Overcoming Regrets – Bill Sweeney

I know a lot of you remember Bill Sweeney who not too long ago graduated to be with Our Lord. Bill was and is a precious brother and Bill and his wife Mary, and their family, often come to my mind. I miss Bill for a whole bunch of reasons but one of them was the beauty of Bill’s wisdom in God’s Holy Word.

This post has to do with Bill’s convictions on how we should handle our regrets. The link to Bill’s post on this very important focus of how we should Biblically view and respond to our regrets, is directly below. Take the time to read over it again, you will be blessed!


Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!


  1. What a wonderful piece – complete with a C. S. Lewis quote! Thanks for sharing it, Bruce.
    Every once in a while I get bombarded with memories of past sins and failures I can’t fix, and I assume the enemy just wants to steal my joy. I’ve learned to respond with – ” and Jesus forgave me of EVEN THAT! Isn’t He WONDERFUL!?” Those attacks don’t come so often any more. 😏😉

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  2. Only this morning as I drove to an appointment, I had some of my “ghosts of regret” visit, so I am thanking God for the timing of reading Bill’s article. Thankyou for sharing this and blessings to you today Bruce.


  3. This was one of my favorite blogs that Bill wrote. (I have several favorites though) 😊 It seems we all have to deal with regret, as we are human. I almost reposted this last year as I was feeling some regrets after Bill died. Early in December when he thought he wasn’t going to make it through the night, he spoke the words to our daughters and myself (through his speech device): NO GUILT, NO REGRETS, HAVE A GREAT LIFE! These words comforted me so many times. Thanks for keeping Bill’s words of wisdom alive, Bruce. Praying that someone will read his blog and be released from any guilt and shame they have been carrying. I’m so glad we serve a Grace giving God.

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