Communing With God

The displayed picture above is just part of the beautiful scenery that I view each morning, on the few days (ten a month) when I drive into work. Yes, I know, I’ve been greatly blessed. Bedford Basin (where I live), is just to the far right of this picture of the Halifax, Nova Scotia. harbour shoreline, that you are viewing. Sometimes, especially when the sun is just rising on the far left of Bedford Basin, the imagery is just beautiful. The air we breathe is fresh and clean here and it’s truly a beautiful place to be. Considering all that is going on in this troubled world of ours, one cannot help but be thankful for the peace and beauty that we daily enjoy here.

It’s about a half hour drive from where I live, to where I work. I live on the top of a high hill and when leaving for work, it affords me a panoramic view of what lies below. And with very little prompting, I find that frequently I just have to enter into prayer, thanking God for the many blessings that He has bestowed upon me and those that I love. Oh, we all still have problems, that often tear at the heart, and unanswered questions with no answers that stymy the mind. But there is a trust there also, that says “rest in Me”. And God’s grace is sufficient for each and every day.

And yet, in spite of all this, I do long to go home. What I see is a gift, I know that, just like this life that I have been given, itself. But the panoramic view reminds me of greater realities that await. The presence and love of God, that I have come to know and the wonder of Jesus, who once walked on this earth. Time, that precious commodity, that we all take for granted, ticks away, like the sand in a glass timer, and I know that I and this world that I see, will all pass away.

I marvel what I now see, that I never saw before. I marvel at what I now hear, that I never really listened to before. How could I have missed it for all of those years? How could I have not grasped what was so apparent, yet I delegated it aside?

Somehow, through God’s grace alone, He drew me into the words that Jesus gave us and they began to take root. Who else could say what Jesus said? Who else could do what Jesus did? Who else stands totally alone in all of the world’s history, as utterly unique? No one, no one but Jesus. Jesus alone. This Jewish man of “seemingly” common birth, spoke God’s undiluted light to a waiting darkened world. God’s truth, that so many, who once were exactly like me, still push aside.

When you truly take to heart what Jesus says, and when you truly take to heart what Jesus did, really, carefully, prayerfully, it has to change your perspective of what you see and what your hear, both from without and also within. There is no room for discussion, no blending of our ways and minds, only assurance of what has been spoken, shall come to be.

My wife of 50+ years now has dementia and I also marvel at God’s grace. I’ve never loved my wife more than I do now. We’ve never laughed so much as we do now. And I’ve never needed God’s grace, strength and sensitivity, more than I do now, and He is there, daily. It’s so difficult to put into words. And I am so grateful for the reality of His ever present love. In our greatest need, He is there.

And somehow, in ways that I still can’t thoroughly explain, there is communion with God, beyond what I see and beyond what I hear. And that also, is a gift.

Jesus said that “I am the way, the truth and the life”, and He is.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!


  1. You are very blessed Bruce. You have a great view, eyes to see and a mind to understand the view as well as your lot in this life here and understanding there is so much more beyond any tomorrows you could have here. It is so good to laugh isn’t it.

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    • Thanks Gary. Yes, you’re right, it is good to laugh because it balances out so many of the frustrations that we can often run into. God’s blessing to you and yours Gary!

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  2. I have become more aware recently, too, Bruce, having just been to my 50th (51st) high school reunion. Some of my former classmates now have issues with walking, some are cancer survivors, some are widowed (and some we have lost) one has short-term memory loss (Can’t remember the party the night before), and one has survived a brain aneurism. When I graduated from high school, I would have seen nothing positive about being this age, but as you’ve pointed out, we have a new (divine?) perspective that compensates for the physical losses. Our class was a bit clique-y in school, but at this reunion everyone was friends. ❤
    A Christian man I knew who had Alzheimer's told his friend, "It's not that bad, really. You just forget all the bad stuff." Praying that your wife remembers what she needs to remember and forgets what is best forgotten, or what is just mental clutter. (What I pray over my own brain every day. 😉 )

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  3. Thanks for this post, Bruce. Yes, the Lord gives us new perspectives on all things if we will allow Him to. For some reason we start to allow Him to when we get older and (hopefully) less full of ourselves. Lord bless you and your wife and Lord help you with your caregiving.

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  4. Thank you for both the beautiful view and the beautiful heartfelt tribute to your wife. As we are now into our 70’s with its attendant health issues I am learning more and more how precious is each day God gives.

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  5. In August I’ll be 70 brother and I’ve been “trying” to serve the Lord for a bit over 50 years. Yep, those early years, a rollercoaster ride until I realized our Jesus already did all the work! My wife and I just celebrated our 50th Anniversary in March. Greater love today even with all the health problems than we ever thought imaginable. But I truly do understand your longing for Home! To some it may sound morbid, to those in the know, it just reminds us to stay focused on the things that really matter. You talk about driving to work and then back home. One day, we who are brothers and sisters in the Lord are going to get to take the expressway home!! What a joy and what a day that will be. God bless brother. Great message!

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