Trusting God

It struck me this morning, as I was saying my morning prayers, what a gift it is that we can trust our heavenly Father, His Son Jesus and God’s Holy Spirit. God’s promises to those who trust in Him are many and His wisdom, mercy and graciousness, far exceed our own. When you stop to think about it, we’re not even on the same ball field and it is presumptuous for us to even think so.

Jesus tells us to trust and rest in Him, over and over again. Yet these minds of ours start twirling and we exercise our imaginations on just about everything that we see, feel and hear. Submitting ourselves to the will of God means being responsive to what His will is for us and far too often, we replace His will for us, with our own. Trust means reliance, it means peace, it means knowing that what He has begun in us, He will bring to completion. He is thoroughly capable, all He needs is our willingness to comply to His will for us, versus our own. 

Many years ago there was a TV program called “Father Knows Best” and the reality of this life we live, walking in faith with God, is instilled in those words. If someone asked you what the prime objective of Jesus was, while He walked this earth, I’m pretty sure it would be Jesus’ compliance to fulfilling the will of God the Father. In everything He said, in every action that He took and in all His teachings. Of course the things that God the Father, asked of His Son, were much more than God asks of us. And there is a reason for that, because Jesus was vastly different from us. God our Father, asked Jesus to do, for us, what we in ourselves could never do, not on our own, not without His Spirit within us. We have a deficiency, Jesus did not. Hence the reason Jesus told us that we “must” be born again. No optional choice there, whatsoever.

Following the expressed will of God is central throughout the entire Bible, from Genesis right through to Revelation, and we see that being worked out in every example that God gives us, be it Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and onward. And all of those examples, culminate in what Jesus accomplished, that no other could. All of their walks of faith, including their mistakes, points to Jesus as the only one who could say, “It is finished”, on that cross.

When I was younger in my walk with God, I imagined great things He would accomplish through me. Most of them were wrong. Most times that was my will replacing His will for me, and I didn’t grasp it. There is nothing better than knowing that you are within the will of our heavenly Father. Nothing, because in His will is where the peace of God that passes all understanding resides. I don’t have to understand it, I just have to know that it is. God is much more capable than we often think He is. Surprisingly enough, God showed me this a number of times, but it went right over my head. I still needed to do what I thought was my part and God patiently waited until I began to understand that the greatest accomplishment that we can have is knowing, that our part is trusting Him, beyond ourselves.

I see much not trusting in God by some of His children being exhibited today, in the “what if’s”, and the “unknowns”. Supposed anointed apostles and prophets feed the multitudes on this very need. But Jesus told us that these things “must” happen, but not to be fearful, because He had already conquered the world. Not believing that, is lack of faith. We “need” to do our part in order for God to be able to do His. Not so! “Our part” is being obedient to God the Father’s will for our life, as He wills it, not us. To do otherwise is hogwash, pure and simple. 

Sometimes the will of God is very simple. Serve where you have been placed, minister to those who you are responsible for, trust in God’s guidance for each step of the way. Sometimes God surprises us with giving us more than we expect and sometimes He shows us that we’ve left Him behind. The servant is not greater than the master and Jesus exemplifies following the master, by His devotion and love to fulfill the will of the Father. 

I’ve failed at many things over the course of this life that I have been given. Unfortunately, time and time again in some areas, but as one comes to the end of this journey, the wisdom and assurance of God’s guidance slowly unfolds. Sometimes, actually most times, all we really need to do is stand still and see God do for us what only He can do, and then our journey truly begins. Shades of God delivering Israel from Pharaoh’s army on the beach comes to mind.

Funny how we can so easily miss that.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!


  1. “Sometimes the will of God is very simple. Serve where you have been placed, minister to those who you are responsible for, trust in God’s guidance for each step of the way.” —- Yes! This was me, yesterday. A friend called and told us that he and his wife were ‘in the middle of nowhere.’ A tire had blown out on his truck and he did not have a spare tire. They were sitting in the truck, in an area surrounded by nothing but empty fields, with no shade, no clouds, nothing but a blazing midday sun directly overhead. The outside temperature was 104 degrees at that time, and the air conditioner in their truck had stopped working! He is 77 years old, she is 70, and they both have serious health issues. I could hear her coughing, and he sounded weak. I knew they were in grave danger. They could die of heat stroke if we didn’t come up with the right solution, FAST.

    My husband started getting ready to go to their rescue. His plan was to get a spare tire, take it to them, and put the spare tire on the truck. But — they were more than an hour and a half drive away, and my 73 year old husband has serious health issues too. He’s scheduled to have surgery this coming Wednesday for one of those health issues. So changing a tire under a blazing midday sun in 100+ degree heat was not safe for him, either!

    As my husband was driving away with a bag of cold drinks, I prayed: “Lord, please show me what to do to prevent a disaster!” And then, I followed the Lord’s leading, step by step by step, which resulted in a state police officer arriving on the scene much faster than my husband could get there. The officer kept a careful watch on our friends. And then, when my husband finally arrived with the spare tire, the officer told everyone to stay in the air conditioned vehicle, while HE changed the tire.

    My husband followed our friends the entire two hour drive back to their house, then he came back home. Every one was home at last, safe and sound. Praise God!! I believe the outcome would have been very different, if I hadn’t prayed and asked our wonderful Lord Jesus what I should do. God is so gracious and good!!

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    • When we’re in a situation where we’re clearly in over our heads, Jesus hears our plea and meets the need. I’ve seen it myself a number of times. Like clockwork. Simply amazing isn’t it, when you stop to think how He orchestrates it all together, step by step. Thank you Jesus and thank you Linda Lee for sharing. God’s continued blessings to you and yours!

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  2. Sing Glory Glory Hallelujah and Maranatha too our LORD / KING / MESSIAH / SAVIOUR JESUS-YESHUA Amen!!

    Goodnight and may our ONE TRUE GOD the HEAVENLY FATHER ( YAHWEH-JEVHOAH ) BLESS All my Sisters and Brothers in HIS SON JESUS-YESHUA CHRIST-MESIAH and Your Families and Friends!!

    Love ❤ Always and Shalom, YSIC \o/

    Kristi Ann


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