’t think it is. I think that is the reality of what really trusting and getting to know Jesus is all about, at least it was and is for me. It’s personal, faith building and where the “knowing” “peace” and “love” grows. I find it interesting that even the “signs and wonders” as indicated in Matt 7:21-27 can miss the necessity of trusting in Jesus, which is the rock or always the focal point, where the “knowing” grows. If we shift that focus to the signs and wonders we can lose that connection. It is necessary and without it we can do nothing because we really don’t change spiritually at all. It’s hard to put into words but I understand now why that connection just has to be there and as I have indicated, it takes some of us a while to get there and stay there. The staying there is the hard part. But I also am mindful of how patient God has been with me. How Jesus gets others there is between Jesus and them, it is He that brings all of us to completion in Him. And bear in mind, I’m still learning! I can share with others what I have learned but it’s still personal, between the others and God. I feel inadequate explaining this, I hope this comes through as Jesus would have it said. Blessings Gary!

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  1. Indeed, when God is our source, it is “a gift beyond all gifts”.

    Just recently I have thoughts something similar to this, I guess. How much God knows my heart and if there is any lipservice I do, they are all bared to Him who knows the thoughts of my heart. And words just visually formed in my mind “soul satisfied” and I was convicted to pray for a clean heart and a new and right spirit within me to obey Him so that my soul may be satisfied.

    Thank you for sharing. Blessings.


    • My pleasure Deborah. For the last little while, when I pray before each day starts, I ask God to form the thoughts that frequent my mind, to mold my heart and to fill my spirit with His Spirit. And the reasoning for that is simple, I need God to direct me in all that I am, the dependency is total, much like I am thinking, the union that Adam had with God, before the fall. And I have noticed a new awareness of His grace since doing this. Very similar to what you pray for. Beautiful isn’t it! Blessings Deborah!

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  2. I too can relate to this Bruce. I was raised with a lot of pride in my life; to be proud of the family name and hold it up with honour and respect. My life became one of self sufficiency, standing separated from other people. This big balloon that kept me aloft was burst by the truth of the Gospel in 1984; my only sufficiency was to be found in Jesus Christ. I have been in training since that day learning to restrict the old man and depending on the new man in Christ. It definitely is an ongoing battle! But praise God our Father for His compassion on us, as He leads us each day.


      • Thank you so much! Please say an extra prayer for my precious stepdaughter. She returned from her 4 months of working with the Afghan evacuees, a dramatically different person. She has been broken, both physically and mentally, by traumas she experienced and witnessed there. Her doctor has diagnosed her with PTSD.

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      • Oh, I am so sorry to hear that Linda Lee. Mankind’s inhumanity to mankind knows no boundaries and once witnessed, our hearts and minds can be so quickly changed. But God can heal and I definitely will lift her up in my prayers. Take heart Linda Lee, our Lord is the great physician! Blessings!

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  3. Thank you, Bruce for sharing what we, God’s children experience as He continues to draw us to Christ. Closer and closer and more precious the fellowship with our Father and His Son becomes. Blessings as you walk daily with them in the power of the Spirit.


    • Well, you’re definitely not alone in that thought Jo, as sometimes there are days when I don’t seem to give our Lord much to work with. God’s grace and patience are amazing. Blessings!


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