Apparently, from what I have been seeing as of late, sometimes, when professing Christians, ask one another to take into consideration, what one Christian may personally consider as an important issue, from a Biblical perspective, and the conclusions on this particular issue differ between one another, animosity can quickly occur.

And, what I’ve also noticed is that there is a tendency, again by some, to not only disregard the specifics of what is being asked to be taken into consideration, but also, what follows is a characterization of the person who is voicing the differing perspective, articulated in a negative light.

Characterizations such as too liberal, too conservative, too critical, too judgemental, and/or nit picky, among other descriptive adjectives, are far too often attached to the person, who is opposing or supporting the particular perspective, Please note that this is not one sided, it can and does happen, both ways, by those who raise concern about issues and also those that may chose to overlook the voiced issues.

Sometimes, the tone that is presented is such that one person looks down on another, for even mentioning anything that might suggest, reconsideration might be a valid option. The issue being raised, is almost responded to as if the issue should not even be questioned. That focus, when displayed by us, is focused on us, not the other person.

Most of us recognize that the written word format is not always the easiest manner in which to communicate with one another. One word, taken or given in the wrong intent, can far too easily, ruffle feathers.

I’ve mentioned in a previous post that may be viewed here, that pertains to “Secondary Issues”, that I see a considerable amount of logic being voiced that basically over rides opposing considerations being raised, by indicating that the end being achieved, basically justifies the means. In other words, the greater good being achieved, justifies the imperfections of the means used, to achieve the end. You can correct me if I am wrong but I don’t think that is a God given directive.

I personally am of the mind set that the words “authentic” and “fictional” should not pertain to the same subject matter, especially when the subject matter is Jesus, the Son of God. The words we use to convey our thoughts are vitally important and they can easily facilitate a false impression.

Secondary Issues such as viewing or not viewing “The Chosen” is obviously a personal decision. Some may object to the mischaracterization of Jesus in “The Chosen” and some may accept His characterization for what it is, primarily a work of fiction. I believe that those extra-Biblical portions comprise 95% of what’s been in the show thus far, according to Jenkins, back in 2021.

Some of us raise issues that we see, out of sincere concern for misrepresentation of Jesus and keeping the “authentic Jesus” portrayed in “The Chosen”, in agreement with God’s Holy Word. Type in “The Chosen and the Authentic Jesus” in any search machine such as google etc and see what you come up with. Last time I checked, I can’t find Jesus saying that He was the Law of Moses anywhere. That isn’t backfill, that is just clear adding.

I’m not going to identify or argue about the numerous liberties that have been taken in writing the scripts. I understand “The Chosen” for what it is, and if it works for you, that’s obviously your choice. But for those of us who take exception to those liberties and the use of the words “authentic” and “true stories” (albeit with frequent backfill) and choose to voice our concerns and warn others who may not be aware of the mis-quotes or added portions, that’s really not off the wall.

Fiction is fiction and authentic is authentic, or at least it should be. And according to my personal way of thinking, they are not one and the same. I know Dallas has clarified all these points, in short videos, after the fact, because of the expressed concern of others, but those short videos are not normally what is viewed and remembered. The series and the advertising for the series is what is remembered.

Do the current achievements of this series outweigh the shortfalls? Maybe they do and will, time will tell. But those issues that we raise are considerable in number and indeed worthy of being aware of.

Disagreements among Christians is not something new. The early Christian Church had their fair share. What is relatively new is the increase in dismissal of one another and the mischaracterization of those who choose to voice their concerns. We all need to learn to listen to one another more, actually consider as to whether the issues being expressed are worthy of reconsideration. And if we disagree, so be it, but do it in a manner that honours Jesus, and one another.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!


  1. I am afraid I hold an opinion on this that is doubtlessly more controversial and less accommodating than you do, Bruce. I confess that I have never been very keen on religious movies, especially those that portray Jesus, but it wasn’t until I read A.W. Tozer’s short booklet on the topic that I found myself armed with some very specific reasons why – a couple of which are quite novel but yet poignant. You might find this short read interesting. Blessings to you, Bruce!

    “Within the last few years a new method has been invented for imparting spiritual knowledge; or, to be more accurate, it is not new at all, but is an adaptation of a gadget of some years standing, one which by its origin and background belongs not to the Church but to the world. Some within the fold of the Church have thrown their mantle over it, have “blessed it with a text” and are now trying to show that it is the very gift of God for our day. But, however eloquent the sales talk, it is an unauthorized addition nevertheless, and was never a part of the pattern shown us on the mount.

    I refer, of course, to the religious movie.”
    — A.W. Tozer

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  2. Bruce, I still get emails from my old Bible study group in Michigan, and they seem to be big “Chosen” fans. I emailed their leader today to relay your concerns, in case she had not considered them, that quote from Mormon theology in particular. Not wanting to ruin their enjoyment of the series but wanting them to be aware and pay attention to the subtle details that the enemy might sneak in and call them out. If we don’t, there will continue to be additions of more and more non-Christian doctrines. (Think frog in the pot.)

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  3. I think what you’re describing here is the difference between a mature Christian and an immature Christian. I remember what it was like to be an immature Christian. I made some big mistakes! I don’t know how the Lord was able to bring me around. It took a long time, but He did. I’m a prime example of God’s endless patience, mercy, and love.


  4. Amen to that last paragraph! In my opinion: The Chosen like other productions, loosely based on Bible stories or characters, are of no value other than entertainment. One could watch Bewitched or the Chosen. I agree with you Bruce that they falsely claim to be more and they should own up to fact that it is just a drama for entertainment. Frankly, having the discussion is a good thing. I remember another program we watched as a local church just to lead in to a Bible Study, pointing out fact and fiction. One of my Theology Professors plays pop music taking bad theologians as bases to form correct Theology. I would prefer to just know the genuine so well to spot the counterfeit, like Steve said in that other post. The thing is, his method works for retention. Other lectures are gone after the test because they are just facts without application, no skin in the game other than the test. I’m not saying that ends justify means rather there may be more than one acceptable means to the end. I would like to see that last paragraph applied!!! I personally run into issues all the time where my brothers don’t understand my passion for Bible study. They see no use in higher education in biblical or Theological study. They can’t separate the Spiritual from Academic. My passion for academics is like there hobbies. Seams to me, what your seeing is the same as me. Improper reactions from a narrow minded perception, not understanding your passion.


    • Hi Dave, heaven only knows, but what you say is darn close to what I feel inside. It scares me that one has to remind some that this is the Gospel of Jesus Christ we are talking about, not a fictional novel. Thanks for your kind words. Blessings brother!

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  5. So, I have been debating for days if I should comment. I am on the same side as you. For what my opinion(s) is worth, I find it fascinatingly sad how far Christians will go to defend a crowdfunded show!!! I mean, will people defend the Bible as dogmatically and passionately as they defend “The Chosen”? I know that someone from Todd Friel’s team at Wretched Radio wrote about “I am the law of Moses” relating to the Book of Mormon and that started a debate. Then Todd himself came out and said that while he has many questions and concerns about the show he didn’t think the quote was outside the realm of Christian orthodoxy. I cannot understand how Todd comes to that position, but that is between him and God. I also object to the few Christians who want to talk about the fact that if it were up to Jonathan Roumie, the guy who plays Jesus, he would covert everyone not to Christianity but to Catholicism and the new age part of catholicism at that. The strong delusion and the falling away are definitely upon us and it is only going to get worse. I keep asking myself, “what did you think the end times would look like?” Papa Bruce, I don’t know but not this! Thank you for continuing to speak out against such things! Lots of love and blessings to you and Peggy!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Hi Mandy, thank you for commenting, sincerely appreciated. I hear what you are saying. People are always going to have differing opinions, my minimum hope is to maximize awareness of the necessity to exercise biblical discernment and the importance of doing so, and not just ignore discernment altogether. We are to test or examine all things (1 Thess 5:21) and few there be that actually do it, these days. The less we know and follow the guidance of God’s Holy Word, the higher the probability of being deceived and that unfortunately is the reality. All we can do is try and make more aware that there are serious reasons for concern. Love and blessings to you, Nathan and PQ!❤️

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  6. I was not really following your train of thought for the first half of this. Perhaps I was missing some context. But I understood the second half. The real danger with “The Chosen” is that many people, including children, are accepting this characterization of Jesus Christ as though this is really who he was/is. And so they are not getting a biblically correct image of who Jesus was and is, which leads people to false doctrines and to false faiths, and so this is alarming. And personally I believe that is intentional. Sad, very sad.


    • Hi Sue, In the first half I was attempting to explain what often happens when two people, who have differing perspectives, communicate with one another through a written word format. Not only is there a tendency to not really listen to one another, but there also is a tendency to allow emotions associated with the disagreement about a particular subject being discussed, to transfer from the issue or topic, to the actual individual who is voicing them. In short, we often don’t really take the time to hear one another out, and emotions can too easily rise to the surface. Discussing the pros and cons of “The Chosen” is a case in point. I then introduced “the end justifies the means” line of thinking, which in my estimation, overlooks what is being portrayed as “authentic” and what it really is, not to mention that we are dealing with the Gospel of Jesus Christ here. The end state producing what you summarized about false doctrines and faith and it is indeed alarming and sad. In my mind, this is a result of a lack of comprehension of the value and explicitness of God’s Holy Word and the persuasive acceptance of accepting alternate sources. Intentional, yes, I agree, it is a standard ploy of Satan, but not all who accept this looser standard, comprehend what it facilitates. Destroy the standard and you destroy the message. It’s not rocket science. Admittedly I could have articulated this intro better, it’s a hard topic to gently move into, especially with the common consensus being what it currently is. The context that you weren’t aware of was a discussion I had with another Christian previously. My key concern was this statement of mine, “Some of us raise issues that we see, out of sincere concern for misrepresentation of Jesus and keeping the “authentic Jesus” portrayed in “The Chosen”, in agreement with God’s Holy Word. ” Hope this clarification helps. How are those knees of yours holding up! Blessings Sue.


      • Bruce, I read back over your post a second time and then it made sense because I had more context. Thank you for explaining for me what you said in more detail and in more context. That helped. I think we are in agreement about “The Chosen.”

        It is just one knee, the right one. It is not painful most all the time unless I do something to aggravate it, so that is good. I can get around the apartment fine without the walker, but I use the walker out in public because the knee will give out on me sometimes and because of balance issues. But that works fine for me. It was a year ago that the knee first caved on me. But I am doing well, thank you. Rick had a colonoscopy last week and he is not doing very well. He has his follow-up appointment tomorrow so we will see what comes of that. They did perform some biopsies and they had some concerns, so tomorrow we should know more. How are you and Peg doing? I do think of you and pray for you both. Your sister in Christ, Sue


      • Hi Sue, thank you so much for your prayers and I am glad to hear that you are managing with your knee . Peg is scheduled for her hip replacement on the 21st of Dec. There is some concern with regard to the anesthesia being used as sometimes it can speed up dementia, so waiting for a decision on that. Peg’s dementia is slowly progressing but we are still managing quite well. Peg and I talk a lot about literally everything so that helps. God’s grace is a beautiful thing. It’s amazing what God does sometimes. December could be a little on the hectic side so don’t let up on those prayers! I do pray for you and Rick regularly and I won’t let up either! God’s grace, peace and blessings to you and yours, Sue. Bro Bruce

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      • Bruce, thank you for the prayers. Yes, I will continue to pray for you and Peg and for her upcoming surgery. Anytime you have any special prayer requests don’t hesitate to share them. And I always share our conversations with Rick, too, so he knows about what is going on with you and yours. Sis Sue


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