And Jesus Said – Mark McGee

A poll taken in 2020 showed that almost one-third of evangelical Christians don’t believe in the deity of Jesus Christ. Is this decline in the belief in the deity of Jesus important? Yes it is. It is extremely important, because it is a clear indication of the decline of faith and trust in Jesus as the only begotten Son of God. 

Mark McGee recently published two posts of an ongoing series, on the words that Jesus said, and how they clearly indicate, beyond all reasonable doubt, that Jesus is the unique Son of God, God Himself in the flesh. Mark’s initial three posts in his ongoing series, are an excellent study on this vital declaration of faith. The posts are lengthy, but well worth the investment of time.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!



  1. “Almost one-third of evangelical Christians don’t believe in the deity of Jesus Christ.” –???
    I see statistics like this, and I have to ask, What is their definition of an evangelical Christian? It’s like saying one third of atheists believe in God. Gibberish.


    • Hi Annie, the “evangelical” spectrum is another topic for another day, but I hear what you’re saying. I wish the quoted survey provided more particulars but it didn’t. Like most things these days, even the term “Evangelical Christians” is subject to varying definitions. But, as the polled trends indicate, I would have a tendency to think that adherence to orthodox Christian doctrine is slipping. However, doing your homework never hurts! Blessings!


  2. To call yourself a Christian without believing in the deity of Christ is like calling oneself a human without believing in conception. Stupid analogy I know, but really, the mind boggles! 🙄


    • Hi Jo, I agree. But there are a lot of shepherds not feeding their sheep and a lot of sheep that are content; when they ought not to be. Hard to fathom that we supposedly all read the same Bible. Blessings!

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    • I agree. The NAR calls those who focus on God’s Word to the exclusion of all other tentative sources, as a “Wordie”. Think I’ll write an article on that and maybe get myself a T-shirt with “Yes, I’m a Wordie!” on it. Could be a good “conversation starter”! You have yourself a blessed day Tom, always a pleasure hearing from you.

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      • I’m happy to join you as a “wordie.” Great idea about the t-shirt as a conversation starter.
        Thanks, Bruce, and have a blessed day as well! I appreciate my brother in NS who shares my majority-defying views on several topics.

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