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I’ve added a NEW web page on my blog that deals with Roman Catholicism which may be viewed here. I’ve added this new page for a number of reasons, some of which are:

* Seeking unity (ecumenicism) in truth, with other Christians is something that we should definitely work towards, but not at the cost of being required to accept authorities, doctrines and teachings, which are contrary to (Romans 16:17) the stated authority, doctrines and teachings of God’s Holy Word. The new page on Roman Catholicism addresses the difference between unity in truth and unity in untruth.

* Seeking unity with other religions, that do not acknowledge Jesus as the only begotten Son of God, nor the will of God the Father, that Jesus accomplished on the cross for us, nor the acknowledgement of His resurrection, or that which indicates that there is another name other than Jesus, or an alternate means other than following the commandment of Jesus to fulfill the Great Commission, by which we may enter into the Kingdom of God, is not advocated within God’s Holy Word, and as such, our discourse with representatives or adherents of these other religions, while remaining respectful, loving and compassionate, should not violate, or accept teachings, which are contrary to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as stated within God’s Holy Word. Roman Catholicism not only advocates this unity, but also proclaims this unity. The new page on Roman Catholicism addresses this teaching.

* Many Christians are not aware of the contrary authorities, doctrines and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and the new page on Roman Catholicism addresses the need for, and particulars on, requiring and maintaining this awareness.

* “Building bridges and not fences”, sounds like an admirable Christian objective, but when advocated without qualifications or guidelines, numerous warnings given in God’s Holy Word about false doctrines, teachings and unauthorized authorities, are discarded by far too many, as of little consequence, or importance. The new web page on Roman Catholicism addresses the Biblical approach that God’s Holy Word advocates in pursuing this endeavour. 

* God’s Holy Word steadfastly advocates the upholding of sound doctrine, the continual contending of the faith once given and asks us to rebuke those who would promote a different gospel or unsound doctrine. Exercising discernment is not an optional vocation for a Christian. The new page on Roman Catholicism addresses this requirement.

* The new page on Roman Catholicism is not intended as a thorough examination of the designated authorities, doctrines and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. The subject matter is complex, multi-layered and interconnected. It is but an INTRODUCTION (albeit lengthy), with numerous authoritative quotes from the Roman Catholic Churches own doctrines and teachings. The Protestant Reformation happened because of numerous serious objections to what the Roman Catholic Church was teaching and practising. It mattered then and it matters now. Some will criticize those who still hold these objections or protests seriously. The new page on Roman Catholicism addresses the validity of maintaining these objections.

* If you have never taken the time to actually look at what authorities, doctrines and teachings the Roman Catholic Church requires of its adherents, I would strongly encourage you to do so. We have been given the means by which we are able to discern truth from untruth, through God’s Holy Word. And it is not a matter of one sheep speaking slightly different than another. These are foundational variances and controlling differences that need to be known and understood. My hope and prayer in the creation of this page on Roman Catholicism, is that this will help you in your quest of discernment.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!


  1. Thank you for this resource. I will be reading it through, as time permits.

    I recently started following a blogger who had left a nice comment on my blog, and when I went to her blog, I really liked her posts. After reading several of her posts, I started following her. I also commented on a number of her posts. But then, as I looked further through her blog, I discovered that she is Catholic. I hadn’t seen any indication of that, on anything I had read up to that point. Now I am praying for the Lord to show me if I need to stop following her blog. I really like her and her style of writing. But I only want what the Lord wants me to do. Maybe He wants me to tell her about the problems with Roman Catholicism? I don’t know. Praying.


    • Hi Linda Lee, I understand your dilemma. I don’t know if you had the time to read the post on how Jesus dealt with the Samaritans, which I mention (and link) at the beginning of the Roman Catholicism page, but read it if you get a chance. Jesus didn’t shy away from the Samaritan woman at the well, nor did he hesitate about going into their city or town. I can’t give you a definitive answer to that question, because each person we encounter is different. I don’t think that we should just automatically cast some off when our paths cross. It’s not like we are joining their church, or personally interacting with a priest or Bishop of a Roman Catholic church. We are just basically interacting with a person who happens to be a Roman Catholic. I’d probably say give it a shot and I’m pretty sure our Lord will let you know His will for you, as time and exchanges between the two of you progress. Normally I find that when I encounter a situation like this, I learn something about others and also myself. Ask for God’s continual guidance and I am sure He will give it to you. And if the time comes to break it off, you will know and why. Hope this helps. – Bruce

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  2. Bruce, I’m grateful to you for this well-done resource. We live in an era when Biblical doctrine is readily sacrificed on the altar of “tolerance” and false unity. A compromised gospel helps no one, Catholics or undiscerning evangelicals.

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    • Hi Tom, you’re a much more knowledgeable person on Roman Catholicism than I am, but I agree that indifference plays a big part in the mindset of those who foster unity without considering all of the consequences, especially when lining up what is being condoned, often with silence, without taking into account all of what God’s Holy Word says. Unity in truth is not the same as unity in untruth. Blessings brother!

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  3. Hi Bruce, while Martin Luther was right to point out all that was (and is) wrong with Catholicism, I feel it’s a bittersweet blessing given his rampant antisemitism.


  4. I am still reading my way through the page. I have made it as far as Masses for the Dead. Now I must get ready for my follow-up cardiologist appointment. I will have to drive 109 miles through heavy interstate traffic to get there. I don’t know which I dread more, the drive there and back, or seeing the cardiologist. But I know the Lord will be with me all the way.

    I hope that tomorrow I will be able to finish reading your page on Roman Catholicism. It is eye opening.


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