Biblical Apologetics Study

The source of this 12 week excellent study is from G3 Ministries which you may view here.

As explained on their website, from the very beginning, G3 had a goal of helping local churches. One of the ways they determined to do this was to invest in pastors. Dr. Josh Buice had a vision to start a theology conference that would focus on God’s Word as opposed to the pragmatism and techniques that are so often the focus of evangelical conferences.

In 2013, their first G3 Conference was held in Douglasville, Georgia on the campus of Pray’s Mill Baptist Church—the church where Dr. Josh Buice serves as pastor. The G3 has grown into one of the largest evangelical conferences in the United States. G3 stands for gospel, grace, and glory. 

Details on this particular study may be viewed here

Topics covered in this study are as follows:

Lesson 1 : The Meaning and Purpose of Apologetics
Lesson 2 : The Christian View of Knowledge
Lesson 3 : An Accurate Gospel Presentation
Lesson 4 : The Reliability of the Bible
Lesson 5 : The Resurrection of Christ
Lesson 6 : The Deity of Christ
Lesson 7 : The Trinity
Lesson 8 : Common Criticisms of the Bible
Lesson 9 : The Problem of Evil – Weak Answers
Lesson 10 : Biblical Solutions to the Problem of Evil
Lesson 11 : Atheism and Agnosticism
Lesson 12 : Rationalism and Pragmatism

This study comes complete with a free 103 page downloadable PDF Apologetics Curriculum which may be obtained here. 

The study is designed for small groups and comes complete with follow-up questions. If you have never taken the time to look into the dire need to become conversant with Christian Apologetics, or taken to heart why practical theology is so very important, having reviewed the entirety of this study, I can highly recommend it.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!


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