In the Silence of Those Moments

Sometimes, actually most times, heartfelt prayer is when Jesus ministers to us. I say heartfelt because it is a prayer that goes beyond the standard requests we make for those we care about and concerns that we may have. It’s that kind of prayer where we just kneel before Him and ask God for His grace. It’s where we go to Him for strength that we don’t have. It’s where we go to Him for the peace that only He can give. 

This life that we have been given and the things that we encounter have a lot of uncertainties. There are many things that we just don’t know. Sometimes we may think we know, but in most cases we don’t. We hope, we trust, we look to Jesus for that which we do not have the answers to. Sometimes our lack of understanding has to do with ourselves and sometimes it has to do with others that we interact with. It can be anyone of a number of things. But always there is uncertainty, where we seek the guidance that only He can give.

There comes a time when our own words fail us. Where our own words aren’t the words we want to hear, because we don’t want to hear ourselves, we want to hear Him. When we don’t want to frame the problem, when we don’t want to hear our own response. It goes beyond that, because our source is not ourselves, our source is Jesus. And His Holy Spirit within us, fills us from within.

Sometimes I picture this time in prayer like crossing a small bridge. I am on one side and Jesus on the other. And I need to cross over to Him. It’s a familiar bridge because I’ve been there many times before and He is always waiting. I’ve been giving Him my words from my side but what I really need is Him. And those times are precious because Jesus is there. And that is my best prayer, what I sometimes call my real prayer, because this is where my heart speaks without words to Jesus and Jesus to me.

Jesus tells us that His sheep know His voice. And I do know His voice because His voice speaks to my heart. There is an inner assurance there that cannot be defined. He is and He ministers as only He can and His peace does surpass understanding. It just is and does. 

There are many things that I do not understand but I don’t always need to know what I do not understand. All I really need to know is Jesus, who does.

Simplistic? I am sure to some it seems so, but I don’t really care. Jesus told us that it was expedient that He should go, but that He would not leave us as orphans, all alone. The thing is, we’re not ever alone. Jesus is with us when we truly turn to Him.

If you’ve never done that, if all you have are just spoken words, try crossing that bridge.

Jesus will be there, waiting for you, because that is what He does.

Revelation 3:20 NASB
“Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and will dine with him, and he with Me.”

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!


  1. Amen, brother. I have “crossed the bridge “ to Jesus many times. You are right, it takes a certain thirst for fellowship with God before crossing over. Many of my prayers are garden variety, but at times, I’ve felt my heart cry out to God with every fiber of my being.
    Great post! God Bless.


  2. Not simplistic at all, Bruce. I believe you’re totally correct. In prayer, Christians need to go beyond our spoken words and to desire in earnest to hear from Him. I will be giving more attention to this matter. Great post, Bruce.


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