Not Much to Give Right Now

There doesn’t seem to be much water in my bucket right now, to give to others. Just barely keeping my own head above water, as it is. My stream of posts seems to have run relatively dry. I’m not looking for sympathy, just telling it like it is. There are logical reasons why this is so, situations changing, increasing requirements, from multiple areas, and pulling some muscles in my back recently hasn’t helped, with consequential lack of sleep. Withstanding continual discomfort and pain has never been one of my strong suits. Physical healing takes a bit longer at my age and I’m thinking that is another factor, in and of its self. It’s hard to give to others when your own bucket needs filling and the need for giving more, just doesn’t stop. So one does the best that one can, but what one gives doesn’t always present as well as it should. A little less exuberance in my general demeanour is apparently noticeable. 

Jesus still guides, forgives and leads, and grants me His grace, but my patience with myself and others has taken a bit of a hit. My own selfcenteredness and my awareness of the shortsightedness of others at times, seems to be more apparent to me right now, and that also isn’t a good thing. Plus my awareness of my “light” affliction, as compared to what many others have to endure. B+’s and A’s seem to be out of my reach right now and a nominal “C” seems to be the best that I can do. No flag waving here, but I’m still showing up. I’ll probably be quiet for a while. God willing, this too shall pass.

(Update) It would appear my last sentence above about “this too shall pass” was closer to the truth than I thought. Apparently I am in the process of passing a kidney stone. Not fun! 

Love in Christ – Bruce

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!


  1. 🙏Heavenly Father, please help Bruce’s back get better, and fast! Grant him the physical, emotional , and spiritual strength to lead his family during this time. Thank you for using him to minister to others—on, and off the web. In Jesus’ name. AMEN.

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  2. I love you Dad, please allow me to help! I’ll see you a little later today and bring you guys supper. You mean the world to me, please take some time to get some rest, love you xo

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  3. I am sorry for the pain that you have been enduring and pain is not something that anyone enjoys at all. May our Lord give you the strength one day at a time, perhaps this is the time that you need to Be still and Know that He is God (Psalm 46:10) we all need to do that once in awhile. My prayers are with you my friend,

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  4. Bruce what you give out to others on your blog, even when you may feel you’re not overflowing, is such a blessing. Even a drop from your bucket is precious my friend. I thought of the picture the Lord gave me a few months ago and the word about Adjusting your overflow. I hope you get the chance to read that post as it might be a timely word. May you know the grace and strength of the Almighty at this time. Bless you.

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  5. Dear Bruce,
    It is hard to be forthright about our weaknesses; you are setting an admirable example while also helping others (including me) know better how to pray for you. May the Lord, by His great grace, and through the blessed Holy Spirit, pour out His love into your heart to overflowing until it floats you above your troubles and into His arms.
    Love in Christ,

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  6. Here’s the thing about your bucket, Bruce. It’s not filled with water, but with same good wine that Jesus created at Cana. So a drop from your bucket means a whole lot more than a cupful from the ordinary kind. Take care of yourself, rest, pray and relax. You are not Jesus, but you are a wonderful disciple.


  7. I am glad to see that you have a lot of quality online friends as well as your own family and friends Bruce. I had campfire stories last night with a flock of generations of relatives (family reunion). Food, laughter, love, loss all shared. In all our seasons God is there. Some dry and some overflowing. I pray God fills your bucket again in his time. you are in my prayer notebook.


  8. Oh Bruce, I wish I could pop over with a plate of my famous oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. They’re huge discs filled with chocolate and butterscotch and walnuts and raisins and great for breakfast coffee dunking! I’d bring a big (gentle) hug and a huge smile too. I love you. Praying for that back and a fresh refilling asap! Deb


  9. We all have our empty bucket days. I struggled to get back into writing after I overcame COVID recently. I had plenty to write about, but there was so much inertia. One a roll, then stopped, and so hard to get started again. You have a great voice, and you will regain something in that bucket.


  10. Bruce, You are my favorite Canadian brother! I hope you can see how much we all love you! I pray you are back to your old self soon. If I lived closer, I would bring something from the bakery. (I don’t bake. haha) I know it will be amazing when we all get to Heaven and meet each other! Love you, Brother! God bless you!


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