Do You Ever Wonder Why?

Do you ever wonder why there are all these different paths that God asks some of us to walk? Do you ever wonder why things in His church are as they currently are?

How some are called to be Missionaries in faraway places, others called to minister, locally at home? How some are called to “defend the faith” in an ever widening expansion of “other gospels” and to accordingly sound the alarm? Youth leaders, teachers, ministers and pastors, of so many different shades and personalities, trying to serve and to share. Some, according to the will of God, in accordance with His Holy Word, and some, not so much. But in the interim, don’t forget those dedicated housewives and mothers, who somehow manage to hold the family together and make a house truly a home, and those rare husbands and fathers who lead by true example, both without and within.

In the interim, remember the single parents striving to serve Jesus and love their children at the same time. Plus the many common lay people, who assist and give of themselves, year after year. Prayer partners, choir members, organizers and such, all endeavouring to work together to fulfill the calling of being active in the body of Christ.

The media is quick to highlight the deficiencies and shortfalls of the church, where and when the expected norms have been abandoned by some, but those who are steadfast, go unsung. Imperfects throwing stones at imperfects, trying to be. For we all stumble and fall, but most get back up and try again, instead of just picking up stones. Learning to forgive as we are forgiven, to share when we can. To hold out a hand to help those who need help, because we’ve all been there ourselves. To show compassion and caring, and focus on others, to overlook the slight, because we know we have slighted others ourselves. Proclaiming the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and living it for all to see.

I could tell you why I think things are as they are, how pointing at others deflects looking at ourselves. I could explain how I’m tired of hearing labels being flaunted that casts accountability afar, while ignoring our own accountability within. Or how I’m tired of hearing quick accusations being flung that ignores the condition of our own hardening hearts. We’re individually and collectively losing sight of our Saviour, and collapsing within, flaunting our own goals and aspirations, instead of His. I can’t join the bandwagon that some say I should. I can’t continue to strive and ignore the marks that my own steps make.

I want to walk in that garden with God, that happened so long ago. I want to seek His direction in all that I do. I want to learn of His ways and think of His thoughts, I want the oneness of His counsel to be at my very top. We’re losing our way, we’re eroding from within, and the problem isn’t with God, because He doesn’t change. 

The church, the body of Christ, is deeply shattered and hurting. If ever there was a time to stop throwing stones on others, for things that we are guilty of ourselves, and to forego seeking our own ways and thoughts and truly seek God’s ways and thoughts, individually and collectively, as the body of Christ, that time is now. We’re not just off course, far too many of us are heading for a different shore.

Following false doctrines is not the answer.
Following another gospel that is contrary to the Gospel we have already been given, is not the answer.
Trusting in false prophets is not the answer.
Trusting in false christs (anointed ones) is not the answer.

Seeking God’s will, in accordance with His declared ways and thoughts, as provided in the whole counsel of God’s Holy Word, with Jesus at the apex of all that God has done and is going to do, in the power of God’s Holy Spirit, is the answer. And we desperately need to seek God’s guidance to get back and aim for that shore.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!



  1. With each day that passes by, it becomes more and more difficult to be set apart from the world. Yet that is what we are called to do. The pressure to conform to the world view is strong and relentless. Speaking out against that which is false brings on a spiritual battle against our mind. We must continue to speak the truth because for those being delivered from deception, the truth is like manna from Heaven! Blessings, Bruce!

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  2. Bruce, this is Manna for me this morning. Both blessing and prayer. Only by His Spirit in us is there any hope. Step by step I go and stay the course with friends like you. Let us not become discouraged but let Him keep molding and making (and humbling) us. I’ve been writing up the stories of two 80 year old missionaries. Wow, if that isn’t humbling. So you can see how your words were a blessing to me. Thank you and blessings back!


  3. The church is place where broken people like us come together to worship the Lord, no one is better than another. The Pastor’s role is not more important say than someone who cleans the church, or the secretary, we all have different roles, wherever we know that God has calls us to do. For myself, when I am preaching I do not stand on the altar why some will ask, it is because the only one who belongs that high up is Jesus Christ himself, and I shared with others that I am no different than anyone sitting in the pew God has called each one of us to a different role in the life of His church. If we remember the words that the Apostle Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 12:12-26 in the unity of the body of Christ we will all understand everyone in the church of Jesus Christ is important and we welcome all in, and do everything in Love

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