Thy Will Be Done

Every once in a while the Lord brings something across to my mind that lifts my spirit and puts me in awe of His grace and wonder. It’s almost like God connects SOME of the dots for me and I can see something that I have never seen before. God did it again this morning as I was driving to work, right out of the blue, so to speak, it just popped into my mind, thought after thought.

These are troubling times and there are times when I struggle with my faith, just like I am sure we all do. Not in believing who Jesus is and the reality of God, but more on the level of His connection to me and my connection to Him, in spite of my shortfalls, in spite of my limited understanding. The reality of this walk of faith that we follow is that the longer we walk, pray and study God’s Holy Word, the more we become aware of the vast difference between our holy and righteous God, and our own imperfect resemblance. Christ being formed in us is not always easy.

You folks all know that I am just an ordinary layperson, no special qualifications, no special abilities, just as imperfect as we all are. And it goes without saying that I possess some traits that must rub some of you the wrong way from time to time. Yesterday was probably a good example when I wrote on what could have been, with regard to the Church, as it relates to trusting in God.

Sometimes the concept is clear in my mind but I can’t always adequately express it in words. The problem isn’t with the concept as much as the problem lies with me, not being able to adequately but it down into words. So I take a shot at it anyway, knowing full well that it undoubtedly falls short of the mark. And sometimes those dots that are connected, still leave dots that aren’t connected and I too struggle with those. Now we truly know in part.

So I’m going to share the dots that came my way this morning, while on my drive to work and just list them and you yourself can put them together. Pray over these words, because they are not mine.

Thy will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven.
God’s perfect and holy will, righteous without blemish.
This earth does not display God’s perfect will.
In spite of how beautiful this world can at times be.
There is much in this world that is not of God’s will.
We see in the blessings and curses put before Israel
what could be, but the blessings have never been realized.
There is still sickness, there is still divided purposes.
Still discord and sin abounds because this world has been given to Satan, to rule for a time.
Satan offered it to Jesus but Jesus said His kingdom is not of this world.
This is a broken world, not in accordance with God’s perfect will.
God’s perfect will is what Jesus came to say and to do.
He and He alone has done it.
God’s perfect will was spoken to us by Jesus.
God’s perfect will was perfectly complied with by Jesus.
Even when Jesus returns and reigns in this world for a thousand years
This world will still pass away because that which was once given to Satan, will be reclaimed and then pass away.
God will create a new world and a new heaven
Behold all things will be made new.
God’s perfect will, will then be on the new earth and in the new heaven
Without blemish, without remembrance.
The former things will be remembered no more.
This is why the reality of Jesus the Christ, coming in the flesh to this earth, is so vital and the means whereby we are to test the spirits.
Jesus is God’s will, spoken and done.
Only once and forever.
It is finished Jesus said, on the cross, before He died.

It struck me as I approached my place of work, that within the Christian Church today, there are many, primarily within the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) movement, which is enveloping the Christian church at large like a raging cancer, whose grand purpose is to return God’s will to this earth. If you are not aware of or familiar with the NAR doctrine of “Dominionism” you can review it here. And I said to myself, how ironic, that Satan seeks to establish his will, which is a false representation of God’s will, in place of God’s will, here on earth. How diabolical is that? Ephesians 6:12 refers.

I personally believe that the NAR movement is the source of the many false prophets, with the accompanying false prophecies, and false signs and wonders, that Jesus warned us about, which will mislead many. Matthew 7:21-23 refers.

And what is the will of our Father?

John 6:40 NASB: “For this is the will of My Father, that everyone who sees the Son and believes in Him will have eternal life, and I Myself will raise him up on the last day.”

All this on my drive to work. Tell me our God isn’t amazing!

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!


  1. I enjoyed your train of thought here, Bruce. It sounds like you write the same as I do. You hear it so you write it. Sometimes research is involved, but most of the time it is knowledge you have been given in the past about the scripture. It flows like butter on toast! As far as the content, I loved it. His will was done by Jesus. We endeavor to carry it out, but fall quite short most of the time. If only we could have our faith built up to a higher level, and our trust in an Almighty God be as concrete as Jesus’s was, we might see more of His will unfold.

    For example, I often have people, especially Christians, ask me why this country is going in the direction that it is. I say it is because of the church! They look at me with confusion and I explain that God gave us a recipe to follow if our nation turned away from God. You know the recipe. Most of the church knows the recipe. We just don’t follow it all the way. It is found in 2 Corinthians 7:14. Humble ourselves, pray, seek His face and turn from our wicked way. The part we miss is the most vital. Humbling ourselves. If we don’t do that, all the rest is in vain. And God’s will is strangled. Don’t get me wrong here. I know God is always in control, no matter what this world may look like. But things could be better if we would just do what we are supposed to do. I am chief among the perpetrators. I am always praying my pray life would be better,

    Anyway, I got into a little rant there. Sorry.. The point is that we bypass God’s way, yet expect God’s will in our nation. We can all do better.

    God bless!


    • Hi Cindy, I’m really glad that you asked that question. I am of the mind set that I believe that God can direct us, when He chooses to, by putting a thought into our minds. I know I have experienced this many times over the years. Usually it is just a few words that form a though that “appears” in one’s mind, out of the blue, so to speak. I believe this can be attributed to the leading of God’s Holy Spirit. It definitely doesn’t happen every day and is normally rare but it does happen. I find this is especially true when studying God’s Word. Normally it is the form of a linkage from one Scripture to another Scripture verse that I wasn’t even thinking about. Connecting the dots so to speak. But there are also instances where I have received a warning that I had to follow, right away. Again rare, but it happens. There are other examples where I have received a singular thought but this morning was a little on the different side because that first Scripture just popped into my mind, right out of the blue. “Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven” Then the other thoughts just followed, thought by thought. Any time a thought just “appears” in my mind, I always question the source, does what the thought says agree with God’s Word? And while these thoughts were coming to my mind, I distinctly had the impression that what I was being given, were not only for me, that someone, somewhere, also needed to hear these words of assurance, because that is what they are. The other day God brought to my mind the promises He had given to the men of Israel, where they were commanded to appear before Him three times a year and that while they were gone from their homes, that which they valued would not be coveted by others. And then it was linked to the mission of the Church and how we should trust more in Him. So I put that into a post as best as I could. But this morning, it was just thought after thought and I knew I had to share it. And I also knew that I could mess it up so I decided, after prayer, to just give it out, thought by thought, as I had been given it. Some may disagree with my logic but as long as what I am given agrees with God’s Word, I will put it out there. I did say pray about it, question the source by all means. I do know that I was encouraged by what I was given and someone, somewhere, will also be encouraged. I don’t know if this satisfactorily answers your question, but I hope it does. Let me know if you would. Blessings!

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      • Yes, your response does answer my question. I have been reading quite a lot about discernment and I have noticed that some writers on this subject leave almost no room for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I feel like some Christians take hearing from God to the extreme in one direction (i.e. God talks to me all the time) and others take it to the extreme in the other direction (i.e. God doesn’t talk to people ever). I guess I was a little surprised that you said, “Pray over these words, because they are not mine.”

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  2. I have heard some of these people speak and I didn’t realize they were part of a specific movement. I guess I was unaware of their beliefs. I just thought they were part of the Charismatic movement.


  3. Ministered to me; I have been having a heavy day with things with ministry things beyond my control that reminds me its beyond my control so this fits


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