Anger, Anger, Everywhere

There are a lot of people walking around with short fuses or on edge, these days. I’ve experienced it myself a couple of times, just this week. Little things that ordinarily would not bother me, causing me to react; or think of reacting, in a manner that I ordinarily, would not react in. And it’s not always the hostile, in your face anger, it’s the just below the surface anger, the quick to disregard the consideration of others anger, the “me first” anger, that seems to me, to be the instrumental propellent, behind these anger manifestations.

I found myself muttering to myself about how prices on groceries are going up, muttering out loud, “that’s ridiculous!”, with thoughts quickly forthcoming about greed, excessive profits and price gouging. And it happens not only when grocery shopping, the same thing happens when I get gas for the car, or I’m replacing a toaster or whatever other common item one might need to replace. Things are changing all around me, which I have little, if any, control over, and I don’t like it, I don’t like it at all.

One needs not mentally wander very far, to take this to the next level. Political advertisements are rampant with accusations and finger pointing, asserting blame and various reasons why not to vote for this individual. All political venues use this ploy, because it works. It’s always “them” that is the problem, never us, or our own lack of consideration for others, that is to blame. And when I consider what is happening in Ukraine, with what these people have to deal with, the unfairness and devastation that they must endure, in comparison to the inconveniences that I apparently must endure, my below the surface anger, is also coupled with shame. How absorbed our mentality is, to equate our inconveniences, with their daily onslaught of disparity.  The “have’s” and the “have not’s” are all around us, and we’ve collectively losing the ability to consider the disparity of others, be they children, people of different colour, or strangers in a foreign land, because of our focus on us. 

It’s not “them” that is the root problem, although that’s the popular explanation given throughout the world today, the problem is always the collective “us”. We’re all part of the problem and throughout all of recorded history, we always have been. “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways,” declares the Lord” (Isaiah 55:8). “There is a way which seems right to a person, But its end is the way of death.” (Proverbs 16:25)

For those of us who wear the name of “Christian”, our Kingdom is not supposed to be of this world, yet many would have a difficult time discerning this Biblical truth, by our own actions and words. Our “Christian mandate” is not the same as God’s. It’s not about making the USA, Canada, or any country great again, it’s supposed to be, make the people of this world right again, with God. That is why Jesus gave us the Great Commission, it’s about God changing our hearts and the hearts of others.

Too simplistic you say? Maybe it is, but had we as Christians, earnestly followed God’s mandate, instead of devising our own manipulations for power and control, maybe, just maybe, we wouldn’t be in the situation that we all find ourselves in, today. Fundamental Christian realities such as “Then he said to me, “This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel, saying, ‘Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ says the Lord of armies.” (Zechariah 4:6 emphasis is mine) comes to mind. But what does this mean? It means that God is committed to completing any work that He has begun and any work He has asked us to do. That would be His work versus our devised work, that would be His mandate, versus our mandate. Seems difficult to understand how we continually miss that truth, doesn’t it?

The feelings of anger that sometimes manifest themselves in me, is misplaced anger. That anger is focused towards others, because of my consideration of me. And therein lies my problem. Little picture (mine), bigger picture (God’s). 

Lord have mercy, forgive me and remold my heart.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!



  1. Just got back from voting. There were no fist fights in line. Most people had smiles on their faces, probably hoping that the mud slinging and anger one toward another would settle down. I doubt it, but with God’s Grace, it just might.


  2. Bruce, I’m quite sure you aren’t the only one walking around the grocery store “muttering out loud, “that’s ridiculous!” I get a frown on my face every time I go to the grocery. $23 for a large package of toilet paper? Really? Are you kidding me?! I could go on, but I won’t. I live on a very modest fixed income and it has become difficult to live within my means. But then I have savings if I need it. I won’t go hungry. But there are many people who are having trouble feeding their families. I know because I volunteer at a food bank once a week. Today is Election Day in the U.S. so we’ll find out soon if things are going to get better or worse. (Obviously, I need to read your post again and refocus!) Blessings, Brother! Glad you’re back.


    • Thanks, Cindy! Evidently we have the same thoughts whirling around in our minds when it comes to grocery shopping! I was pretty sure I wasn’t alone! You have yourself a blessed day! Blessings!

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  3. It truly amaze me how many people have hatred for someone they don’t know, because they are a different race, they worship God differently or because they love differently as well. Instead of showing hatred let us all love one another the way Christ loves all of us. We are all sinners and no one is better that another, regardless of the sin, we do to God no ones sin is worst that someone else it is still wrong. God showers us with so many blessings each and everyday, a roof over our heads, food in our belly (regardless of the prices) we live in America where we can worship God anyway we choose, just because someone isn’t a Christian doesn’t make them evil, we simply don’t know God’s plan nor do we know what is in someone’s heart only God knows that. So I say let us not try to be God because God is still on His Throne and not any of us.


    • I hear what you are saying, Eileen. We are indeed to treat our neighbours, as we ourselves would like to be treated. Just because we may have disagreements, does not necessitate that we demonize the individual, because of their beliefs that differ from ours. In like manner, it should not necessitate that we, as Christians, should water down or change our beliefs, in order to accommodate their differing beliefs. People can still have differing beliefs, and not hate one another. I do think, as Christians, one has to exercise some caution, in how far we accommodate those who hold differing beliefs, especially when the basic tenets or truths of Christianity are denied or challenged. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is indeed Good News, but there are some very exclusive requirements stated therein. If the truth of the other person, does not agree with the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as stated within God’s Holy Word, then a disagreement does indeed exist. You acknowledge that and move on. You don’t generalize all differences by ignoring the truth of God’s Word. Not everyone is a child of God. They are indeed, part of God’s creation but if they do not trust and believe in Jesus, as the only Son of God who could and did pay for their sins, then they pay the price of their sin themselves. John 1:12-13 clearly makes that distinction. “But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name, who were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of a man, but of God.” When Jesus gave us the Great Commission, He didn’t say it was optional as I recall. If you disagree with me, I can accept that, but it doesn’t change what I believe that God’s Holy Word clearly says. Blessings!

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  4. I have felt that way as well. I don’t really get anger; I get depressed and anxious. I get really sad. But I see around me lots of anger because of peoples fear and that makes me very worried and anxious. I have to remember I can’t worship two Gods. I have chosen. Where do I stand? It hard sometimes because in my heart I know I am not of this world and stand fully faith and trusting in God and wants only his Will on my life but many times living in this world my head takes over my heart often and other people’s fears can persuade me to be scared with them.


    • None of us are totally immune from the factors that continually surround us, that I am aware of. But our rest, our peace, resides in our union with Jesus, and that takes dedicated effort on our part, by feeding on God’s Word and trusting in Jesus to overcome our fears and anxieties. God’s Word tells us to being all our concerns, all our anxiousness to Him in prayer. Trusting in God is like learning to swim. The more time we put into it, the better we become in achieving our goal. The ability for us to learn to swim in water (trust in God as children of God) has always been there, the expansion of that realization; is God’s gift to us when we do. And sometimes the waves in that water can get pretty high. That’s God strengthening our trust. It is a work in progress that we do grow into. Take heart, you will get there! Blessings!

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