I Can’t Imagine . . .

Early this morning, I wanted to thank Jesus for being my Rock. God’s Holy Spirit helped me write this. To His glory I dedicate these lines.

I’m not sure how it happened; or when it truly began.
What spark was ignited or when He took my hand.
I don’t know how He broke through the walls that I had built,
Or how He allowed me to see hear and see Him, in the darkness I was in.
Printed words on paper, a God that I knew not of;
Heart strings that quivered and the calmness that He brought.
A trust in Him that faltered, a trust that I cast aside,
Thinking I knew better, oh how I was filled with pride.
But His love is unrelenting, it constantly flows,
It sees past my babbling and my faulty repose.
He showed me lessons that I couldn’t ignore,
He showed me of me and how I needed Him more.
He heard my confusion and my rejection of Him,
The fight for control and the course that I sought.
Those gentle reminders of Him still at my side,
Eating away at that all consuming pride.
I can’t give you an hour or a particular day,
I don’t know when the scales tilted towards Jesus to stay.
Those printed words became real before my eyes,
And I began to truly hear Him to my own surprise.
His words do bring true life and do flow from within,
Conquering the “me” and the sin I was in.
Saviour, Redeemer, the Anointed, My Lord,
God in the flesh, on this earth that I walk.
Formed over decades, revealed over tears,
Filling my spirit with the peace that He brings.
I can’t imagine being alone, I can’t imagine Him not on His throne,
I can’t imagine Him not filling my heart, I can’t imagine not longing to see,
Jesus My Saviour, Jesus My Lord.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!



  1. Dad… I’m reading this in bed, minutes after I woke. You’ve put a smile and tears on my face. Thank you for the perfect poem to start my day. I will be thinking of this and thinking of you. I love you very much Dad. Thank you for being there for me always and bringing me to Jesus. Without your guidance I fear where I would be. Love you always.


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