The Unforgivable Sin

What is the unforgivable sin or have I committed the unforgivable sin is a question that usually comes up at one time or another, in our Christian walk. As students of God’s Holy Word, we all should be ready to provide an answer to this question, should we ever be asked. I’m not personally going to give you the answer because there are many others who can respond to this question better than I can, and have already done so.

What I will do is provide you with three of the best responses that I personally have found. All of these three responses are very similar but each does provide slightly different amplifying information that should clarify any current day association, with this particular unique offence.

In no particular order of preference, my three recommended responses are as follows:




Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!


  1. Or as someone once told me, “If you are truly worried about it you haven’t done it.”. Those folks accusing Jesus to whom this warning was issued, simply walked away in self righteous certainty

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  2. This is a topic we need to really talk about there other issues surrounding the subject because there is an issue of grieving the HolySpirit which is not blasphemy.And I think those who received him and experienced the power of God and went on to deny Jesus Christ openly and publicly put Him to shame are those who blasphemy in an unforgivable circumstances.
    There are people like Saul converted to Paul who persecuted Jesus and the saints and blasphemed actually attributing the gospel to heresy but he was forgiven, I think it’s because he hadn’t been saved and did not know God but imagine after the exploits and experiencing that power of the HolySpirit and he is to later attribute it nothing.I think God is just He cannot condemn someone especially if that person had not been given an opportunity to be saved before.
    I stand to corrected though this is just my opinion.


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