Who Hasn’t Looked For a Sign?

I ran across a post from Sarah Walton this morning that I would love for you to read, if you have the time. You can view her post here. In Sarah’s post she talks about the difference between seeking God’s face and seeking God’s hand. Sarah states that “To seek God‘s face is to seek his character, truth, and presence, whereas to seek his hand, is to seek his provision and circumstantial answers to our prayers, desires, fears, longings, and struggles.” 

Few people have been tested as Sarah has. And often, from great testing, comes great wisdom. I see a lot of that wisdom in what Sarah shares and this last post of her’s would be another example.

There is a big difference between us seeking the face of Jesus, and what He can do for us. And in spite of the multitudes of times that I personally have sought His changing of my circumstances, usually perceived as a sign or confirmation of His caring, I can’t help but see and know within my spirit, the difference between the two. And His presence and my trust in Him is the greater. His hand in my circumstances is now, but I seek beyond now, I seek beyond this world, I seek beyond these circumstances. I seek Jesus. Once you have Jesus, nothing else matters.

Time and time again, in my prayers, where I tell God of my needs (circumstances), which we are encouraged to do (Philippians 4:6-7), there is a witness within that extends beyond these circumstances, to have faith in God and trust Him completely, in spite of my circumstances, in spite of my present needs. And that witness is constant, whenever I draw close to Him. Believing without visually seeing, trusting without always getting the confirmation that I wish to see. 

Last week I had a bit of an episode with a wayward kidney stone. I’ve had worse, but for the better part of a day, it got my attention. I prayed and God got me through the day. The next day, although tender, the pain was gone. The relief was so appreciated and I almost felt giddy. You’d have to be there. But then, once again, the prayers and supplications for others and myself, picks up where I left off. Sometimes, actually a fair amount of times, I am almost glad when that part of my prayers is over, when I get past that part, to where I speak to Jesus, face to face, without asking for things, but now only Him. No, I don’t see Him, there is no manifestation whatsoever, but it is within my spirit where this meeting takes place. And it is there that the beauty of Jesus is manifested. It is there that my batteries are recharged. It is there that I am restored with His presence. I can’t explain it and I don’t even want to, but I know that it is right and I know that it is good.

Sometimes it makes me wonder, how God in His wisdom, has asked us to go through this time here on earth, where we come to increasingly trust and have faith in Him. Who of us who believe, does not want to see Jesus in His glory? This is not about valuing because we see, this is about valuing because we know, without seeing. That’s personal. Beautifully personal. It’s what Adam threw away and it’s what God, through Jesus, restores. Adam saw and still walked away. Jesus asks us to believe without seeing, so that even when we do eventually see, it will go deeper than sight, He will be in us and we will be in Him. And therein lies the difference, because once you know at that level, the two (God and us and us and God) have become one and there is no division again. I could be wrong (as in short sighted because there is more), but this is what I see.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!


  1. “He will be in us and we will be in Him. And therein lies the difference, because once you know at that level, the two (God and us and us and God) have become one and there is no division again.” Beautifully said Bruce.
    The truth of this boggles my brain when I try to consider the wonder of it.


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