An Easter Blessing

So much of what we have been exposed to, so far, this year, has been difficult to come to terms with. And yet, in spite of all of this, which also includes the awareness of our own personal shortcomings, this time of the year brings with it the realization of our hope and the strength and the joy of our convictions, which resides in us, and comes from Jesus. For He is indeed our source and the personification of God’s grace, through the continual indwelling power of God’s Holy Spirit.

This time of the year reminds us of so many things that we are not always aware of. It brings to our focus the path that Jesus willingly walked so that we could once again, be reconciled to our Holy heavenly Father, through the obedience of the Son, in the power of God’s Holy Spirit. It brings to our remembrance what Jesus endured, the finality of death but the exceedingly great joy of His resurrection. Because Jesus lives, we also shall live and once again be joined with those who share our faith in Him, and have now left this world, when we ourselves go home. And it brings to our remembrance that we too are called to be holy, to follow His commandments, forsaking that which draws us away and following in His footsteps.

And I am often mindful of those that I have come to know, on this medium, over these past few years, who share this faith and trust that we have in Jesus. Imperfect creatures that we all are, yet one in our trust and faith in He who is so much greater than us. Forgiveness, mercy, faithfulness, patience, wisdom, the very essence of God’s holy love, made available through the sacrifice of Jesus the Son and found in the Son. 

Every one of you is a lively stone, like I am, connected to our Rock. Seeing through a darkened glass is not always easy, but it is enough, for the light of God shines through the darkness, and that light is Jesus.

May our gracious Lord bless all of you, and those dear to your hearts, and may He meet your deepest needs, as only He can. And may we collectively lift our voices together, proclaiming the grace and wonder that He is. God’s blessing on you and yours, my brothers and sisters in the Lord, this Easter of 2022.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!


  1. I have been aware of the fact that people must come to Christ for spiritual reasons for years now, but as I read this post, I was reminded of this fact again. Just reading the language we use when we talk about our Lord, it is so obvious that mere arguments will never get someone to the place of accepting who Jesus is. That being said, I know apologetics is vital, because it helps those who want to come to Christ. Thanks for the spiritual insights! 🙂

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    • You’re right about the arguments. They merely serve to open the door to the reality, and apologetics can be instrumental in opening that door. The rest is up to Jesus and the individual involved. Blessings!


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