This Sunday at Church: Pray the War Would Not Expand to Other Countries — The Domain for Truth

For this Sunday here’s what you can do: Pray the War would not expand to other Countries.   Last week’s post was Pray for Russia.  The week before the Sunday’s post was on Pray for Ukraine.  But with everything going so crazy it might be good to pray it does not grow bigger.  And the more […]

This Sunday at Church: Pray the War would not expand to other Countries — The Domain for Truth


  1. Praying first that souls will be saved.
    In C. S. Lewis’s “Screwtape Letters,” the apprentice demon is rejoicing that WW II has started, and the more seasoned demon rebukes him, saying more souls go to the “Enemy’s” (Christ’s) side in wartime than peacetime. He admonishes his apprentice to focus on guarding his “patient’s” life so he will not die in his faith and go to heaven, but live a long life, eventually becoming complacent, and then die and be theirs forever.
    I’m not a fan of war by any means, but Scripture says some things are going to happen. Our prayers could possibly delay them, so yes, we should pray against violence, but we should remember that souls are God’s priority and will exist long after this world has passed away.
    (Please pray, too, for those who are helping the refugees and delivering Bibles along with the food and blankets. They are truly delivering Life.)


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