God’s Unwarranted Grace and Me

No, I haven’t opened this shop up again, nor do I intend to for some time, but I owe others this confession, that really does need to be said. And this isn’t about others, this is about me.

I am of the firm and convinced opinion, that without God’s guidance, without God’s mercy and without God’s wholly unmerited grace, not one of us would or could ever reach the reality of entering and abiding in, God’s holy presence. This especially pertains to me.

In spite of my good intentions, in spite of my determination, in spite of my desire to please, worship and abide in God, that which resides within me, that is independent of God, can sometimes infiltrate my objectives, my purposes and my chosen methodology of accomplishing what I may see as a necessary goal, so that there are crossroads of contention and discord introduced, producing less than God’s holy and perfect intent.

I understand and whole heartily agree that there is no other way, other than through Jesus. There is no other truth, other than the truth that Jesus spoke and is, and there is both now and no other, never ending life made available to us, other than in and through Jesus. Jesus is God’s gift of salvation to us and we literally, in and of ourselves, can do nothing to change that reality. As Jesus states, He is the vine and we are the branches that are connected to Him and without Him, without that connection and reliance in Him, we individually and collectively, can accomplish nothing (John 15:1-11).

The reality of my personal walk with God, brings this awareness of my dependency to me, almost every single day, be it in thought, word or deed. And when I lean on my own understanding, or my own surmised conclusions, the fruit of that dependency, or in this case, lack there of, sooner or later, rises to the surface and cannot be ignored. That which began as a righteous quest, can become unholy in the manner in which it is addressed, and accordingly falls short.

Intents can be righteous, but still fail, having been conformed to the presence of self pride. My greatest obstacle is always myself, and the proof of this is the speed in which I can reason, to justify what I have done or how I have done it. Impatience can too easily over ride the leading of God’s Holy Spirit, where a quiet word is given, to consider circumstances that I am not aware of or to wait longer. My perceived righteous desire and God’s leading, too often have different time schedules and allowances.

In other words, noble quests are not always nobly quested, and that would pertain to me. I assumed when I should have waited longer. I surmised intent when I ought not to have surmised. I believe the objection raised in recent posts is still valid but the manner in which I personally addressed it was wrong. I speak for no one else other than myself. And for that unnecessary discord, unnecessary heartache, to whomever it has affected, I both apologize and ask for your forgiveness.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!


  1. HI Bruce:
    I truly don’t know what has taken place here on your blog it seems that I have miss a lot, however with that being said, you should just take sometime and ask the Lord if he wants you to continue. At times this world can be so cruel especially people who we thought were Christians only to find out that they always believe that they are always right and perfect. God’s gift of grace is our gift from him not by works so no one can boast. There are many times in my own personal life that I feel like throw in the towel and simply walk away, however God threw it back at me and said my daughter you are not done with your work get up and keep going and so I do. The journey that I am in now with being married to a man for thirty years who has tried to kill me as well as trying to kill his daughter who is chronically ill who is into porn and drugs and who knows what else. My situation has brought me down to my knees and all I can do is cry because I can’t find the words to pray, but I know that the Spirit speaks on my behalf, this is something I spoke on yesterday when I preach in reference to prayer. God knows your heart my friend, take a break but don’t just quit, people needs someone like you to encourage them and to know that there is a God who truly loves them.

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    • Hi Eileen, I’m not quitting, my wife has advancing dementia and it is very difficult right now, so I am trying to focus on the greatest need in front of me. There was a side issue that caused some dissension and I personally could have handled it better. It’s a little complicated but I believe I have responded as the Lord would have me do. Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement. Blessings!

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  2. Love you brother. You are near and dear to my heart. As has been noted before, we have a lot in common. You are always in my prayers. Even Paul lamented the human condition and John a wrote about it too.


  3. One somewhat negative side effect of all things social media, is the inadequacy of asynchronous communication. Someone writes something, I read it. and then respond based on my interpretation. But, unlike talking face to face, or even in a telephone conversation, I can’t say, “What did you mean by that?”
    You’re obviously a good man. Bruce, and, by divine grace, you’re a godly one too. Your zeal for “rightly dividing the gospel of truth” is inspiring. However, platforms, such as these, have their limitations.

    God’s best to you and yours.

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  4. Lord, Be with Bruce and Peggy. Strengthen them and surround them with your love. I pray they will know that you are right by their side, every moment of every day. Your mercy is new each morning. You are their strength and their shield. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

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    • Thank you for your prayer, Cindy. I just took my wife to an appointment to see about her hip replacement. Not sure how it came about but we were laughing an awful lot. God’s gift of loving someone and finding humour in situations that are not really funny, amazes me at times and I know it is a gift from God. There is gratefulness within that sometimes is overwhelming. Day by day, His mercies are new every morning. I don’t have to understand it, I just have to acknowledge it and be grateful. You are a dear Christian sister and I am also so grateful for your prayers and support. One wonderful day, I shall give you a hug. Blessings Cindy!

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    • Hi Cindy, we’re doing OK here and the single focus helps with my wife’s dementia, but I know what you mean. You’ve got my email address Cindy, reach out to me anytime. It might be later in the evening until I can get back to you, but I definitely will. Thank you for your prayers, knowing that means a lot. You and yours are also in mine daily. Hoping to be back in a couple of weeks! God’s grace, peace and blessings coming your way!

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