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I know this repost of Tom’s from excatholic4christ will ruffle some feathers in some corners, but the information in this post and the link also provided in this post (please read it) authored by Pastor Tim Challies, are prime examples of what can happen when discernment is not exercised by Christians, who as we all know, should be exercising discernment. Knowing the Holy Scriptures and the vital doctrines that are contained therein, is absolutely necessary in order to be able to exercise discernment. Both Tom and Tim, are in my opinion, absolutely correct in their stated observations and judgements. All sources that we may rely on for guidance, irrespective of their popular acceptance, should be checked for doctrinal agreement with the Holy Scriptures, before we expose ourselves to their “enlightened” teachings.

It is noteworthy that the Second Vatican Council (1962-65) introduced some liberal theology into the RCC, especially in regard to ecumenism and inter-religious attitudes. So while the RCC insists people must be baptized Catholic and receive its sacraments to possibly merit Heaven, it also dichotomously allows that non-Catholics may also possibly merit Heaven under its “baptismus flaminis”/baptism of desire principle, i.e., worthy non-Catholics would have desired Catholic baptism if they had only known how essential it was and thus they are covered. Mother Teresa was echoing this Vatican II “reform” with her quotes. The RCC officially promulgated the doctrine of the possible salvation of Protestants, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and other religionists, published as Nostra Aetate (“In Out Time”) on October 28, 1965 at the Second Vatican Council. 

The responsibility we all have been given to defend the faith and refute doctrine that is not sound, is not a passive directive, it requires all of us to take considerate action. 

Is this a popular practise? Nope! Necessary? Yes!

An influential evangelical blogger with a large following (12,800+) recently sent along an insightful comment to one of my posts, so I began following his blog. I purposely limit the number of bloggers I follow because I try to actually read their posts and there’s only so many hours in the day. Anyway, I began […]

Evangelicals’ undiscerning infatuation with Mother Teresa — excatholic4christ

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!


  1. Thank you for sharing this, Bruce. The blogger with the large following who posted the picture and quote of Mother Teresa, produced a movie, Healing River, in 2020. I watched the movie online and was saddened to see that it promotes the Catholic religion all the way through. I have been following his blog for several years and have exchanged a number of comments with him. I feel like he is a friend, almost family. In fact, he started referring to me as ‘Sis’ in his comments a few years ago. I don’t believe he is Catholic. I continued to follow his blog, even after watching his Healing River movie, because he was not promoting Catholicism on his blog, at least I did not see any of that, until he posted the above Mother Teresa quote a few days ago.

    It hurts my heart to stop following my long time blogger friend. But after reading what you have written here, and then reading Tom’s post about this, I have stopped following ‘M’. My heart is saddened. I will continue to pray for ‘M’. Narrow is the way, the Lord Jesus told his disciples. We need to keep our eyes and minds and hearts focused on Him.

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    • “M” chose not to respond to the follow-up question of Tom’s, where I suggested he might want to reconsider responding. I submitted the following comment earlier today and “M’ chose not to release it. “Further to my comment to your recent post on Mother Teresa, which at this point in time remains unanswered, I find that your movie entitled “Healing Rivers” was produced by St. Michael Movies, part of St. Michael Records, Inc., a 501(c)(3) Catholic charity founded in 1998. According to the filed purposes of St Michael Records Inc, it is to perform publish; and produce books, musical recordings, and movies of an evangelical nature which will promote a way of life based upon Catholic teaching. This link refers: https://nonprofitlight.com/oh/dayton/st-michael-records-inc This is confirmed by a christiannewswire.com post which can be viewed here: http://www.christiannewswire.com/news/2272684196.html where “Healing Rivers” is noted as a Catholic movie. You can correct me if you think I am wrong but the movie “Healing Rivers” does promote Catholicism throughout the entirety of the movie.
      You and I have followed one another since 2018 and during this entire time, I have never seen you indicate that you adhere to the teachings of the Roman Catholic church. When your post on Mother Teresa was objected to by Tom, from https://excatholic4christ.wordpress.com/ , his secondary followup question pertaining to identified doctrinal differences, between the Roman Catholic church (which Mother Teresa was directly connected to) and the vast majority of mainline Protestant denominations, was sidestepped by you, by you indicating that “This post isn’t really about Mother Teresa’s doctrinal beliefs, it’s about the idea that reaching out to others doesn’t have to be done en masse.” Tom’s objections are the same as mine, that showcasing Mother Teresa, without clarifying differing doctrinal beliefs which you do not agree with, does promote Mother Teresa’s doctrinal beliefs.
      You can also correct me if I am wrong, but I would think that this avoidance of identifying yourself with the Roman Catholic church, would serve meaningful advantages to you in gaining a larger audience for your movies. To be candid with you, four years is a long time to deflect that association and that doesn’t happen by chance. This assumption on my part, could, in fact, be wrong and you could of course, clear all this up by indicating whether you do personally adhere to the teachings of the Roman Catholic church, which is obviously your choice.
      I have no animosity towards you personally, whatsoever. I have enjoyed many of your posts, as you have indicated you have enjoyed many of mine. But at this point in time, based on what I am currently seeing, I can’t help but feel that our interactions with one another have not been entirely honest. Feel free to correct me. The thing is, differences in doctrinal beliefs do matter to some, one of whom is me, Tom and Linda would be others.” You’re not the only one who is saddened by what has transpired, Linda Lee. Blessings!

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  2. It is sad, Bruce. More and more I can see the power of deception at work in our world. The warnings in the Bible become more and more meaningful. May God open the eyes of the Church.


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