Christian Disharmony

If you are of the mind set that the last few years have been difficult to maneuver through, I think it’s pretty safe to say that you wouldn’t be alone. I’m sure there are other times in history when very difficult times were encountered, but I would think that these last few years would rank relatively high, without too much opposition.

I put together a partial list of some of the things that Christians have had to deal with as of late and when you realize that this is only a partial list, it doesn’t take long to come to the realization why there is so much disharmony within Christianity right now, not to mention our world as a whole. Some of these topics on the partial list have been around for a considerable amount of time, but a good number of them are relatively new, especially when one considers the growing percentage of people who now take these relatively new subjects, seriously into consideration. Consider the following topics and subject matters that we have individually and collectively had to make decisions on:

Rigged elections – determine whether true or false?
Alternate or opposing facts – determine whether valid or invalid?
Media Agendas and Misinformation – determine whether true or false?
Deceptive government mandates/policies – determine whether valid or invalid?
Deceptive world organization mandates and goals – determine whether true or false?
Prevailing conspiracy theories – determine whether to accept or reject?
Corona Virus – determine whether fake or real?
Corona Virus precautions – determine whether justified or not?
Vaccines – safe or effective – determine whether true or false?
Climate change – determine whether true or false?
Pro Life or Pro Choice – determine whether to agree or disagree?
Defend Christian Nationalism – determine whether to agree or disagree?
Defend retention of personal rights and freedoms – determine whether justified or not?
Restored Apostles and Prophets (NAR Movement) – determine whether to accept or reject?
New Prophetic Revelations (NAR Movement) – determine whether to accept or reject?
Evolution – determine whether true or false?
Creationism – determine whether Old Age or New Age (or other)?
Intelligent Design – determine whether to accept or reject?
Gifts of Holy Spirit – determine whether to accept cessation or continuance?
True or False Gospels – determine whether to accept or reject “contrary to”?
God’s Kingdom or man’s kingdoms – determine whether to defend which one or both?
Dominionism (NAR Movement) – determine whether to accept or reject?
Free will – Calvinism – determine whether to agree or disagree?
Israel – God’s chosen people – determine whether to assist/defend or abandon?
Eternal Security OSAS – determine whether true or false?
Bible Translations – determine whether to accept or reject?
Tithing – determine whether required or not?
Demon Deliverance Ministries in Christians – determine whether to accept or reject?
Doctrinal Integrity – with regard to Ecumenicalism – determine whether necessary to maintain or not?
LGBTQ – modify accommodation – determine whether to accept or reject?
Biblical Discernment – determine whether necessary or not?
Reliance on God’s Holy Word versus experimental experience (NAR Movement) – determine whether justified or not?
Defending God’s objective truth versus humanity’s subjective truth – determine whether required or not?

Please note that I said this was a “partial” list, because I am sure that there are many others which I haven’t mentioned. You can correct me if you think I am wrong, but that is one heck of a lot of topics to make decisions on, and the vast majority of them are far from simplistic. 

I am not discussing the pros or cons on any of these topics I have listed. That is not the purpose of this post. I just wanted to make you aware of the magnitude and complexity of the topics, that we as Christian individuals and collectively as the Christian Church, have had to deal with. And it should be noted, that the vast majority of these topics are still openly being contested with alternating opinions.

Do I expect everyone else to agree with all of the decisions that I have personally made? No I do not. I’ve changed my mind on a number of these topics over the years and as long as I am here, I strongly suspect that I will continue to do so, God willing, in the future. Some of these topics are critical, but once again, which ones are critical are personal decisions. A number of them dovetail into others, hence the complexity issue. 

I would be remiss if I didn’t include at least one Scripture verse that addresses the disharmony that we all see. John 16:33 NASB comes to mind:
“These things I have spoken to you so that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world.”

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!


  1. Bruce, thanks for compiling this list of controversial topics – political and theological. It’s very regrettable that many in the church have embraced hardcore Christian Nationalism and complementary conspiracy theory mania. As far as the theological differences within the church involving secondary and tertiary doctrines, we need to practice humbleness and forbearance EXCEPT when those beliefs lead to very dangerous and spiritually deadly consequences (like ecumenism with Roman Catholicism and its false gospel).

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  2. Thanks Bruce. This is a very important post. I think one of the critical points about disharmony or disagreement, is whether diversity of opinions within the church leads to hostility, mutual anger and bitter recriminations, or whether all those who follow Jesus can agree to disagree without fear of damaging one’s individual faith or harming the body of Christ. For example, in my own area, the scientific issues of origins, I have come to believe that questions of evolution, old or young earth, and design are not subjects that should cause concern, as long as one’s views are buttressed by accepted Biblical hermeneutics and scientific reasoning. I know that many on all sides of these debates consider them foundational and salvational issues, but I think that is the problem. We cannot know all the answers in this life, and I am willing to be patient, and let God explain everything when my time comes. Until then, I will pray with my brethren of all view points, and we will all feel the joy of the Holy Spirit standing beside us as we get through these difficult times.

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    • Hi Sy, you know of course, that I thought of you; when I mentioned Creationism! I totally agree with your overview of how we should endeavour to accommodate one another if at all possible. Very well said and I thank you for taking the time to comment. I hope all that read this take your recommendation into consideration. Blessings brother!

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